Unfiltered News: 2007/09/21


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 SEPTEMBER 15 through SEPTEMBER 22

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US: Greenspan says house prices will drop much lower. Claims he was powerless to prevent unnaturally low interest rates that caused bubble. But he set those rates.
Reuters 2007 Sep 21

US: Government will require citizens to get federal permission to fly within its borders.

Rense.com 2007 Sep 20

Ron Paul slams Bernanke for Dollar meltdown.
Prison Planet 2007 Sep 20

Fed drop in interest rate leads Saudis to dump US bonds in anticipation of dollar collapse. Massive inflation ahead.
Telegraph 2007 Sep 20

US: FDA moves to shut down Red Yeast Rice distributors online.
News Target 2007 Sep 20

Bush Administration pushes bill to grant themselves immunity for war crimes.
CNN 2007 Sep 20

US: Treasury secretary tells Congress it must raise debt ceiling by Oct. 1. Ceilings mean nothing.

AP 2007 Sep 19

US: Officer given leave with pay after repeatedly using taser on woman.
WYTV.com 2007 Sep 19

Fox anchor: 'officers should be commended' for tasering student.
Fox News 2007 Sep 19

US: Bloodied 70-year-old woman cuffed and jailed for not watering her lawn.
CNN 2007 Sep 19

9/11 Truth March in Brussels. Yes, the message is being heard in Europe. Look for the Aaron Russo balloon.
YouTube 2007 Sep 17

Scientists discover new element called Governmentium. Very funny but very true.
FriendFinder Posted 2007 Sep 17

U.S. soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine.
Raw Story 2007 Sep 17

Iraq cancels license of Blackwater, a U.S. private security firm, after killing eight civilians.
BBC 2007 Sep 17

Venezuela: Chavez wants to close private schools. Collectivists always demand control over education to create blind loyalty to government.
USA Today Posted 2007 Sep 17

US: Student tasered when he disrupted John Kerry forum with multiple questions about voter suppression and Skull and Bones.
YouTube 2007 Sep 17

US: Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m.
Guardian 2007 Sep 16

US: Councilman attacked by police at city council meeting.
WNDU 2007 Sep 16

1000 supporters turn out for Ron Paul in Utah.
SL Tribune 2007 Sep 16

British bank closes its doors when thousands of customers lined up to withdraw savings.
Sky News 2007 Sep 15

Good cop. Bad Cop. See how police send double agents among protestors to trigger violence.
Blip.tv Posted 2007 Sep 15

Mexican truckers also not happy with cross-border pilot program.
Houston Chronicle Posted 2007 Sep 15

U.S. ships unsafe products to other countries that are banned in America. sacbee Posted 2007 Sep 15

Lack of sunshine causes one million cancer deaths every year.
Dr. Mercola Posted 2007 Sep 15

Pilot who flew two planes used on 9/11 does not believe official story.
Google Posted 2007 Sep 15

Update on Morgellons, a mystery disease that grows fibers out of your body. KENSG/Google Posted 2007 Sep 15 (Cached)

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