Midnight Ride

When Rogue Politicians
Call for Martial Law

This documentary asks (and answers) hard questions that are not pleasant to confront; yet it is clear from the trend of current events, we soon may have to answer them whether we want to or not. If there is a national or global economic collapse, leading to extensive civil unrest, would governments resort to martial law to attempt to maintain order? If so, what would life be like and how should we respond? Would that be the end of freedom in the world? Would there be any hope for a return to representative government? Would citizens have an obligation to resist the ensuing police state or should they accept it as inevitable? Features commentary by Chuck Baldwin, Dan Happel, Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin, Larry Pratt, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, and others. 1 hr. 41 min. DVD



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