Click to enlargeTelomere Timebombs

Defusing the Terror of Aging

by Ed Park, M.D. This is the amazing story behind the new science of age reversal. You will learn about the most recent discoveries of what causes normal cells to age and, more importantly, how that process actually can be reversed. It’s all about tiny structures called telomeres, which are caps at the ends of chromosomes that keep them from unraveling. Every time cells replace themselves (on average, once every seven years), telomeres become a little shorter. Eventually, they are too short to protect the chromosomes and. when that happens, cellular division slows down and begins to malfunction. Hair turns grey or falls out, skin becomes wrinkled, muscles atrophy, and organs lose efficiency. It's called aging. Some cells, called stem cells, re-grow their telomeres and never age. Scientists have discovered a substance that is derived from the root of a certain variety of the Astagalus plant that activates the re-growth of telomeres in normal cells as well as stem cells. The results have all the characteristics of age reversal. Dr. Park is one of the world’s top experts in this field. 207 pages.



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