Private Papers
Pertaining to Laetrile

This is a volume of documents, letters, articles, charts, and more that Mr. Griffin accumulated during his research for the book World Without Cancer.

The purpose of this volume is to place into the public record the author's private collection of letters and documents cited or quoted in his book World Without Cancer. Few if any of these items have been published elsewhere. This volume, therefore, represents the means by which they shall be preserved for public scrutiny and future research.

The image quality of several items is rather poor due to the fact that, in many cases, the author's original, itself, is a second-generation photocopy. Furthermore, they were made during the 1970s when photocopy technology was in its infancy. All items are legible, however, and that is what matters for our purpose.

It is the author's conviction that the substance of these papers will someday be recognized as one of the great scientific and medical turning points of history.

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Private Papers Pertaining to Laetrile


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