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2007 August 25 through AUGUST 31

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China finally abandoning US dollar. $49 billion dumped in last month. Expect massive inflation as dollar value drops. Telegraph 2007 Sep 9 (Cached)

Comcast shutting down Internet to high-volume downloaders.
Washington Post 2007 Sep 7

North American Union driver's license created. Logo to standardize documentation across continent.

WNDN 2007 Sep 6

US: Federal judge blasts Congress, strikes down part of Patriot Act.
NewsDay 2007 Sep 6

US: Ron Paul wins GOP debate at Univ. of New Hampshire. Has more than twice as many votes as any other candidate.
vote.com 2007 Sep 6

NORTHCOM plans 5-day martial law exercise in U.S.
Black Listed News 2007 Sep 5

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint on toys from China - and they come from America.
News Target 2007 Sep 5

UK approves human-animal hybrid embryos.
In The News 2007 Sep 5

US: Government sides with AT&T and Verizon against Internet neutrality.
Register 2007 Sep 4

China: Communist Party sends 2000 police to quell future riots in Tibet.
Epoch Times 2007 Sep 4
Pentagon plans ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran.
Times Online 2007 Sep 2

Milk The Deadly Poison WATCH THIS!!!
YouTube Posted 2007 Sept 1

UK: Army gets new super-weapon to fight Taliban - and others.
Guardian Posted 2007 Sept 1

Only ten minutes on a cell phone could trigger cancer, scientists believe.
Daily Mail Posted 2007 Sept 1

U.S. will be under U.N. law in health emergency. Stage set for military to manage flu threats.
WNDN Posted 2007 Sept 1

US: Army strikes back against Abu Ghraib whistleblower.
AntiWar Posted 2007 Sept 1

A forgotten 60 Minutes interview proves that Bush planned to invade Iraq before 9/11.
YouTube Posted 2007 Sept 1

GAO report: "Surge" isn't working, and Bush Administration is lying about it.
Washington Post Posted 2007 Sept 1

"Election Crimes" report is rigged and rotten says co-author.
Washington Post Posted 2007 Sept 1

How to turn a flashlight into a strong laser. (We couldn't resist passing this on.) Dr. Mercola Posted 2007 Sept 1 (Cached)

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