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The primary media outlets in every country are dominated by collectivists who believe it is their duty to filter or alter the news so the common man will have a “correct” opinion. Even those of us who are aware of this bias can fall victim to it if we have no access to the raw facts. In most cases, the truth is available even within mainstream media if one has the time to search for it. Unfortunately, that excludes just about everyone who is preoccupied with earning a living or raising a family.

The function of these weekly summaries is to bring together in one place unfiltered news and commentary as an antidote to Newspeak. We expand the headlines to include our analysis of the significance of these stories, which often is obscured by the details. There are no sports or lifestyles sections and no stories about the weather or crime or natural disasters. Aside from an occasional story about an amazing event or accomplishment, the only information you will find here is that which pertains to your freedom, health, and financial security, which is a lot.

In selecting these reports, we pledge to be as objective as possible. Even though we are advocates of individualism, we will not pass along any stories that violate the truth in order to favor our own perspective, for that would make us no better than our collectivist adversaries. If facts are not comfortable, so be it. We will report them anyway and let truth have its voice.



The following comments were received from subscribers:

Brasscheck TV has been occasionally linked to by "Unfiltered News" because of some of its clips that you feel are newsworthy. I am writing to you today because of the daily email I received from them today, which was pure and simply blasphemy against the Creator - Yahweh my Elohim.
George Carlin is dead now (the presenter in the email), but Brasscheck TV showed its true colors as godless and therefore not worthy of recognition by me or by you, by presenting this "entertainer" as proof that church and state ought to remain separate.
I admonish you to discontinue any association with Brasscheck TV because it has allowed the blaphemous message of George Carlin, in the most detestable and abominable presentation I have ever heard, to be disseminated to an otherwise unsuspecting audience. Brasscheck TV should be censored by anyone that fears the all-powerful Yahweh!!!
We do not endorse any particular source of news nor do we censure it. Brasscheck is collectivist in orientation and, as you pointed out, opposed to religion. Their mindset is what now is called the Progressive Left. Yet, every once in a while, they carry a program that contains valuable information that, as far as we can tell, is entirely true. When that happens, we link to it.
Some subscribers have urged us to distance ourselves from religious-based news services because they are offended by that orientation. Yet, to do so would be an equal violation of our policy. We take the truth where we find it. We even take news from The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc., in spite of the fact that some of the greatest blasphemies and lies ever told have come over those channels of communication.
Because we accept all sources of information does not mean we accept all details of information. We have a nose for lies, distortion, and propaganda, and none of that will ever appear in our news unless accompanied by our own analysis to alert readers to the defects.
Truth about corruption on the Right often comes from Left-leaning sources. Truths about corruption on the Left often come from Right-leaning sources. If we took information only from sources with which we agreed on all issues, we would be left merely quoting ourselves, and we would miss a great deal of truth.
The promise of Unfiltered News is to present the truth, no matter the source. We think that is a necessary and wise policy.
~~ G. Edward Griffin



"I am a new subscriber. My research over the past months, which includes Mr. Griffin's and others' writings about the Fed, money and the global economy, have convinced me that this understanding of our financial system is plausible.

"I think it does the movement a disservice, however, to bring up the topic of aliens, as a recent reader did. First of all, in my opinion the idea is preposterous. More important, however, the reader's comment and the reply, gave me pause as to whether the point of view expressed in Mr. Griffin's work, is sound and not the work of fuzzy thinkers at best, or paranoids at worst. I was so dismayed to see alien conspiracy juxtaposed against the very real possibility of government/ banking financial manipulation. The reader ended his discussion by saying, 'reality is fragile and we can never be completely sure of it.'

"Hmmm, is that real? I guess we can't even be sure of that statement. It is not logical to say that we can never be completely sure of reality, that is unless one's mental state has been seriously compromised. I am certain I am sitting here typing on my keyboard. And how is reality fragile? Will it break, and if it does, what happens? Again, such an illogical statement belies a lack of clear thinking and, by printing it, I feel it compromises the integrity of the work of Mr. Griffin and others. I'm sure we can ultimately uncover the truth about the Fed, international banks and the role our government is playing in the future of our country and the world. If the truth is not exposed now, we will definitely find out eventually. And it will be so real., so real, so real.
~~ Diana M., 2009 Apr 6

Thank you, Diana, for your critique. We did hesitate when adding that statement to our Readers’ Comments section, but the key word in our news service is UNFILTERED. If we filter out someone’s opinion because we or others may disagree, we are no better than those who control our major media. We operate under the assumption that, if the topic is of interest to a large percentage of readers (and the possibility of alien life definitely is in that category) and if it does not violate The Creed of Freedom or our Code of Conduct, we have an obligation to give it exposure. We have utmost confidence in our subscribers to make their own evaluations so long as all sides of a controversy are given fair treatment. Your critique is a perfect example of the kind of interaction we welcome and which we think is healthy for a free flow of unfiltered information.
~~ G. Edward Griffin

I very much appreciate your taking the time to reply. I have listened to your interviews and watched your videos, and as a result, I have been devouring information and books on history, economic theory, and other relevant topics. I'm very much attempting to have an informed position.

I do understand your desire to give every civil subscriber a voice on your blog. Of course, I would prefer that the topic were limited to the Fed and the global banking establishment and all its ramifications. Otherwise I feel like I'm playing Julia Roberts to your Mel Gibson. But that's okay, I get it. Your readers are your readers. Again thanks for your thoughtful reply.
~~ Diana M.


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