Because of the continuing usefulness of the information in these stories, we have brought them all together for your reference.


Canada: Hudson Bay expedition to study global warming put on hold because of too much ice. DailyCaller 2015 Jul 22 (Cached)

UK: Bad news for global-warming theorists: Solar scientists from the University of Northumbria in Wales predict that the sun's normal activity will decrease by 60% around 2030, triggering a "mini ice age”. [Their predictions are based on an analysis of magnetic energy emanating from different layers of the sun’s interior.] UPI 2015 Jul 11 (Cached)

What this former drug salesman knows about vaccines that you may not. [Vaccines are being used, not to prevent disease, but to reduce population. Manufacturers are protected from liability and executives are not held accountable when their drugs cause damage. A former drug rep from Merck says he refused to vaccinate his son 24 years ago, because the negative studies from Merck's own library were overwhelming.] InfoWars 2015 Jul 7

US: Twenty-five years ago (in 1990), the EPA was set to release a report declaring that low-level electromagnetic fields (the kind emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth devices, and Smart Meters) are a serious health hazard linked to cancer. [This finding was removed from the report in response to pressure from utility companies and the communications industry.] TruthStream Media posted 2015 Jul 4 (Cached)

A new study shows that fluoride does not prevent cavities (as the public has been told for decades) but does cause brain damage and lowers IQ. NaturalSociety 2015 Jul 1 (Cached)

What this former drug salesman knows about vaccines that you may not. [Vaccines are being used, not to prevent disease, but to reduce population. Manufacturers are protected from liability and executives are not held accountable when their drugs cause damage. A former drug rep from Merck says he refused to vaccinate his son 24 years ago, because the negative studies from Merck's own library were overwhelming.] InfoWars 2015 Jul 7

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a report stating that, contrary to what the temperature records have been showing, global warming has been continuing since the late 1990s. [How could they make such a statement when the records showed otherwise? Easy! They simple altered the records by ‘making adjustments’. Here is an analysis of the records they altered and the reasons they gave for doing so. It would be hilarious if the consequences were not so serious.] DailyCaller 2015 Jun 4 (Cached)

Documents from the Pentagon confirm that the US government supported ISIS at its inception and even endorsed the establishment of a caliphate. [The admitted intent was to topple Assad's regime in Syria. However, that leaves open the possibility of deliberately creating a horrific enemy that could be used to frighten Americans into supporting ever-expanding government and war in the name of fighting terrorism.] Washingtons Blog 2015 May 24 (Cached)

Australia: Maurice Newman, the head of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Business Advisory Council, said the UN is using false models of global warming. [The motive is, not concern for the environment, but the desire to impose authoritarian rule. He said: "it's about a new world order under the control of the UN."] Reuters 2015 May 8 (Cached)

Kenya: Malik Obama, the President's brother, gives a shocking interview. [Malik say that Barack is dishonest and a great disappointment to the family, the same as he has been a political disappointed. Malik is interested in a DNA test to determine if the President is really his brother.] Fox News 2015 Apr 25

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, identifies the chemical glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready herbicide, as a major cause of modern diseases. [She predicts that, unless this chemical is completely banned from our crops and food supply, by the year 2025, 50% of all newborn children will be autistic!! In this interview, she summarizes the scientific basis for that shocking prediction. You will want to watch this incredibly important news report several times to get the full impact of what she is saying.] Next News Network posted 2015 Apr 15

Nottingham, England: A 1000-year-old medieval recipe was tested for possible anti-biotic properties and, to the amazement of researchers, was found to be up to 90% effective against the most resistant infections known to man. [Made from garlic, onions, wine, and parts of a cow stomach, the concoction is more effective than the best modern drugs.] ScienceAlert 2015 Mar 31 (Cached)

The nutritional value of beans, nuts, and seeds can be increased by 900% by soaking them for several days to allow them to sprout. [This removes the outer shell and allows nutrient-dense sprouts to generate.] Natural Society posted 2015 Mar 31 (Cached)

A new study shows that the "MIND" diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease by a whopping 35%. [This is a hybrid between the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet that promotes eating vegetables, nuts, berries, beans, whole grains, fish, poultry, olive oil, and moderately drinking wine.] Yahoo News 2015 Mar 19 (Cached)

US: For every dollar spent influencing US politics, corporations received $760 back in benefits. [Between 2007 and 2012, 200 of America’s most politically active corporations spent $5.8 billion on lobbying and campaign contributions. In return, they received $4.4 TRILLION in federal business and support. That’s a return of 75,900% on their investment, and it represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion that individual taxpayers paid into the federal treasury. This is not capitalism. It is collectivism.] ZeroHedge 2015 Mar 16 (Cached)

A court in Milan, Italy, awarded compensation to the parents of a boy who developed autism from a 6-in-1 vaccine for polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, pertussis, and haemophilus influenza. [The vaccine contained numerouus additives, such as thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, GMO viral components, and chemical preservatives. A confidential report from the vaccine manufacturer, which was presented as evidence at the trial, revealed that the drug company knew that this vaccine caused autism but brought it to market anyway. The US mainstream media has ignored this story.] NaturalNews 2015 Mar 6 (Cached)

Private enterprise beats out local police. [in 2012, Sharpestown, Texas, a community of 66,000, fired its entire police department, replaced it with a private security firm, and saw a 61% decrease is crime. [The town also saves over $200,000 per year.] InfoWars 2015 Mar 3 (Cached)

Here is a list of 42 admitted cases of 'false-flag terrorism'. [A false-flag event is defined as an attack by a government on its own people, then blaming others in order to create hatred of those being blamed and to justify going to war against them. And these are only the cases where those who perpetrated the false flags have admitted doing so. So the list is far from complete, but it is important nonetheless because it proves beyond question that this is a common phenomenon.] Washington's Blog 2015 Feb 9 (Cached)

These charts clearly show that climate data has been manipulated to create false readings that support the theory of global warming. [Temperatures recorded with thermometers are shown as they were published by US government agencies. Next to them are shown the ‘adjusted’ temperatures reported by the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN), the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss) and the National Climate Data Center (NCDC). The fraud is massive.] PowerLine 2015 Feb 8 (Cached)

NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, was confronted by US soldiers and forced to admit that he has lied for years about being onboard a helicopter that was hit and forced down by enemy fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. [In truth, there were three helicopters that did come under enemy fire, as described, and were forced to land, but Williams and his camera crew arrived on the scene an hour after the action was over. And we depend on people like that to tell us the truth in news!] Liberty Blitzkreig 2015 Feb 4 (Cached)

The medical journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases, reports that measles often is contracted and spread by those who have been vaccinated against it. [This is groundbreaking news confirming from a mainstream source that (1) MMR vaccines are not meaningfully effective and (2) those who choose not to be vaccinated pose no additional threat to those who choose to be.] GreenMedInfo 2015 Jan 27 (Cached)

US: Emails from the head of the EPA in 2009 reveal that he directed the agency to shift away from pushing the global-warming agenda, with dying polar bears and melting ice caps, and switching to claims that children will suffer respiratory problems. [This, too, is a phony claim. Smog and other pollutants aggravate respiratory problems, but greenhouse gases, including CO2, do not. The fraud never ends.]
DailyCaller 2015 Jan 26 (Cached)

A new study shows that, in just three hours, most people can be convinced by a professionally trained interrogator that they committed a crime or had a severe emotional experience that never happened. [The ability to create false memories is highly significant in terms of the ability of police to obtain false confessions or to cause witnesses to question the accuracy of their memory.] Ben Swann 2014 Jan 20 (Cached)

World population is shrinking, not expanding! [F. William Engdahl, researcher and author, explodes the myth of overpopulation and explains that most national birthrates are below the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman. They are in steep decline even in third-world countries. By the next century, the world will face a serious under-population problem.] New Eastern Outlook posted 2015 Jan 8 (Cached)

In 2007, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned 'with virtual certainty' that high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) would cause global crop failures and widespread starvation unless governments were given the power to limit CO2 output from industry. [CO2 levels did increase as predicted but, instead of causing famine, worldwide crop production broke its highest record. CO2 has created a greening effect over the globe, resulting in more robust plants and more food.] CNS News 2015 Jan 6 (Cached)

Here are five overpopulation and global-warming predictions that fizzled. [Increased temperatures, animal extinctions, oil depletion, melting Arctic ice, and the death of a billion people from climate change – all by 2015.] Fox News 2015 Jan 1 (Cached)

Mike Wallace, a PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico, discovered that Richard Freely, the scientist who was richly rewarded for claiming that rising levels of CO2 is causing ocean acidification and, thereby, threatening sea life, committed fraud in constructing his theory. [Freely omitted data prior to 1988 going back a hundred years. When all the data is included, there is no evidence of increasing ocean acidification. Wallace is incensed that it is acceptable among global-warmists to omit data and then hide the omission. So are we,] American Thinker posted 2014 Dec 28 (Cached)

US: Jaw-dropping video clips of government attorneys instructing law enforcement on how to acquire homes, cars, flat-screen TV sets, and other property through forfeiture. [The property then is sold at auction to benefit local governments and police agencies. In Philadelphia, 40% of forfeiture proceeds pay the salaries of government employees, including the attorneys who prosecute the cases. A strategy called 'equitable sharing' allows police to circumvent state laws if they collaborate with a federal agency and seize property under federal law. This "trap", as they laughingly call it, can be used to seize a $300,000 home if only $10 worth of marijuana is found (or placed) in it – even in states where marijuana is legalized.] BuzzFeed posted 2014 Dec 1 (Cached)

Two American doctors, Robert Rowen and Howard Robin, created an effective Ebola virus cure that costs less than $40. [The treatment consists of a direct intravenous infusion of ozone gas augmented by oral doses of vitamin C and glutathione. The treatment was administered to a physician at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone who had accidentally stabbed himself with a contaminated needle. After developing the classic symptoms of onset Ebola, the physician received ozone, and his symptoms disappeared within two days. The corporate media is ignoring this news.] DocRowen posted 2014 Nov 26 (Cached)

A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent admitted during a recent conference of health professionals that vaccines are worthless during a child’s first year and that the reason they are administered is to train the parents to get their children into the medical system. [There is a statistical correlation between vaccines and infant mortality. The US administers the highest number of vaccines to children and has the highest infant mortality rate.] InfoWars 2014 Nov 10

Kenya: Catholic bishops are charging two UN organizations (WHO and UNICEF) with deliberately sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccine program sponsored by the Kenyan government. [Vaccine samples tested positive for HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone) that causes spontaneous abortions and can render a woman sterile for three years. The UN has a history of population reduction through vaccines.] American Dream 2014 Nov 11 (Cached)

Recent research shows that an extract from sea cucumbers can kill a wide range of cancer cells. [The study says that it also stop cancer cells from forming blood vessels needed to nourish tumors, and this slows down the tendency for cancer to spread.] Natural Society posted 2014 Nov 4 (Cached)

The German Maritime Search and Rescue Association is an excellent example of volunteerism, the concept of operating public-service agencies entirely outside of government. [The MSRA is a private venture, entirely financed by membership fees, donations, and legacies. It has operated successfully for 150 years. It owns 61 rescue boats at 54 stations, operated by 185 employed crew members and 800 volunteers. It has about 2,000 rescues every year. There are no elected officials or political commissions, and the cost to taxpayers is zero.] Seenotretter 2014 Nov 3 (Cached)

A former pro-GMO researcher, Dr. Thierry Vrain, has reversed his position based on further study. [New scientific data has convinced him that RoundUp (Monsanto's popular herbicide) is a chelator that bonds and withholds manganese, magnesium, and other essential minerals from plants and animals that need them.] Natural Society 2014 Oct 30 (Cached)

Dr. Kenneth Stoller says that it is almost impossible for the Ebola virus to become a runaway pandemic in developed nations, because there is better health and nutrition. [In other words, the Ebola virus is held in check by a healthy immune system derived from good nutrition. He says the current Ebola hysteria appears to be fueled by a strategy of the pharmaceutical industry to sell billions’ worth of vaccines. An example is the false H5N1 flu pandemic of a few years ago. Dr. Stoller provides a vitamin protocol to bolster immune systems.] Incurable-me posted 2014 Oct 18 (Cached)

Global Warmists claim that the lack of warming over the past eighteen years is because heat was absorbed into the ocean. [Gullible believers accepted that, even though it was just a theory with no evidence. Now the evidence has arrived, and it blows a hole in the theory. A study of total ocean temperatures by a NASA research team shows no ocean warming since 2005.] Breitbart posted 2014 Oct 10 (Cached)

California: The Shasta County Board of Supervisors held a meeting in July about chemtrails in which pilots, doctors and scientists testified about the existence of chemtrails and the harm they cause. [Mark McCandlish, a former defense industry contractor, says that NASA has a metallized fuels program and that they add aluminum and oxygen to jet fuel, supposedly, to increase efficiency, and the aluminum is released into the air. A neurologist testified that neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's have nearly quadrupled in number since chemtrails have become common. To calm the anger of the attending public, the Shasta Board of Supervisors agreed to ‘investigate’. The testimony was far more impressive than the action of the Supervisors.] ChemTruthers 2014 Oct 2

The Ebola virus is a hemorrhagic fever. Orthomolecular doctors say that hemorrhagic fevers are acute, induced scurvy that can be cured with vitamin C. [Many Africans suffer from malnutrition and are vitamin-C deficient, which could account for the high death rate from Ebola. There are many recipes online for how to make high concentration liposomal vitamin C at home. Drug-oriented doctors do not recommend this treatment – for reasons well know to readers of Unfiltered News.] NaturalSociety posted 2014 Oct 3 (Cached)

Hong Kong protesters are outsmarting and evading Chinese authorities by using a mobile-phone app called FireChat. [This allows them to communicate without being shut down by police, because it works outside the mobile carriers' networks and is independent of the core infrastructure.] Network World 2014 Oct 2 (Cached)

They are at it again! Global Warmists are claiming that the gathering of a huge herd of 35,000 walruses at Point Lay, Alaska, and the resulting deaths by stampeding, are (you guessed it) caused by a lowering of ice levels from global warming. [Dr. Susan J. Crockford, a zoologist with more than 35 years experience, scoffs at the idea, pointing out that this has happened before and has nothing to do with climate change. She says that these theories are self-serving, unscientific, and nonsense.] PolarBear Science 2014 Oct 1 (Cached)

American banks have nearly $280 trillion of derivatives on their books, and they earn incredible profits from trading in them. [However, derivatives are merely ‘bets’ not assets with intrinsic value. If demand for them as investments begins to drop for any reason – and there are plenty of them that could trigger such a decline - there is nothing to prevent their value from plummeting to zero. This analysis concludes that (1) a zero-value scenario is inevitable, (2) it will destroy the economies of the world, and (3) it is coming soon. Here are the facts to support that view.] Economic Collapse 2014 Sep 24 (Cached)

Scientists blame the slight warming of the US West Coast over the past 100 years on natural causes, not human activity. [A reduction of coastal winds resulted in less evaporation and a change in ocean currents. These things, not industrialization or greenhouse gases, boosted local temperatures.] CBS News 2014 Sep 23 (Cached)

Global Warmists are responding to the planet’s continuing cooling trend by predicting that global warming will cause colder and snowier winters. [You read that correctly. They have invented a great explanation for this. They call it Polar Vortex. Melting ice on the polar caps, caused by global warming, will cause air currents to bring cold air from the poles into non-polar regions. It’s an impressive theory except for two things: There is no evidence to support it, and the Ice is not melting; it’s growing. But that’s OK. If polar vortex is repeated in the media enough, people will think it’s real.] Gateway Pundit 2014 Sep 17 (Cached)

US: Fracking makes people sick. [A Yale-based research team conducted a study in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and found that people, who live within one kilometer of a natural-gas fracking well and who use ground-fed water, had significantly more respiratory and skin problems than those who live two kilometers away.] EcoWatch 2014 Sep 11 (Cached)

A recent study at the Bethune College of Medicine in China shows that amygdalin (also called vitamin B17 and Laetrile) causes the death of cervical cancer cells. [It induces apoptosis, which is normal cell death programmed into most cells but missing in cancer cells, which is why cancer cells never get old. A separate study from Iran, published in 2012, showed that amygdalin prevents cancer cells from supplying themselves with blood vessels needed for growth, a process called angiogenesis. Here are two more scientific studies that support the conclusions in G. Edward Griffin's book, World without Cancer. This information might save your life.] Food Consumer posted 2014 Sep 10 (Cached)

Thirty million Americans are on anti-depressant drugs, 70% of the population is hooked on one or more prescription drugs, and mothers who take anti-depressant drugs during pregnancy are four times more likely to have an autistic baby. [These are just three among 21 facts in this article about the pharmaceutical monster that now stalks the nation.] American Dream 2014 Sep 2 (Cached)

Seven years ago, Al Gore predicted that the northern polar ice cap could be completely gone by the summer of 2014. [Now the facts are in. The polar region that was open water two years ago is now frozen. The surrounding ice has expanded by 43% since 2012. Satellite photos dramatically prove that global warming is a hoax.] Daily Mail 2014 Aug 30 (Cached)

The militant Islamic group ISIS is the new brand name for 'al-Qaeda in Iraq. [Would it interest you to know who created it and why? Would it interest you to know who funded it and how? Would it interest you to know what it’s real purpose is? This analysis answers those questions and documents every point.] SCG News posted 2014 Aug 30 (Cached)

The CDC has admitted that it removed critical data from a study that said there was no link between autism and the MMR vaccine. [Had the data been included, the link would have been clear, especially for black children. However, the CDC now says the only information that was withheld related to children without birth certificates. Since the study was designed to track results by race in addition to other factors, and since race was not known without birth certificates, they were excluded from the study. This makes it seem so innocent, just a matter of not having enough data. However, this program includes an interview with Dr Brian Hooker who has a copy of the original data set used in the study, and he says that all cases have racial data, including those without birth certificates. That information was obtained easily from clinical records. The CDC is still lying because it is in the vaccine business big time. Its annual budget includes $4 billion to push ‘free’ vaccines on an unsuspecting public that is told it’s for their own good. You owe it to yourself and family to know about this colossal betrayal of trust.] Next News Network 2014 Aug 26
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein explains how to opt-out of ‘mandatory’ vaccines. [He says that Walgreens Drug stores have a vested interest in pushing vaccines because, offering free or cheap shots brings people into the store where, typically, they make purchases that, otherwise, they would not make. 70% of their income is produced during flu season.] Next News Network 2014 Aug 25

CDC caught in scientific fraud. Natural News, 2014 Aug 20

If the poorly protected power grid went down, we could face meltdowns, like Fukushima, at 124 US-based nuclear-power stations – all at the same time. [Nuclear reactors have backup generators to drive water pumps needed to cool their fuel rods, but most of them have enough conventional fuel to run the pumps for only a few weeks. An EMP or X-Class solar flare could knock out the grid, literally, for years. Listen to the first link in this article to hear a statement by Janet Napolitano (former Secretary of US Homeland Security) that it’s not a question if IF but WHEN. Notice that she calls it a 9/11-type event. If you are among those who are convinced that authorities at the highest level not only knew that 9/11 was going to happen but did nothing to prevent it, this statement will send shivers down your spine, because the authorities today have been aware of the vulnerability of the power grid for at least two decades, yet have done nothing to protect it ˗ and Napolitano is telling us it's going to happen. For more information on this topic, learn about the documentary now in production called Black Start.] Common Sense Show posted 2014 Aug 15 (Cached)

William Engdahl consolidates the evidence surrounding the crashed Malaysian MH17 flight in Ukraine that points to a botched CIA false-flag event. [Among other things, the "smoking gun" video recording of Russian-backed rebels boasting about the crash was discovered to have a date/time stamp showing it was created a day before the crash.] RT posted 2014 Aug 2

Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, was interviewed on C-Span for 40 minutes, and does an impressive job of dismantling the official story and answering the critics. C-Span posted 2014 Aug 2

In response to the Ebola-virus scare, Obama issued an executive order declaring his authority to apprehend and detain anyone who merely shows signs of 'respiratory illness'. [The CDC already has “emergency” measures in place to quarantine well people who "do not show any symptoms" of disease. Additionally, under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, public health authorities and governors would be given authority to seize control of communication devices and private property in the name of protecting public health. Isn’t it nice to know that they care so much about our health and safety!] InfoWars 2014 Aug 1 (Cached)

The 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin reminds us that false-flag tactics have been used to draw America into war. [On August 4, 1964, the US government fabricated a story about a torpedo attack against one of its destroyers. That incident became the justification for the US war against North Vietnam. Years later, Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, admitted on film that the attack never took place. The false-flag tactic is used by the US government (and many others) to engineer public support for war and government control.] Real News 2014 Jul 31

US: A new study shows that 94% of convictions in domestic terrorism cases involve FBI entrapment. [Most of those involved in terrorist plots were recruited, trained, and supplied with explosives by the FBI itself. Hundreds of Muslims who have never been involved in terrorist plots have been imprisoned to create the false impression that there is an army of terrorists in America. This frightens the public into accepting draconian surveillance and loss of personal rights in the name of being protected from terrorism.] RT posted 2014 Jul 21

Here is a long list of governments that admit they have carried out false-flag terrorism. [That is defined as a military or terrorist attack against one’s own countrymen engineered to look like it is the work of another government. It enables governments to launch wars of aggression against others while the public thinks it is justified self defense or revenge.] Washington's Blog posted 2014 Jul 14 (Cached)

Nabil Na’eem, the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former top al-Qaeda commander, says that all current al-Qaeda affiliates, including ISIS, work for the CIA and are funded by US tax dollars. [The purpose of US intervention, in partnership with Israel, is to destabilize Arab states in the Middle East so their governments can be brought under US domination via puppet rulers.] InfoWars 2014 Jul 12 (Cached)

Fifty scientists who once worked for the UN' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the agency that created the myth of man-made global warming, have broken ranks and now condemn the IPCC’s junk science. [Here is the list along with forceful statements from each of them that sets the record straight.] Climate Realist 2014 Jun 26 (Cached)

A study from the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine links premature death from ALL causes to vitamin-D deficiency. Medical News Today 2014 Jun 18 (Cached)

A new study shows that older rats had a remarkable restoration in brain function after eating curcumin for a month. [It led to increased blood flow, relaxation of blood vessels in the brain, and reduction of oxidative stress. The implication is that turmeric and its derivative, curcumin, may protect against age-related brain dysfunctions such as stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease.] NaturalSociety 2014 Jun 18 (Cached)

A new study from the University of Texas shows that the recent melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is due to geothermal heat from undersea volcanoes instead of man-made global warming. [Aside from this anomaly in the West Antarctic, in May the overall Antarctic sea ice was at its highest levels since 1979, when measurements began.] DailyCaller 2014 Jun 11 (Cached)

Researchers at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature admit that their low numbers for the global population of polar bears were only "estimated guesses". [Furthermore, those guesses did not include as many as 9,000 bears in subpopulations, or bears in the Arctic Basin, East Greenland, and Russia. Really good science, huh?] DailyCaller posted 2014 Jun 7 (Cached)

The Geological Society of Australia has backed away from taking an official position on the global-warming issue because there is no consensus among its 2000 members. [This highlights the absurd claim often made by global warmists that 97% of scientists agree that global waring is caused by humans. On the pages of the journal of the Geological Society of Australia, the consensus is less than one percent.] Daily Caller 2014 Jun 5 (Cached)

Elliot Rodger, (the 'sorority girl' killer of Isla Vista, California, ) was taking massive doses of Xanax, a psychiatric drug belonging to a class of chemicals called benzodiazepines. [Almost all of the shootings of recent times were committed by young people who had been on similar drugs. Why does the government call for outlawing guns instead of psychiatric drugs? You know the answer.] Natural News 2014 Jun 3 (Cached)

Greenpeace, the Word Wildlife Fund, and the Center for Environmental Law made a veiled threat to sue 32 energy and cement company executives by asking them if they are prepared to face liability questions about their involvement in the climate debate. [These so-called environmental groups are telling the liability insurers of these companies that they may have increased exposure to law suits if their policy holders publically question the myth of global warming. In this way, they hope to silence their opposition through the threat of losing insurance.] Bloomberg 2014 May 29 (Cached)

The New York Times published an article earlier this week that claimed climate change doomed ancient societies arount 1200 BC to famine and collapse. [As usual, the story was propaganda, not history. It is true that climate change did produce drought in that period, but it was cooling, not warming that was the cause. Also, ancient societies not only endured but prospered in temperatures much higher than we have today. Funny how the mainstream media never gets it right.] Reuters 2014 May 29

A panel of climate experts told a House Science Committee that politics interferes with good science at the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and within the US government. [They say that scientists who question the global-warming myth are harassed and smeared by environmental groups and the left-leaning media. Governments appoint the academics to the IPCC, but environmental groups direct the nominations.] Daily Caller 2014 May 29 (Cached)

Climate researcher, Lennart Bengtsson, wrote a paper with four other authors that questions the CO2 connection to climate as claimed by the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). [The leading Environmental journal refused to publish the paper saying that it would open the door for skepticism. Just another proof that the scientific community is suppressing any research that contradicts the myth of anthropomorphic global warming.] Breitbart 2014 May 16 (Cached)
Michael Mann, the inventor of the fraudulent 'hockey stick' global-warming graph, is suing a reporter for criticizing him, but it is difficult to imagine that he will prevail unless the court is corrupt. [See how Mann “hid the data" on his hockey-stick graph by removing the part that would have disproved his theory.] PowerLine Blog Posted 2014 May 16 (Cached)

Dr. Peter Glidden, BS, ND, discusses a 12-year study that showed chemotherapy has a 97% failure rate. [He explains that doctors' only motive in prescribing chemotherapy is to make money. He says that daily selenium supplements could decrease breast cacer cases by 82% but there is no money in that for the cancer industry.] iHealthTube Posted 2014 May 5

A physician who worked for Merck Pharmaceutical says that Gardasil, the company’s HPV virus vaccine, has deadly side effects and serves no other purpose than to generate enormous profits for Merck. [Dr. Bernard Dalbergue predicts that Gardasil will go down in history as the greatest medical scandal of all time, because Merck is aware of its devastating consequences but refuses to remove it from market because it is profitable.] Judicial Watch Posted 2014 Apr 26 (Cached)

US: Peter Vincent Pry, director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, says that catastrophic damage to the electric grid from an electromagnetic pulse, either from solar flares or military attack, can be prevented. [The cost would be $2 billion ˗ less than US foreign aid to Pakistan each year. However, it has not been done because of politics, which means the grid remains vulnerable to long-term destruction.] Watchdog 2014 Apr 21 (Cached)

Leslie Woodcock, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Thermodynamics at the University of Manchester, says that global warming and climate change are theories without scientific evidence. [He says an industry has been created on these theories that collect vast sums of wealth based entirely on politics. There is no scientific evidence that CO2 has increased over the past 100 years. Furthermore, if it had increased, it would be beneficial to mankind.] WND Posted 2014 Apr 17 (Cached)

Great Britain spent 5% of its entire health budget on the drug, Tamiflu, during the 2009 swine flu panic at a cost of $711 million. [A new study shows that Tamiflu is ineffective against the flu, can worsen symptoms, and has serious side effects including psychiatric event. In Japan, eight children jumped out of windows, committing suicide, after taking the drug.] Telegraph 2014 Apr 10 (Cached)

The murder rate for Chicago, called the murder capital in 2013, has plummeted. [This change began after passage of a law allowing the carrying of concealed weapons. Criminals do not like to risk being shot by their intended victims.] Red State Posted 2014 Apr 5 (Cached)

US: The Environmental Protection Agency conducted experiments on Americans using air pollutants they knew were potentially deadly. [This was done to gather data to support the claim that US air quality needs tighter regulations.] DailyCaller 2014 Apr 2 (Cached)

Diet drinks linked to heart attacks. [A new study shows that women who drink two or more diet sodas a day are 30% more likely to have a heart attack and 50% more likely to die from it than those who avoid diet drinks.] CNBC 2014 Mar 29 (Cached)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, explains that vaccines are unnaturally disruptive to babies' immune systems and cause far more illness than they prevent. [She says that that aluminum injected into the muscle is responsible for hyper-reactive immune responses that result in asthma and allergies. Your pro-vaccine friends need to see this.] Gary Null posted 2014 Mar 27

Bombshell revelation: Turkish government officials were caught red-handed by a leaked recording of a phone conversation discussing a plan for a false-flag terror attack. [They were planning to launch missiles onto Turkish territory and then blame Syria as a pretext for an invasion of Syria. The bigger story, however, is how mainstream media buried this fact by reporting only that the prime minister had blocked YouTube in his country, without explaining that the reason was to prevent more leaks getting on the Internet. This should have been the story of the year, but Americans heard only a sanitized version of it. It is a classic example of how mainstream media twists the news and engineers public opinion.] InfoWars 2014 Mar 27

Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the British Medical Journal, says only 16% of those diagnosed with the flu are actually infected with the flu virus. [That means 84% of flu shots are totally wasted – even if they were highly effective against the flu – which they are not. An almost totally useless flu-vaccine industry is thriving on the fears of an unsuspecting public. Doshi says the CDC classifies pneumonia deaths and flu deaths in the same category, and these distorted statistics are used to scare people into getting flu shots to pump up vaccine sales.] Jon Rappaport Posted 2014 Mar 22 (Cached)

Japanese satellite measurements show that the increase in global atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is coming from increased vegetation near the equator, not the burning of fossil fuels. [In other words, human activity has nothing to do with it. Another major source is the oceans. As a result, Japan, Australia, Poland, Russia and Canada have abandoned their climate targets.] Northern Ireland Newsletter Posted 2014 Mar 22 (Cached)

Nigella sativa, or black cumin oil, has been used with great success in curing cancers, especially in the pancreas, colon, lungs, breast, prostate, and brain. Natural News Posted 2014 Mar 10 (Cached)

A new study published in Harvard's Lancet blames fluoridated water and other environmental toxins for an increase in cognitive and behavioral disorders like ADHD. [In a previous study, Harvard reported that fluoride lowers children's IQ.] Natural Society 2014 Mar 9 (Cached)

Fluoride has been officially classified as a neurotoxin by medical authorities in the current Lancet Neurology journal. [The authors cite studies that link a seven-point loss of IQ in children who drink fluoridated water.] Fluoride Alert Posted 2014 Mar 5 (Cached)

A new study claims that global warming will cause 180,000 rapes and 22,000 murders by 2099. [This is a new low for junk science on behalf of the global-warming politically motivated myth.] InfoWars 2014 Feb 27 (Cached)

New Snowden documents reveal how Western intelligence agencies are manipulating Internet content. [They are publish false information to destroy the reputations of their targets, plant stories attributed to someone else, create fake victim blogs, set up entrapments using sex, and leak confidential information to embarrass their opponents. This is not uniques to the West. Most large governments do this. It gives new meaning to the phrase, organized crime.] FirstLook 2014 Feb 24 (Cached)

Santa Clause, Easter Bunnies, and Catastrophic Global Warming. [This is a concise summary of the absurdities of the global-warming theory. It will be very handy in your next encounter with a GW believer.] Freedom Outpost Posted 2014 Feb 6 (Cached)

MIT Professor, Richard Lindzen, has challenged alarmists who blame all weather catastrophes on global warming. [His reason is that any changes from warming would be too small to cause a catastrophe. The professor says that global-warming hysteria is a dream-come-true for politicians so that they can impose more taxes, gain more power and engage in financial cronyism.] StoryLeak Posted 2014 Jan 18

White House Science Advisor John Holdren ads his voice to the other Global Warmists by assuring us that colder weather in North America is the result of warmer weather in the Arctic. [He sounds like he knows what he is talking about, and the graphics are impressive, but remember that this is the man who, in 1986, predicted that rising carbon dioxide levels would cause global cooling and kill one-billion people by 2020.] InfoWars 2014 Jan 9 (Cached)

Michoacan, Mexico: 500 armed vigilantes took over the town and arrested federal police who failed to protect them from the local drug cartel. [The police are accused of being in business with the drug dealers.] DailyMail 2014 Jan 6 (Cached)

New study shows that the rate of gun-related murders is higher in states where there are restrictions against carrying a concealed weapon. [The study also showed that there was a higher murder rate when there was a federal ban on assault weapons.] Fox 2014 Jan 6

US: Official documents show that the FBI has shifted its function from law enforcement to national security. [The focus now is, not to protect citizens from criminals, but to protect the nation (meaning the government) from enemies. The difference is profound. This article includes a video report by Judge Napolitano showing how FBI agents have pretended to thwart terrorist attacks that they themselves orchestrated. They do this to spread the fear of terrorism and make it appear that the government is diligently protecting the nation.] InfoWars 2014 Jan 4 (Cached)

Global-warming alarmism now is in retreat. [Dire predictions fail to materialize, Australia rescinds economy-killing regulations, and even the United Nations' IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has had to downgrade its global-warming predictions for the next 30 years. The tipping point of public opinion is near.] American Thinker 2014 Jan 2 (Cached)

Antarctic: A ship of researchers looking for evidence in support of the global-warming myth, got stuck in the ice and, when icebreaking ships could not reach them, had to be rescued by helicopter. [They had told the world that the region they were exploring was in danger of meltdown but found, instead, that it was thicker than last year by two magnitudes. Do not expect the mainstream media to report this fact.] InfoWars 2014 Jan 1 (Cached)

Oregon: When budget cuts forced the Josephine County Sheriff to reduce police protection, citizens formed a voluntary vigilante force, fully armed, and ready to respond to calls 24/7. [Although vigilantes have been derided by those who are afraid of an armed population, they have played an important role throughout history in safeguarding life, liberty, and property when formal law enforcement breaks down or becomes corrupted. Retired law-enforcement officer Ken Selig explained: “Law abiding citizens doing lawful things to protect themselves discourages criminals from doing unlawful things.”] DailyMail 2013 Dec 27 (Cached)

A Danish farmer found a dramatic drop in birth defects and illnesses in his herd of pigs after he stopped using GMO animal feed. [This was especially evident with GMO soy that is loaded with herbicide.] Natural News 2013 Dec 11 (Cached)

Is there another side to Nelson Mandela? [This is a brief review of Mandela’s role in a terrorist organization that was responsible for the torture and killing of thousands of South Africans (mostly blacks) and it is a shocker. The only thing more alarming is the extent to which the media has prevented this information from being known. The recent media blitz presenting Mandela as a saint is a classic case of opinion engineering. Someone should make a documentary showing the media myth compared to the reality. This just scratches the surface.] Wretched TV Posted 2013 Dec 9

Chinese financial expert explains (with a bit of clarification by GEG in this summary) what is happening in the gold market: [When US and Western central banks lease out gold, they create more claims on their gold than they can honor. These contracts become derivatives (called paper gold) that investors think are as good as gold. These derivatives soak up money that, otherwise, would purchase real gold and, thereby, the price of gold is artificially suppressed. Governments encourage this because it disables gold as a measure of inflation and prolongs faith in their failing currencies. Many countries have stored their gold reserves with the Fed. Germany may ask for its gold to be returned, not because it is worried about the US having leased it out (it knew that all along) but because it wants to get into the gold-derivatives game, too. China and Russia are stockpiling gold for the same reason. They are anticipating a global credit crisis where all fiat currencies collapse, and only gold will be used in international settlements. In the meantime, developed countries are loaded with US dollars and they do not want to see a collapse of their value until they have established their own gold-trading systems.] In Gold We Trust Posted 2013 Dec 3 (Cached)

US: NSA document shows that the Obama Administration has been gathering records on who visits porn sites. [But don’t worry. Officials say the information is only used to damage the reputations of those who threaten America, such as radicals and enemies of the state.] Jonathan Turley 2013 Nov 27 (Cached)

On the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, it is appropriate to review long-suppressed evidence implicating Lyndon B. Johnson in the event. [Some say he was the lead plotter; others say he was merely ‘in on it’. We favor the later view, but there can be do doubt that he was well aware of the planned assassination and did everything possible to cover up the evidence afterward.] For a larger view of the plot and all the players, see the JFK Assassination Bundle. StoryLeak 2013 Nov 19 (Cached)

Stacy Kneeshaw Jett tells how she cured her stage-3 Melanoma Cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. [Be ready for culture shock as she shows the many organic vegetables and grasses from her own garden that she prepares into juices. What she avoids is just as important. Very impressive.] Cancer Compass Posted 2013 Nov 18 (Cached)

New evidence indicates that actress Brittany Murphy and her husband were murdered by poison in 2009 because she offered her celebrity backing to a whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security. [The whistleblower reported that the DHS was knowingly allowing potential terrorists to cross the California- Mexico border.] DailyMail 2013 Nov 18 (Cached)

Mexico: Vigilante groups are a growing trend in communities that no longer want to live in fear of violence and extortion by drug cartels. [Self-defense groups, using military assault weapons, have had success in chasing criminals out of their towns and in exposing corrupt police who have been secretly cooperating with the cartels. Vigilantes are common in history when law enforcement is taken over by criminals.] Time Posted 2013 Nov 9 (Cached)

William Haseltine says that there is no true free-market medical system in the world, but Singapore's system comes the closest. [All citizens are required to have a savings account, like a 401K plan, and are expected to pay for 75% of their routine medical expenses out of that. Catastrophic medical bills are covered by insurance that costs only 2% of what Americans pay for their health insurance. Since people are paying their medical bills primarily with their own money, they take a personal interest in the cost, and health-care providers must compete for their business. The result is that medical care is less expensive and the quality of care is superior.] Fox News 2013 Nov 6

New York: Motorcyclists pulled a man driving an SUV from his vehicle and beat him after he bumped into them. [An undercover detective posing as a biker was arrested after a video surfaced showing him pounding on the SUV and breaking the rear window. It is not unusual for undercover police to mingle among unruly crowds and participate in acts of violence. This provides police with an excuse to “react” with extreme countermeasures while appearing to be merely protecting the public. However. seldom are the agents provocateur exposed, as in this case.] CNN 2013 Oct 8

James Corbett provides an excellent analysis on how the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has manipulated and misinterpreted science to justify global taxes and control over governments and populations. CorbettReport Posted 2013 Sep 28

Can carrots cure cancer? A woman cured stage-four colon cancer that spread to her lungs by drinking five pounds of juiced carrots daily for eight months. NaturalNews 2013 Sep 27 (Cached)

Eric Harroun, a US army veteran who claims to have killed Americans in Iraq after switching sides and joining al-Qaeda, was released from prison after receiving only a $100 fine. [The reason for such an incredibly light sentence? According to his father, Harroun was working for the CIA.] InfoWars 2013 Sep 23 (Cached)

World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the last 15 years. DailyMail 2013 Sep 19 (Cached)

US: Aaron Alexis, the DC Navy Yard shooter, was on a prescription drug called Trazadone, an anti-depressant can cause suicidal tendencies, panic, and anger. [This drug has been linked to a number of murders and at least one other mass shooting.] InfoWars 2013 Sep 19 (Cached)

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the organization that has been most influential in spreading the global-warming myth, now is scrambling to explain why the Arctic ice has increased by 60% in just one year and has completely recovered from its previous loss. [It was just six years ago that the BBC predicted that the Arctic ice would be completely gone by 2013.] DailyMail 2013 Sep 7 (Cached)

New study shows that women who are deficient in vitamin D have a 600% higher incidence of breast cancer. Natural News 2013 Sep 7 (Cached)

Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi warn that a high-level military source told them that nuclear warheads are secretly being moved from Dyess Air Force base in Texas to South Carolina. [They are being moved without authorization, no signatures required, and no record established. That means they now can be categorized as "missing nukes". Curiously, at exactly the same time, Senator Lindsay Graham warned that, if the US does not attack Syria, Iran might set off nuclear bombs in South Carolina. Think about that. This has the earmarks of becoming the biggest false-flag attack since 9/11. Only 9% of the American people currently are in favor of a US attack on Syria. How many would change their minds if they were led to believe that Iranian and Syrian agents nuked South Carolina? Furthermore, anyone who suggests that the bombs were provided by the US military could be classified as a domestic terrorist or traitor and be indefinitely detained. Even though this information may turn out to be in error, we have decided to share it just in case it is accurate. It is better to err on the side of safety. If this information is accurate, disseminating it widely may actually cause the plan to be aborted. It would not have the desired impact on public opinion if large numbers of Americans were warned in advance. So, at the risk of appearing to be alarmists, we urge you to pass this information to as many people as you can – as quickly as you can. It just might save an untold number of lives and prevent the beginning of World War III.] StoryLeak 2013 Sep 5 (Cached)

A new study finds that Vitamin-C kills antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, a bacterial disease that, in 2011, killed 1.5 million people out of the 9 million that were infected. [TB is on the rise worldwide because the bacterium has mutated and has become resistant to all the drugs that formerly were effective against it - but Vitamin-C has come to the rescue. Will this simple therapy be accepted by mainstream medicine or will the old treatments continue to be used? If you know which treatment will produce the most cash flow to the pharmaceutical industry, you will be able to answer that question.] NaturalNews 2013 Aug 29 (Cached)

US: A Department of Defense training manual categorizes Evangelical Christians and Catholics as 'extremists', lumping them together with hate groups and terrorists. Newsmax 2013 Aug 28 (Cached)

Medical studies show that large doses of vitamin C can heal shingles and chicken pox (and many other viral infections) within days. [Do not expect mainstream medicine to embrace this therapy, because the FDA will not approve it until it has undergone a multi-million dollar testing program. No one will spend millions to test a therapy that cannot be patented. Vitamin C cannot be patented. Therefore, the FDA will forever say that this therapy is "unproven". Doctors who use unproven therapies are apt to lose their licenses to practice medicine. Conclusion: If you want this therapy, you must learn about it yourself and then find medical practitioners who will follow your wishes. Reading this report is your first step.] Dr. Thomas Levy 2013 Aug 27 (Cached)

US: A Department of Defense training manual lists people as extremists who are likely to belong to "hate groups" if they are concerned about "individual liberties, states' rights, and how to make the world a better place". [America's Founding Fathers would not be welcome in today's military.] InfoWars 2013 Aug 24 (Cached)

US: The Department of Defense's research unit, DARPA, has invited biotech companies to participate in a project to genetically engineer future humans. [Don't worry. Nothing can go wrong. It's all about improving health and longevity. That's what the Defense Department specializes in. Right?] Truth Stream Media Posted 2013 Aug 3 (Cached)

The Obama Administration has exempting hundreds of politically connected companies and unions from Obamacare. Now it also has exempted Congress and its staff. [The people in these exempted groups otherwise would have had to pay thousands of dollars per year in premiums out of their own pockets, like the rest of Americans. Now, this will be paid by taxpayers.] Against Crony Capitalism Posted 2013 Aug 3 (Cached)

Hackers demonstrate how an automobile can be controlled remotely - and the driver suddenly has no control whatsoever. [Can't help thinking about the the Michael Hastings crash.] Forbes Posted 2013 Jul 27

US Senate hearings on global warming resulted in a surprising turn around. [When expert witnesses, who were present to support the myth of global-warming, were asked if any of them could agree with President Obama's statement that global temperatures had increased over the past fifteen years, silence filled the room. That is because temperatures have remained flat for that period and, according to some scientists, actually have lowered.] Forbes 2013 Jul 19 (Cached)

Satellite data from Australia's national science agency shows that rising levels of carbon dioxide is causing increased foliage in dessert regions around the world. [Increased CO2 allows plants to grow larger and faster with less water. Of course, the global-warming myth-makers will ignore this and continue to claim that CO2 is the enemy.] Principia-Scientific Posted 2013 Jul 13 (Cached)

New seismological studies warn that fracking oil and gas wells increases the chances of man-made earthquakes and pollution of ground water. LiveScience 2013 Jul 11 (Cached)

List of 400 food companies that reject GMO ingredients. NaturalSociety 2013 Jul 11 (Cached)

Study shows that Russian weather during the Medieval Warming Period, that lasted for several hundred years, was much warmer than our current climate. [In spite of that, carbon dioxide levels were much lower. This is further proof that, contrary to the global-warming myth, carbon dioxide levels have little or no impact on climate.] HockeySchtick posted Jul 6 (Cached)

Ontario, Canada: Elmwood beekeepers reported over 37 million bee deaths after farmers planted GMO corn with air seeders that also blow neonicotinoid pesticides into the air. [The EU has banned neonicotinoids, but North American officials and politicians, which are financially beholden to the biotech industry, continue to pretend that there is no problem.] Ontario Post Posted 2013 Jul 3 (Cached)

US: Freedom of Information Act documents show that the FBI planned sniper attacks to kill leaders of the Occupy movement "if necessary". [What it would require to become "necessary" was not defined. Therefore, it was to be decided on a case-by-case basis.] InfoWars 2013 Jul 2 (Cached)

UK: The London Metals Exchange now is requiring a 100-day waiting period to deliver gold to those who already have paid for it. [This is because their warehouses are empty, and they have sold gold they do not have. Influential buyers who demand immediate delivery are offered cash settlements at 25% or more above the rigged Spot Price, but they must sign non-disclosure agreements to keep them silent about the shortage. Meanwhile, government regulators in all countries allow the thieves to cover their crimes.] Bullion Bulls Canada 2013 Jul 1 (Cached)

Last week Obama delivered a speech on climate change and called for a "push-back on disinformation". In response, the author of this article pushes back on six major items of disinformation contained in the President's speech. Well done! CFP Posted 2013 Jun 29 (Cached)

A new study from Brazil directly links 7000 cases of cancer to radiation emissions from cell-phone towers. [80% of those with certain types of cancer live within a third of a mile from a cell-phone tower.] NaturalNews 2013 Jun 22 (Cached)

Glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide, has been found to cause breast cancer cells to multiply, even at very low concentrations (parts per trillion). [This is no small matter because glyphosate is used globally and is increasingly found in air, rain, and groundwater.] GreenMed Info 2013 Jun 13 (Cached)

New study shows that pigs that were fed genetically engineered soy and corn suffered from severe stomach damage. [Also, the pigs' reproductive organs were found to be abnormal, increasing the possibility of infertility.]
Natural News
2013 Jun 12 (Cached)

The so-called consensus on man-made global warming is debunked again. [John Cook's widely-quoted study claiming that 97% of scientists agree that "climate change is real, man-made and dangerous" contains so many flaws as to be conclusive evidence of intent to deceive. The real number is 1%, not 97%. Furthermore, Cook was building a campaign to promote the predetermined outcome a year before the study was even performed.] New American 2013 Jun 5 (Cached)

US: The #1 brand of children's vitamins contains ingredients that any parents would never intentionally give to their children. [Here is the list. Prepare to be shocked.] GreenMedInfo 2013 May 28 (Cached)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been demonized by politicians and grant-hungry scientists to justify restrictive regulations and higher taxes. [Current levels of CO2 are approaching 400 ppm. CO2 is beneficial to plants, which is why it is piped into greenhouses at 1000 ppm. Low CO2 levels cause crops to require more water.] WSJ Posted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

Alaska is enduring record cold while still buried under snow. [The five-week period from April 3 to May 7 was the coldest in 109 years of record keeping.] Accuweather 2013 May 12 (Cached)

US: One-third of honeybee colonies died last winter. [The suspected killer is Neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been banned in some countries because they are toxic to bees. They are not banned in the US, so it is possible that another third of the colonies will die off next year. A third of all food depends on bee pollination. Can you spell f a m i n e ?] Wired 2013 May 8 (Cached)

Pomegranate extract has been shown to reduced artery plaque (arthrosclerosis) by 29%. [It reduces heart disease, is an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, an anti-infective, and it lowers blood pressure. It's amazing what comes from nature.] Activist Post 2013 May 7 (Cached)

US: Former counterterrorism FBI agent makes a shocking admission on CNN that the government records every single telephone call and email from every American with or without a warrant. Guardian 2013 May 4 (Cached)

Global-warming alarm: Continued cooling may jeopardize climate science and green energy funding!
2013 Apr 30

Russian scientists say that a period of global cooling lies ahead. Radio Voice of Russia 2013 Apr 29.
Also see Cooling in the Arctic, what to expect.
Voice of Russia
2013 Apr 22

US: Groups of men in black and tan uniforms, photographed at the Boston Marathon bombing, have been identified as a National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, trained to provide military support to civil authorities in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear threat. [Their presence can be explained as a simple precaution at public events that might attract terrorists. It also raises the possibility of prior knowledge, especially since the suspects were already known to the FBI. If the FBI knew there was going to be a bombing and they knew who was going to do it, why didn't they stop it? Possible answer: Because the government wanted the attack to further embed fear of terrorism into people's minds so they will continue accepting loss of freedom in the name of security. Then, the first responders – who know nothing of the larger plan – move in, clean up the mess, capture the criminals, and are praised for their good work.]
2013 Apr 21 (Cached)

Official banking documents reveal that the cost of future bank failures will no longer be passed on to taxpayers in the form of bailouts but will be taken from bank depositors, as was done in Cyprus. [This article explains how this legalized theft will be be accomplished. Banks are quietly changing the status of their depositors to that of creditors. In other words, deposits now are considered as loans to the banks and, if those loans cannot be repaid, the depositor/lenders will have to get in line for what they can get from bankruptcy proceedings. They will end up, not with the money they deposited, but with pennies on the dollar or shares of ownership in the bank – which will be nearly worthless. This is the new face of global banking.] GoldSeek Posted 2013 Apr 13 (Cached)

16 county sheriffs in Colorado rally against lawmakers and Governor Hickenlooper for their gun-control laws. [This is big! One sheriff called the Governor a liar because he admitted last July that more gun restrictions would not have prevented the Aurora-theater shootings and that there should be a debate – but there was no debate, and the Governor refused to meet with sheriffs for their input. They have much more to say, so be sure to watch all three videos at the top of this web page. Could this be the small beginning of a revolution?] TheDenverChannel 2013 Apr 3

Former Israeli Minister of Education says that the state of Israel uses the charge of anti-Semitism as a "trick" to silence criticism. "We always use it," she says. [She is an outspoken opponent of the Israeli policy in Palestine.] Democracy Now Posted 2013 Apr 2

Surprise: Gandhi was opposed to gun bans and confiscation of weapons. [He also was an advocate of violence when used for self defense and defending others. Here are quotes taken from his books that prove this. People have been thrown off of Facebook for printing these quotes!] StoryLeak 2013 Mar 17 (Cached)

US: New CIA Director John Brennan was sworn into office with a draft of the Constitution that pre-dates the Bill of Rights. [He said he requested this to demonstrate his commitment to the rule of law. Get it? We are to be ruled by laws, laws, and more laws with no guarantees of personal rights. The symbolism is staggering.] Yahoo Posted 2013 Mar 9 (Cached)

Here is a compilation of stories from the 1970's about global cooling and the coming ice age caused by man's pollution of the planet. [Proposals ranged from outlawing the internal combustion engine to population control. It was the basic model used by the global-warming myth-makers of today.]
Popular Technology Posted 2013 Mar 2 (Cached)

Despite the eradication of smallpox decades ago, new smallpox-related infections are occurring once again. [The reason is that the US military vaccinates its soldiers for the disease before they are deployed overseas and, for a few days afterward, the injected virus can be transmitted to others. That's right, the Smallpox is coming from the vaccine!]
Posted 2013 Mar 2 (Cached)

Newly released memo from former Secretary of Defense, Donal Rumsfeld, confirms that the US invasion of Iraq was based on pretenses. [The document asks the question "How start?" and lists several potential excuses for pulling the US into war.] Washington's Blog 2013 Feb 20 (Cached)

A supplier for the US Department of Homeland Security has created 'non-traditional' practice targets for agent training. [These include a pregnant woman with a handgun, a young mother on a playground, a child with a real gun, and an older man with a shotgun in a home. But don't worry, the DHS is here to protect us from terrorism.] InfoWars 2013 Feb 19 (Cached)

Olive oil, when eaten with a Mediterranean style diet, can slash the risk of heart disease by 44%.
2013 Feb 13 (Cached)

 James Corbett interviews Tom Sacker about 'Operation Gladio'. [That is a NATO operation that, for decades, committed false-flag terrorism to manipulate public opinion. Corbett then is joined by FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, who outlines how Operation Gladio was used in Turkey and continues globally in current times. Incredibly important information!] Corbett Report Posted 2013 Feb 2

US: This chart itemizes the federal government's $7.66 trillion in so-called stimulus money from 2008 to 2012. [This is where the money went - at least the part that they admit to.] Business Insider 2013 Jan 21 (Cached)

The Arctic Sea ice that was reported to have undergone record-breaking melting in August 2012 has refrozen and returned to its normal level. [This will not be widely reported in the mainstream media.] NoTricksZone 2013 Jan 17 (Cached)

German study shows that vaccinated children are five times more prone to preventable diseases than unvaccinated children. [That's because their immune systems are allowed to develop naturally without interference from artificial vaccines.] NaturalNews 2013 Jan 11 (Cached)

Russia Today is an alternative media source in America that is owned by the Russian government. [Its mission is to create a favorable image for Russia and her allies while showing the U.S. and her allies in an unfavorable light. Readers should be aware of this bias. Unfortunately, not all stories unfavorable to the U.S. are false or exaggerated and, in many cases, those stories are not carried in American mainstream media – for the same reason stories unfavorable to the Russian government are withheld from the Russian people. From time-to-time, Unfiltered News carries stories from RT but only when we are convinced they are accurate and when they are ignored by mainstream American media.] Global Post Posted 2013 Jan 5 (Cached)

97% of children who contracted mumps in the 2009 mumps outbreak in New York and New Jersey had previously received the anti-mumps vaccine. [Most of them had received it twice, showing once again that vaccines are ineffective – at best.] Natural News 2013 Jan 4 (Cached)

Another shooting occurred in December, but why did the mainstream media ignore the story? [A would-be mass murderer in San Antonio opened fire in a restaurant, killing his wife, and then chased the other diners into an adjacent theater. An armed off-duty deputy who was in the theater killed him before he could shoot anyone else. This episode shows that good people with guns are the best way to stop bad people with guns. That's not the message the mainstream media wants Americans to hear.] HardnoxAndFriends Posted 2012 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: The number of people living off the government now exceeds the number of workers in the private sector in 11 states. [Entitlements accounted for 62% of all federal spending in 2012, with over 100 million Americans enrolled in welfare programs. Liabilities of the US grow by $8 trillion a year. To say that this is not sustainable is the understatement of the century. The only question is what it will look like after it collapses.] Economic Collapse Posted 2012 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: Thousands of criminal prosecutions by state and local governments, including those involving rape and murder, now are being questioned. [Convictions were based on hair-matching analyses done by technicians who were trained by a group of FBI officials found lying about their findings in order to obtain convictions. Many state and local prosecutors have testified that they follow the practices and guidelines of their teachers at the FBI.] Washington Post Posted 2012 Dec 23 (Cached)

Here is a shocking list of school shootings, murders, suicides and other violent acts committed by people who were taking psychotropic drugs. [If you are looking for the common denominator in all these acts of violence, this is it.]
SSRI Stories
2012 Dec 21 (Cached)

US: It has been confirmed that accused Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza was taking the so-called 'anti-psychotic' prescription drug Fanapt. [This drug causes the very symptoms (hostility and aggression) that it claims to treat. Many of the previous school shooters have been on similar drugs. The solution to gun violence in schools is, not to ban guns, but to ban this class of drugs - and the psychiatrists who prescribe them.] NaturalSociety 2012 Dec 19 (Cached)

The US Senate passed an amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act that appears to protect Americans from indefinite detention, but doesn't. [The act says that citizens may not be indefinitely detained without charges or "unless an Act of Congress expressly authorizes such detention." In other words, rights may not be denied by the government unless the government wants to deny them.] Business Insider 2012 Nov 30 (Cached)

Vaccine bombshell: University of Pittsburgh study showed that baby monkeys given the same vaccines given to human babies developed autism, while the non-vaccinated control group remained healthy. Vanguard 2012 Nov 3 (Cached)

Read the label and see if you can tell what country is the source of this beef. [Federal officials and the media tell us that the merger of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico is a conspiracy theory;  yet, the North American Union (similar to the European Union) is well underway.]                 ▼

Anti-depressants containing SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), when prescribed to pregnant mothers, have been linked to birth defects and miscarriages.
NaturalSociety 2012 Nov 2 (Cached)

Commonly prescribed antibiotics, such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox, contain a class of chemicals known as fluoroquinolones. [Be forewarned that these are extremely toxic and can cause damage to the nervous system, heart problems, hallucinations, psychotic reactions, kidney damage, and much more.] Mercola 2012 Oct 20 (Cached)

The British weather agency (called the Met Office) quietly released a report stating that global warming ended 16 years ago and that industrialization has little effect on the climate. [This is huge news, but mainstream media has not carried the story.] DailyMail 2012 Oct 13 (Cached)

New research finds that curcumin - the primary component in the spice turmeric - can repair and even regenerate liver tissues in diabetic rats. [Additionally, curcumin supplements can prevent the disease in those who are pre-diabetic.] NaturalNews 2012 Oct 10 (Cached)

Political and corporate elites who promote GMO food for the masses insist on organic food for themselves. [Obama supports the GMO food industry but the White House eats totally organic. Chinese leaders support GMO food for the people but have highly guarded organic gardens for their own food. Monsanto serves non-GMO food at their employee canteen.] NaturalNews 2012 Oct 8 (Cached)

Five ways to detox fluoride out of the body.
2012 Oct 2 (Cached)

Here is an excellent explanation of how the price of gold is manipulated and what happens when the process ends, as it must. [Old timers to Unfiltered News may be familiar with this, but it is well worth reviewing from time to time. It WILL affect your future.] International Man 2012 Sep 24 (Cached)

"Timeline of Agenda 21" is an excellent (and short) overview of how the global-warming myth has been used to justify the slogan of "sustainable development." [In truth it is a political ploy to eliminate private ownership of land, crowd people into cities, force them to rely on public transportation, and increase taxation.] Freedom Advocates Posted 2012 Sep 22 (Cached)

Global-warming alarmists say that the currently retreating ice cap in the Arctic is evidence of a global warming trend.

[They fail to mention that, at the same time, the Antarctic ice cap is growing. Shifting back and forth is a common phenomenon, but the mainstream media seldom mention that.]
Examiner 2012 Sep 20 (Cached)

Prisoner kills himself in US Gitmo prison after being detained and tortured for 10 years for no reason. [A court had repeatedly ordered his releases, but that never happened. More than half of the detainees in Gitmo today have been cleared for release years ago.] Alternet Posted 2012 Sep 15 (Cached)

Study shows that The Hepatitis-B vaccine causes numerous diseases including liver disease. [It is ironic that a vaccine that supposedly protects the liver actually causes its destruction. This, however, is not unusual in the world of pharmaceutical dominance over the health profession. Drugs approved for cancer patients cause cancer. Drugs approved for AIDS patients cause AIDS, The list actually is quite long.] GreenMedInfo Posted 2012 Sep 15 (Cached)

WOW! In an interview from 2007, 4-star General, Wesley Clark, said that he was told at the Pentagon that the US government had decided to 'take down' seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran. [The motivation, he said, was to control the region's oil, not to fight terrorism. Everyone in America should watch this interview but, unfortunately, the mainstream media will resist that mightily.] YouTube Posted 2012 Sep 13

Canadian researcher confirms that the flu vaccine makes people more likely to contract the H1N1 virus. [Incredibly, she concluded her report by saying that this should not deter people from getting flu shots. Huh?] Vancouver Sun 2012 Sep 10 (Cached)

The US Center for Disease Control claims that 36,000 people die from the flu each year, but the shocking truth is that only 18 cases of death could be traced to the flu virus in a 2001 study. [The CDC combines flu and pneumonia deaths to inflate the figures. Why would they do that? Answer: To help their generous friends in the pharmaceutical industry sell flu vaccines.] Jon Rappaport 2012 Sep 8 (Cached)

Mental health diagnoses can be politically motivated to detain and imprison perfectly sane people whose only 'disorder' is their opposition to distasteful or corrupt government policies. [The practice was developed in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia but, increasingly, is being applied in the US and the UK.]
Washington's Blog
Posted 2012 Aug 25 (Cached)

US: The FDA spies on its employees to prevent them from blowing the whistle about approving drugs and medical devices without questioning their safety or even reading the safety reports. [Employees are told that their job is, not to valuate drugs, but to approve them.] Mercola 2012 Aug 13 (Cached)

Medical study accidentally discovers that chemotherapy causes cancer and makes it resistant to treatment. [Don't expect to read about this in the mainstream media or from the companies that market chemotherapy drugs or the doctors who prescribe them.]
2012 Aug 6 (Cached)

New study of GMOs shows that they reduce fertility in animals and, when the diet is continued over several generations, total sterility results. [You read that right. After several generations on GMO food, it is possible that the human race may become extinct.] NaturalNews 2012 Aug 6 (Cached)

Believers in global-warming are saying the recent four-day ice melt in Greenland is 'unprecedented' and, therefore, evidence of global warming. [The only thing unprecedented is the ability to use satellites to detect it. What was measured was the reflectivity of a thin layer of water on the surface of the ice that, in some cases, is thousands of feet deep. Surface ice melt happens every year. As soon as freezing temperatures return, the surface water will return to ice, and so-called global warming will be over. Do not expect mainstream media to report it.] Wired 2012 Jul 26 (Cached)

Mexico: Chihuahua state official says the CIA controls the drug trade and that the thousand of people in the war on drugs would be out of work if the drug problem were solved – so it continues forever. Al-Jazeera 2012 Jul 24 (Cached)

New study confirms that fluoride lowers IQ. [Do they put it in our water supply in spite of that or because of that?]
Posted 2012 Jul 21 (Cached)

UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a statement admitting its previous reports on so-called global warming were based on flawed science, were not peer reviewed, and were politically motivated. [This is big. The IPCC is the primary source of allegedly scientific data supporting the myth of global warming. If that is junk science, then the whole climate and geoengineering movement is without basis.] American Thinker 2012 Jul 16 (Cached)

Rings in fossilized trees give the first accurate climate reading dating back to 138 BC and prove that climate was warmer during the Roman and Medieval period than it is now. [The Earth has been slowly cooling for 2000 years. The UN's climate models are completely wrong.] DailyMail 2012 Jul 11 (Cached)

If you are wondering how the price of gold is manipulated, this analysis is for you. [You will see that bullion banks that sell gold to investors possess only about 1% of what they sell, a fraud that is possible only because most buyers are content to leave their gold on deposit with the sellers, thinking that it is in safe keeping. All they really have is a piece of paper that says they own gold, but the gold doesn't exist. When the price of gold starts to rise, they simply sell more 'paper gold' to bring the price down again. This cannot continue forever, of course, but it is going on now, so you need to know about it. This is an excellent primer on how the game is played.]
2012 Jun 27 (Cached)

Global-warming evangelists claim that the sea level is rising on the US Coast due to melting ice, but satellite data show that, what they mistook for a rising sea level was a sinking land level. [Don't pay attention to those nasty little details. We've GOT to have carbon taxes to stop global warming. Right?] Real Science 2012 Jun 25 (Cached)

Syria: Increasingly, reports are coming from mainstream sources confirming that the recent massacre in Houla was committed by Western-backed rebels and then blamed on the Syrian government. [Most of the major press in the Western world continues to ignore the truth and merely repeats the disinformation. The purpose of this propaganda is to build public support for a US and UN invasion of Syria, supposedly to depose a bloodthirsty regime.] Lew Rockwell 2012 Jun 10 (Cached)

Carnegie Institute recommends geo-engineering to block direct sunlight by 20% to stop global warming. [The time for denial of chemtrails is over.] InfoWars 2012 Jun 7 (Cached)

CAT scans triple the risk of brain tumors in children. NaturalSociety 2012 Jun 7 (Cached)

Global-warming tax advocate, James Hansen, admits that global warming is caused primarily by sources other than man-made greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. [Think about that. If the carbon tax is not designed to reduce environmental pollution, then it must be to provide another source of tax revenue and to allow more government control over society.] OccupyCorporatism 2012 Jun 4 (Cached)

Drinking beverages with high-fructose corn syrup (think soda pop) really can make you stupid. New study shows that HFCS deteriorates brain function and destroys memory.
2012 may 21 (Cached)

An Italian court has ruled - based on the evidence presented - that there is a link between the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. NYRNaturalNews Posted 2012 May 19 (Cached)

JP Morgan announces a $2 billion loss in the derivatives market. [What may sound like everyday news from Wall Street actually gives us a glimpse into the bizarre world of the US banking cartel. JP Morgan manages derivatives that are twice the dollar value of the bank's entire capitalization, and the derivatives market itself, estimated at $700 trillion, is 10 times larger than the GDP of the planet Earth. Major banks make incredibly huge gambles in this market with no fear of loss, because the government says they are too big to fail, so their losses are passed on to taxpayers. This $2 billion loss allows us to see the whole scam in just one event.] ABC News 2012 May 11 (Cached)

Data shows that the average Arctic ice thickness was the same in 1940 as it is now (6.5 feet). [So what were you saying about global warming, Mr. Gore?] Real Science 2012 May 7 (Cached)

Former Federal Reserve attorney explains that banks do not lend their own money or even money from depositors but merely create new money as a bookkeeping entry. [They do this by converting a promise to pay into checkbook money and then 'loaning' it to the borrower. This fact lies at the center of the controversy over banks foreclosing on mortgages when, in fact, they never lent any of their own money in the first place. You will want to be informed on this issue.] Unfiltered News Posted 2012 May 3

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) says vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over 100 years. [This is an excellent summary of the evidence in support of his statement.]
2012 Apr 29 (Cached)

US: The FBI recruits would-be terrorists and orchestrates their attacks against American targets. Then they arrest these men at the last minute so they can prove to the American people that (1) there are terrorist plots all over the place and (2) the government's anti-terrorist programs are necessary and effective. [Even The New York Times is catching on to the fact that this is not homeland security but public-opinion engineering.] NY Times 2012 Apr 28 (Cached)

Contrary to the predictions of global-warming myth-makers, world temperatures have risen only one-fourth of one degree over the last 20 years. [Meanwhile, the economic burden of so-called 'Green' policies are rising dramatically. Higher costs are yet to come.] DailyMail 2012 Apr 24 (Cached)

Polar bears and penguins are thriving while Arctic sea ice and Asian glaciers are increasing. Global-warming myth makers are proven wrong again. InfoWars 2012 Apr 16 (Cached)

The UN's World Health Organization and Bill Gates claim that polio in India has been eradicated by vaccines. Meanwhile, there is a virtual epidemic of vaccine-damaged children. It is ironic that the symptoms caused by polio-vaccine adverse reactions (including paralysis) are the same as polio. [The message? We have more paralyzed kids than ever but, look at the bright side: They don't have polio. So keep those shots going, folks.]
2012 Apr 16 (Cached)

49 Former NASA scientists and astronauts sent a letter to NASA headquarters criticizing the agency for its support of the man-made global-warming theory, saying that it is based on faulty science. Business Insider 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

Dental x-rays, even though radiation doses are lower than previously, dramatically increase brain cancer risk.
2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

Japanese ambassador warns that, if the containment tank collapses at Fukushima's reactor #4 (it is damaged but still standing), it will cause all 6 reactors to shut down and expose thousands of spent fuel rods to the air, resulting in a global catastrophe of an unprecedented magnitude. [Another major quake or tsunami could bring that about.]
Akio Matsumura
Posted 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: Do you know what a 'milker bill" is? It is a proposed bill that Congress doesn't really intend to pass but which will frighten corporations into making campaign donations as insurance that it will be defeated. [It is a political extortion racket, and it goes on all the time. Learn how it works here.] PPJ Posted 2012 Mar 31 (Cached)

Massive bee die-off is linked to neonicotinoid pesticides in 2 more studies from France and Britain. Meanwhile, in the US, the EPA continues studying the effect and wonders what to do about it. [Banning this class of insecticides would be a good start, but that would hurt the cash flow of chemical companies, so we don't expect that to happen any time soon.] MSNBC 2012 Mar 29 (Cached)

A new study based on deposits of a rare mineral called "ikaite" shows that the entire Earth heated up during the medieval period 500 to 1000 years ago with no influence from humans. [This is further evidence that global warming is a cyclical, natural occurrence instead of a man-made phenomena.] DailyMail 2012 Mar 26 (Cached)

Licorice, which has been long known to be a powerful inhibitor of viruses, recently has been shown to be highly effective against SARS. [As expected, mainstream medicine and media have ignored it because licorice is cheap and cannot be patented.] Activist Post 2012 Mar 26 (Cached)

Obama issues an executive order that, essentially, establishes martial law. [It places all resources and infrastructure, including food, water, energy, oil, transportation, and human labor under federal control. Citizens can be drafted into forced labor at any time. The government does not need a declared emergency or crisis to exercise this power. It merely has to say that it is for national defense.] HuffPost 2012 Mar 21 (Cached)

New report reveals that Monsanto's Roundup-Ready herbicide is destroying microbes in the soil which are vital for plant growth – and these changes may be irreversible. [Traces of this herbicide now are found in all water systems in the US. It is not an overstatement to say that Monsanto's so-called scientists already may have doomed the planet's biosphere.] Natural News 2012 Mar 12 (Cached)

UN World Health Organization supports the publishing of scientific papers showing how to create a super contagious, lethal strain of Bird Flu. [A recent study shows that the normal strain of H5N1 has a mortality rate of only 1%, not 60% as previously claimed by the WHO and vaccine manufacturers. So now, the idea is to artificially create something that will live up to the original claim. We are not making this up.] NaturalSociety Posted 2012 Feb 25 (Cached)

Coconut oil produces dramatic improvement in advanced Alzheimer's disease. CBN TV Posted 2012 Feb 24

Sixteen very distinguished scientists publish a letter in the Wall Street Journal stating that CO2 (even at 10x the current amount) is beneficial, not harmful, global warming alarmism is motivated by money and power, and that governments  fund academics who promote alarmism because it justifies more political control and higher taxes. WSJ Posted 2012 Jan 31 (Cached)

Antidepressants cause arteries to thicken 400% more than aging. This places those on antidepressant drugs at substantially higher risk of heart attack and stroke. NaturalSociety Posted 2012 Jan 7 (Cached)

Head of radiology at Florida Cancer Center says that TSA body scanners can cause cancer, especially among those over 65. Naturalnews 2012 Jan 5 (Cached)

Most vitamin studies are misleading because they use low quality vitamins and formulations that contain toxic additives. This is the reason many studies find that vitamin supplementation either is of no value or dangerous. Some of the most popular brands, such as Centrum, are in this category. [In short, not all vitamin supplements are beneficial.] NaturalSociety 2011 Dec 27 (Cached)

Vitamin D can radically reduce your chances of premature death, and it prevents many diseases. Here are the basics of what you need to know, including information on correct doses. [Sunlight is the best source but supplements also can do the job.] Mercola posted 2011 Dec 27 (Cached)

Milk thistle extract has been shown to stop the spread of lung cancer. NaturalNews 2011 Dec 7 (Cached)

Scientists admit they developed flu virus that could wipe out the human race. Now they want to publish how they did it.
2011 Nov 26 (Cached)

Bisphenol (BPA) levels spike 1200% after eating canned foods – even worse than from plastic bottles. BPA is linked to cancer and infertility. Natural Society 2011 Nov 23 (Cached)

UK: More emails from global-warming scientists at the UN IPCC at East Anglia provide even more evidence of data manipulation and fraudulent science. DailyMail 2011 Nov 22 (Cached)

Patients who accept chemotherapy for cancer lose significant activity in parts of their brains associated with memory and planning. [This leads to memory loss and foggy thinking, a condition known as 'chemo-brain'.] DailyMail 2011 Nov 15 (Cached)

NY School of Law study shows that young Muslims are targeted by the FBI and NY police to lure them into activities that can be classified as terrorism. They do this to create public fear of 'homegrown terrorism' and justify police-state measures, supposedly to protect us. NY School of Law posted 2011 Nov 9 (Cached)

Overpopulation hysteria is unfounded, and the UN's predictions of exponential population growth are false. Statistics show that populations decline when economies improve and food supplies increase. Countries that encourage voluntary population reduction do better than those, like China, that use coercion. Here are the facts. WSJ 2011 Oct 29 (Cached)

Health agencies and mainstream media are saying that the flu vaccine is 60% effective. When the report is examined on which this statement is based, the shocking truth is that vaccines are only 1.5% effective! [Here are the facts and the common statistical trick used to create this lie.] NaturalNews 2011 Oct 27 (Cached)

Heads of high-tech companies in Silicon Valley send their children to a private school without computers. They forbid them in the classroom and discourage their use at home. [Why? Because they get in the way of reading books, human interaction, and learning from activity. Something to think about.] NYTimes 2011 Oct 22 (Cached)

Three reasons to avoid flu shots: (1) they are only 1% effective, (2) they are linked to killer nerve diseases, and (3) vitamin D is 800% more effective, less expensive, and has no side effects.
Activist Post
2011 Oct 1 (Cached)
Austin, Texas: A fluoride producer admits that fluoride is dangerous in its Material Safety Data Sheet. That document can be used by activists to make any City Council liable for adding fluoride to water because, once they have knowledge, they can be held liable. PPJ Gazette 2011 Oct 2 (Cached)
The document mentioned above can be downloaded here. The warning is on page 2. Mosaic posted 2011 Oct 2

Pesticides in food are linked to ADHD in children.
2011 Sep 11 (Cached)

US: Under the false banner of environmentalism, collectivists have influenced federal and state polices to blow up dams. This has caused floods, destruction of farmland, a reduction of hydroelectric sources, and an attack on property rights. The blueprint for all of this is called Agenda-21, a master project of the UN. Here are the facts. MorphCity 2011 Sep 9 (Cached)

Here is a list of false-flag operations in which governments or organizations have staged attacks and blamed them on their enemies in order to engineer public opinion. [Most of these events are not acknowledged as false flag by mainstream media.] GGArchives 2011 Aug 28 (Cached)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that the polar-bear population is higher now than a decade ago – and has more than doubled since the 1960s. Yet the purveyors of the global-warming myth continue saying that the bears are dying off.  IB Times 2011 Aug 2 (Cached)

Quartzsite, Arizona is the home of a lurid scandal involving a corrupt police chief, an out-of control city council, and an honest mayor. Ten police whistleblowers are put under house arrest. The Department of Homeland Security is considering charges of terrorism against those who are exposing the corruption. What a story this is! OathKeepers Posted 2011 Jul 30 (Cached)

US: Legal opposition to the introduction of genetically engineered alfalfa has been bungled time and again. This is assumed to be mere incompetence, but now we learn that the lawyers opposing GE seeds receive funding from those who promote GE seeds? [The phrase 'controlled opposition' comes to mind.] MorphCity 2011 Jul 29 (Cached)

In spite of massive bee die-off in rural areas, healthy hives are thriving in cities. [This article fails to point out the most likely cause of the difference: Pesticides are used in farming areas but not in urban areas. Unfortunately, urban bees are too few in number and in the wrong location for pollination of crops.] Yahoo 2011 Jul 29 (Cached)

US: Congressman says EPA has conspired with environmental groups in a scam worthy of a crime syndicate: (1) EPA funds green groups with taxpayers money; (2) These groups sue the EPA for being too lax; (3) The EPA 'concedes' by expanding its regulatory power, which it wanted in the first place but now can claim it is merely acting under public pressure to do so. [Al Capone would be proud of these boys.] FPV 2011 Jul 16 (Cached)
The EPA is sued by environmental groups because it is not regulating emissions from aircraft and boats. [This is political theater. EPA wants to regulate aircraft and boats under international guidelines and is putting up a powder-puff defense to insure it will lose. See article above for an explanation of how this scam works.] Fox News Posted 2011 Jul 16 (Cached)

US, Grant County, Oregon: Sheriff defends rights of local residents against unconstitutional actions of US Forestry Service. [The Sheriff's office is the highest authority within the county and is superior to federal agencies and their regulations.]
Posted 2011 Jul 9 (Cached)

Canola & soybean oils are used as pesticides, but Americans eat it every day in food. [At first we thought that the problem was in the 4% of ingredients that are not Canola, but a close view of the label reveals that Canola is the active pesticide ingredient. The other 4% is listed as inactive ingredients.
2011 Jun 28

New study on fluoride warns of significant damage to the nervous system and illnesses like Alzheimer's which can take 20 years to develop. It warns against letting children use fluoridated toothpaste. PR Newswire Posted 2011 Jun 24 (Cached)

A Massachusetts middle school has given questionnaires to 7th-grade students asking about their sex partners, participation in oral sex, suicide impulses, and drug use. The school says the federal Center of Disease Control required the survey to get a federal grant. [Imagine how many young people are being tricked into giving information that will be in their records forever and can be used against them if they fall into disfavor with the state.] Fox News 2011 Jun 15 (Cached)

US: Pentagon Papers whistleblower says the government has ordered mainstream media to avoid reporting on 9/11. [This includes numerous quotes from media professionals confirming that they are afraid to speak the truth.] Washington's Blog 2011 Jun 14 (Cached)

World Health Organization says cell phones may cause cancer. Thirty-one scientists reviewed prior studies that link 30 minutes of daily cell-phone use to a 40% rise in brain cancer and another study that shows cell phones change brain chemistry.
2011 May 31 (Cached)

Simple radiation detoxification includes using Zeolite clay, French green clay, bentonite clay, baking soda, boron, and certain foods. Reverse osmosis and zeolite filters can be effective in removing radiation particles from water.
2011 May 18 (Cached)

Nevada planning committee member says federal Bureau of Land Management has become an arm of "The Crown" which is an investment consortium of the world's largest banks controlled from "The City" which is the financial center in London. He says they have acquired vast water and gold rights in his state, and most people are totally unaware. [Includes short video explaining the "Crown."] PPJ Gazette 2011 May 17 (Cached)

US: University professors reveal that radiation tests for x-ray machines at airports were faked by the manufacturer to deceive the public about the safety of such devices.
2011 May 17 (Cached)
Here is an excellent analysis of why the price of silver is skyrocketing and what to expect in the future. Also, the mechanism by which gold and silver prices previously were suppressed is explained. Even if you are not a bullion investor, the facts presented will impact your financial well being. You cannot afford not to know. SeekingAlpha 2011 Apr 26 (Cached)

Google Android phone transmits user locations to Google headquarters several times each hour, similar to the Apple iPhone. The iPhone & iPad allow anyone with access to the owner's phone or computer to snoop into their location history. Google has a firewall to prevent that, but government agencies and professionals can disable it. It is assumed that Apple & Google are data mining for commercial purposes.
2011 Apr 22 (Cached)

Researchers accidentally discovered that iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads keep track of everywhere you go, including timestamps, on a secret file that is backed up on your computer and shifted onto any new iPhone or iPad you get. Apple has declined to comment on why the file was created. Guardian 2011 Apr 20 (Cached)

Organized Chaos. This is an excellent analysis of the extent to which the so-called spontaneous uprisings in the Middle East are influenced and even planned by key figures who are members of the American-based CFR. New American 2011 Apr 4 (Cached)

US: Three forecasting scientists/professors testified before a congressional committee and reported that the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change violated 81% of standard forecasting procedures. They recommended that Congress terminate all funding for climate change regulations and research and stop funds for organizations that advocate the myth of global warming. Digital Journal Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

"Extend and Pretend" is an excellent analysis of the bookkeeping tricks and rule-changing that tanked the US economy. You will learn how the mistakes and frauds of the past were hidden from view and why the worst is yet to come.
Financial Sense
2011 Mar 31 (Cached)
The USDA allows irradiation of food and calls it "electronic pasteurization" so as not to alarm consumers. An official with the USDA who helped to ease food radiation restrictions now is with the UN doing the same with international guidelines. [Many scientists believe that irradiation causes genetic and molecular changes that increase the risk of cancer in those who consume the food.]
Activist Post 2011 Mar 28 (Cached)
Here is an excellent analysis of "Which Path to Persia," a strategy paper prepared by the Brookings Institute, which is a think tank funded by mega-corporations within the orbit of the CFR. Everything that is happening in the Middle East is in accordance with this plan, developed in 2009. If you want to know what will happen next, read this. All major decision were made long ago. Activist Post 2011 Feb 13 (Cached)

More than 80 physicians, surgeons, scientists and other experts go on record stating that there is no real science behind vaccination and it does more harm than good.
Natural News
2011 Feb 1 (Cached)
When a blueberry isn't even a berry: Imitation blueberries are used in many processed foods and contain no real fruit. Some products that do contain fruit get it from concentrates and add GMO corn syrup and petrochemical colors. [You may hate it, but you need to know.] Delish 2011 Jan 27 (Cached)
Bird and fish deaths caused by formaldehyde?
This analysis makes an excellent case.
2011 Jan 8 from Andrea Silverthorne
Please see the attached report I wrote for my final paper in Environmental Ethics at St Thomas University. It was written before the current episode of bird and fish deaths, as shown on the Google map, and they are clearly attributable to methane oxidation to formaldehyde. It cause acidosis, which burns the lining of the blood vessels and damages organs feigning trauma. Formaldehyde turns to formic acid in the body which is naturally occurring, but massive amounts kills you. As in any other acidic reaction, once it reacts, there is little trace of it left.

A doctor reports that four teaspoons of coconut oil per day reversed her husband's Alzheimer's dementia. [This is only one case, but worth trying. Orthodox medicine has no cure for this condition. The source article (linked at the bottom of this story) also says that coconut oil is being used for the treatment of other diseases like Parkinson's, diabetes, ALS, MS and Huntington's Disease.] NaturalNews 2011 Jan 5 (Cached)

"Organic" food is no longer safe. The FDA and USDA have colluded in approving the neurotoxin 'Neotame' which may be even more toxic than aspartame. No labeling will be required, nor will it be listed in the ingredients. It will be used in USDA certified "organic" processed food and cattle feed. [The only hope of escape is to raise our own food or buy from local growers who do not use such chemicals – which is why Congress recently passed legislation that eventually will put small-scale organic growers out of business.] FarmWars 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)
US: Memo leaked from the EPA sheds light on the mystery of why honey bees have been dying off. It may be a pesticide produced by the Bayer Company. The EPA has known that this chemical harms honey bees since at least 2003; yet, not only has it allowed Bayer to sell the product, it has concealed the research. [Once again, we see the ugly face of corruption in government.] GreenChipStocks 2010 Dec 16 (Cached)

Sunscreen chemicals are absorbed into the body and are found in human milk samples. They can disrupt cellular functions at many levels. Natural News 2010 Dec 14 (Cached)

Genetically modified mosquitoes have been released for the purpose of transmitting Dengue Fever to the unsuspecting population. This already has resulted in deaths in Florida. Incredible as that may sound, this project is admitted by the U.S. government, the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has heavily funded the program. The excuse is that this is a valuable experiment in the quest for ways to use mosquitoes to deliver vaccines to the masses at low cost.
[The project, however, is controlled by the military which is far more interested in weapons of control and death. It should be noted also that the Gates Foundation is well known for funding projects related to population reduction. Here is the fascinating and frightening story.] ActivistPost 2010 Dec 13 (Cached)

NASA completes the first global study of Urban Heat-Island effect (heating of the air within large cities caused by heated buildings and and power devices). Temperatures were skewed by a whopping 13 to 16 degrees compared to rural areas. [For many years, global temperature readings increasingly have been coming from large cities and airports while ignoring the larger land mass of rural areas. Cities should be included, of course, but they have been given far too much weight in the calculations. Here is yet another way in which data has been tilted to favor the global-warming myth.] NASA Dec 13 (Cached)
Harvard scientists reverse aging in mice by manipulating an enzyme called telomerase, which acts on chromosomes. That's the good news. The bad news is that humans, unlike mice, naturally switch off the production of telomerase in adulthood, and it is feared by researchers that, if humans are given this enzyme, they would face a higher risk of cancer. Research will continue. Guardian 2010 Nov 28 (Cached)

Costa Mesa, California, is the first city to ban mercury in dental fillings. Mercury is highly toxic and is the cause of many diseases that most people don't suspect is coming from their teeth. Mercury waste from dental offices also pollutes groundwater and air. PRWeb 2010 Oct 26 (Cached)
Click here to see dentist James Rota explain the dangers of mercury to the city council.
2010 Oct 26
US: In spite of the fact that most Americans are strongly opposed to Cap-and-Trade taxes, 32 states are involved in regional alliances to implement those taxes. One region has already raised over $700 million in carbon-credit auctions. [The only way to stop this is to throw out of office every politician who has supported these taxes and replace them with Constitutionalists.] MorphCity 2010 Oct 21 (Cached)
US: NASA's Goddard Institute fabricates Arctic temperatures in order to perpetuate the global-warming myth. So-called rising temperatures of the last decade were based on two assumptions with no data to support them and then giving those assumptions the same weight as real data points. This clearly is fraudulent science in the service of political agendas. Real Science 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)
Are they altering the human genetic code by means of synthetic chemicals added to the food chain to reduce global population? This researcher explains why he thinks so and that the plan includes re-engineering the human race into two distinct sub-species: intelligent rulers and docile workers. Whether you agree or not, you should be interested in the reasons for his conclusion. Michael Nield Posted 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

Toxic BPA is present in virtually all canned foods and beverages – and the levels are even higher than in plastic bottles. BPA has been linked to an increase in the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Natural News 2010 Oct 13 (Cached)
Swiss study finds that using a laptop on your lap for extended periods can cause skin burns, affects sperm production in men, and even cause skin cancer. NaturalNews 2010 Oct 5 (Cached)

Scientists loose their jobs after reporting that genetically modified food purchased in supermarkets causes illness and death in lab animals. Mercola 2010 Oct 4 (Cached)

US: Soldiers are exposed to Depleted Uranium from exploded artillery shells. When inhaled, tiny particles travel to the brain and kill brain cells, leading to bizarre mental conditions, cancer, and death. Veterans Today 2010 Oct 2 (Cached)
B vitamins especially folate (Folic Acid) can significantly reduce the risk of age-related hearing loss.
Natural News
2010 Sep 30 (Cached)

UK: Royal Society, under pressure from its members, backs away from its previous endorsement of the global-warming myth and now says it is uncertain about future climate change. Daily Mail 2010 Sep 28 (Cached)
Insecticide proteins produced in GMO corn have leached into American waterways with unknown risks to the environment and humans. The Independent 2010 Sep 28 (Cached)
US: H1N1 flu vaccine has caused over 3500 miscarriages and stillbirths. The vaccine is not approved for children under 6 months; yet, pregnant women routinely are given these shots. American Chronicle 2010 Sep 27 (Cached)
Six states have introduced "Freedom-of-Choice in Health Care" legislation that many people believe nullifies ObamaCare – but that is not true. It merely nullifies the provision that requires every citizen to purchase insurance. Thousands of other provisions and 150 new federal agencies remain untouched. [What we need are statesmen at the state level to introduce true nullification bills that would stop the monster entirely.] JBS Posted 2010 Sep 25 (Cached)
Click here to see model legislation to achieve that.

Clinical trial finds Vitamin D more effective at fighting the flu than vaccines. Natural News 2010 Sep 16 (Cached)
Head of University of Toronto's preventive dentistry program says fluoridated water does NOT strengthen teeth or prevent cavities and that it is "more harmful than beneficial." Natural News 2010 Sep 1 (Cached)

Anti-seizure drugs, also prescribed for bi-polar disorder, increase risk of suicide and violent death from other causes, according to new research. Natural News 2010 Aug 31 (Cached)
New research shows that even a minimal exposure to BPA plastic can induce genetic changes in offspring. [BPA is a resin used in thousands of common products, including baby bottles, water bottles, and food containers.] Natural News 2010 Aug 31 (Cached)

Rise of Sea Level is "the greatest lie ever told," says former chairman of the International Commission on Sea Level Change. [Story from 2009. Don't know how we missed this then, but this is too important to pass over.] Telegraph Posted 2010 Aug 24 (Cached)
'Super-weeds' are growing across Arkansas and other southern farmlands that are choking out crops and are impossible to eliminate. They have mutated in response to patented herbicides on GMO plants. The future of food does not look bright. F. William Engdahl 2010 Aug 18 (Cached)

Satellites that measure global temperatures are off by as much as 15 degrees due to degradation of infrared sensors. Some readings were too hot by HUNDREDS OF DEGREES, but were not removed from databases. [Government scientists have been aware of this for years but have been silent because they want to preserve the myth of global warming. Recent announcements, including "hottest July on record" and "hottest six months on record" are based on these faulty readings and other fraudulent sources such as biased computer modeling, shifting temperature readings towards the tropics, favoring readings in warm urban centers, and fudging statistics through so-called "data correction". The global-warming industry is as corrupt as it gets.] Canada Free Press 2010 Aug 16 (Cached)

Vitamin D, even at a low dose of 400 IU (international units) per day, can reduce breast cancer risk by 24%.
2010 Aug 13 (Cached)

American girls are entering puberty at an alarmingly young age, many as young as seven. The most likely cause is exposure to chemicals in plastics and foods that mimic estrogen.  MSNBC 2010 Aug 9 (Cached)

Florida: Dengue fever (a potentially fatal virus spread by mosquitoes) is on the rise in Key West. It is now known that CIA and the military conducted biological-warfare experiments on unsuspecting residents in Florida by dropping millions of infected mosquitoes on them. Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever were among the infections. Symptoms of Dengue are similar to those of toxicity from Corexit, the chemical used to spray the Gulf oil spill. This makes it difficult in that area to diagnose the cause. [This report is important for many reasons that will become apparent as you read it.] TruthOut Posted 2010 Aug 7 (Cached)
Researchers at University of California report that fructose feeds cancer cells and encourages it to spread. [High fructose corn syrup is a primary ingredient in soda drinks and most sweet foods.] Reuters 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

Researchers find that 40% of store receipts are coated in BPA, a hormone-altering chemical that has been banned in baby bottles and food containers. The chemical rubs off paper easily and, from fingers, may find its way onto food. [Advice: If you have been shopping, wash your hands before eating a sandwich.] Toronto Star 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)
Obama issues an Executive Order to implement the UN Law Of Sea Treaty that sets international rules of commerce on the sea and large rivers. It encroaches on the jurisdiction of 30 states. 2010 Jul 28 (Cached)
Obama's Health Care Law requires that, by 2012, small businesses must report to the IRS every transaction over $600. This includes the sale of gold and silver, as well. [That will allow the government to know who has purchased precious metals so it will be easier to confiscate if they decide to do so later on.] Bangor Daily News Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

Rats fed junk food pass down cancer risk through multiple generations. What you eat can affect the health of your children and grandchildren even if they eat healthy themselves. Natural News 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

Low vitamin-D level is linked to the risk of Parkinson's Disease. Routine exposure to sunshine triggers the body to produce vitamin D.
Yahoo 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)