Psychiatry; <br>An Industry of Death

This documentary presents the history of psychiatry from its beginnings in the 18th Century as a fringe industry housing the disfigured and retarded souls of society to where it is now, a deeply corrupted marketing arm of the pharmaceutical companies. The goal is to make everyone on the planet dependent on psychotropic drugs supposedly to control mental disorders (such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Shyness Syndrome) that, in reality, do not even exist. When psychiatry and totalitarian governments join forces, as they now have, political dissidents can be involuntarily imprisoned, medicated, and given shock torture (called therapy) to "cure" their dissent. It will take a grass-roots awakening to dismantle this evil mechanism. Acquire this video, show it to your friends, and help to create that awakening. DVD. 108 minutes with 72-page illustrated booklet.

Psychiatry; An Industry of Death