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2007 APRIL 28 through MAY 4

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Florida voters go back to paper ballots. AFP 2007 May 4 (Cached)

China: A high-ranking Communist official renounces the Party.
Epoch Times 2007 May 4

Virgin Airlines drops in-flight 9/11 conspiracy movie.

Register 2007 May 4

US: Ron Paul gets highest public rating over all Republican candidates in debate. Click here and add your vote.
MSNBC 2007 May 3

The Power of Nightmares. How politicians use fear to legitimize expansion of power.
BBC Posted 2007 May 4

Bush scolds China, Russia, others on press freedoms. That takes chutzpah.
AFP 2007 May 2

CFR warns of false flag attack to ignite Iran war. Now they can look innocent because they warned.
Prison Planet 2007 May 2

Loose Change 2 (video debunking official version of 9/11) to be in-flight movie for Virgin Atlantic.
Prison Planet 2007 May 1

Tanning found to protect against melanoma by releasing tumor suppressor protein.
News Target 2007 May 1

War in Iraq will cost every household in America $7300 - to be paid by inflation.
McClatchy 2007 Apr 30

US: Help America vote on paper. Short video presenting the problem and solution.
Archive Posted 2007 Apr 30

85% of U.S. "successful" reconstruction projects in Iraq are no longer functional.
Boston.com 2007 Apr 29

US: Hundreds of millions of dollars in Katrina aid from other countries is unclaimed and unspent.
Washington Post 2007 Apr 29

CORRECTION: Our alert dated April 25 regarding new FDA guidelines does NOT warrant action. May have been based on disinformation.
Dr. Mercola 2007 Apr 29

US: Action needed to stop major expansion of FDA powers over dietary supplements. This is the real issue obscured by the April 25 false alarm.
News with Views 2007 Apr 29

U.S. officials exclude car bombs in touting drop in Iraq violence.
McClatchy Posted 2007 Apr 28

Dollar declines to all-time low against Euro as economy slows.
Bloomberg Posted 2007 Apr 28

Banks in Panama do not control the money supply -- and the system is very stable. Von Mises Institute Posted 2007 Apr 28 (Cached)

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