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A History of the World in Our Time

By Professor Carroll Quigley. This is the book that blows the lid off the secret organization created by Cecil Rhodes to quietly gain control over the nations of the world and establish a global government based on the model of collectivism. Professor Quigley (President Clintonís history professor at Georgetown University) was a trusted supporter of this organization and was given access to its private papers. When his book was released by a major New York publishing house, it was expected that it would be read only by academics who are interested in the organizationís history and sympathetic to its goals. However, when it began to be quoted by critics, the publisher withdrew the book from print. This led to the appearance of an underground version that circulated throughout the 1970s and 80s. Eventually, the publisher was pressured into authorizing this official reprint edition, which is an exact replica of the original. It is a mammoth history interspersed with startling information about the secret organizationís impact on almost every major event of modern history. 1348 pages, hardbound.

It is recommended that you also read The Anglo-American Establishment, a later book by Quigley on the same topic containing important additional information.