Your Doctor May
Be Killing You

by treating symptoms instead of causes.

a Discourse by Dr. Gary Tunsky
Gary Tunsky is a Naturopathic Doctor, nationally recognized health expert, and teacher to a diverse audience of doctors, scientists, and health-care professionals. He is the author of two books: The Battle for Health is Over pH and What in The Cell Is Going On? In this interview by G. Edward Griffin, he provides profound insights on such topics as:

What is disease? What are “Frankenfoods”?
The medical profession’s kill mode mindset.
What comes first: germs or disease?
What is the role of pH in disease?
What causes an acidic condition in the body?
Do alkaline foods become acidic when eaten?
What role does electricity play in health?
What role does sunlight play in health?
What many doctors do not want you to know.
Debunking the germ theory of disease.
The amazing truth about cancer and AIDS.
The horrors of vaccines.
How to get well and stay well - without drugs.
... and much more.

Your Doctor May Be Killing You


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