Click to enlargeTragedy & Hope 101

The Illusion of Justice, Freedom,
and Democracy

by Joe Plummer
Tragedy and Hope, by Professor Carroll Quigley (the mentor of President Clinton when he was a student at Georgetown University), is one of the most important books of our time because it chronicles the activities of the most powerful secret society in history - and is in full operation today. That group is known simply as the Rhodes Group, in recognition of its founder, Cecil Rhodes. In America, an outer ring of this group becomes visible as The Council on Foreign Relations. It is impossible to understand the hidden forces that direct today's major events without knowledge of this group. The problem is that the book is 1,348 pages in length. Furthermore, while it is loaded with historical nuggets, much of it is boring. Joe Plummer has solved this problem by writing a brilliant condensation that is much shorter but still retains the nuggets. Now, you don't have to spend half your life to learn what Quigley said. Introduction by G. Edward Griffin. 224 pages.

The original book by Carroll Quigley also is available at The Reality Zone here.



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