Original compositions and piano artistry of Scott MacDonald

Scott has dedicated this amazing sound feast as a musical tribute to Freedom Force International. Look at the titles of these compositions, then listen to the music (samples below) and you will be moved by the clarity of the message. Because these are classical tone poems, lyrics are not appropriate; but the mood of each piece expresses the theme and, in many cases, you will recognize the meter of the spoken titles embedded in the music. Here are the samples:

  1. Freedom Force: Play Here
  2. I Know The Future Is Bright: Play Here
  3. What Are We Waiting For? Play Here
  4. An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Play Here
  5. History Lesson: Play Here
  6. Can You Hear The Future Calling Us By Name? Play Here
  7. They Want To Control Your Mind So You’ll Obey: Play Here
  8. The Gift Is Lost: Play Here
  9. There’s Nothing Going To Stop Us Now! Play Here

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording goes to Freedom Force International.

Power Surge
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