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Don't leave grandma in the dark! The next time there is a power outage, you'll be glad to have some of these solar-powered lanterns on hand. Just place the small solar panels on your window sill to charge the battery by day and then relax, knowing that you will have adequate light, if necessary, until the sun rises again. If the grid is knocked out by an X-class solar flare, an EMP, a severe storm, or an earthquake, you need not worry about emergency lighting.

This lantern really does the job. When we tested our first unit, it was brighter than expected and illuminated the room longer than stated by the manufacturer. It is supposed to last for 11 hours but, in our test, it was still going strong at 18 hours, which is when we turned it off. This lantern will get you through the night - and then some.

► Rugged construction, built to last
► Super bright LED technology
► Three-watt solar panel
► Lithium battery, holds twice the charge of a lead-acid battery
► Rated at over 1,000 charge cycles
► High setting produces light for 4 hrs
► Low setting produces light for 11 hrs (18 hrs. in our test)
► AC charging with optional AC adaptor*
► Will charge Smart Phones with optional cable*

*Available from electronic-supply stores

Here is a present suitable for everyone. Don't leave grandma in the dark!



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