Unfiltered News: 2007/05/18


Compiled by
G. Edward Griffin
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2007 MAY 12 through MAY 18

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US: See Ron Paul hammer out a political statement that will make you want to cheer. YouTube 2007 May 17

US: Neo-Cons seek to ban Ron Paul from Republican Party. Prison Planet 2007 May 17

Spain on verge of economic collapse as gold reserves vanish. Telegraph 2007 May 17

US: Ron Paul on CNN talks about the Presidential debate and answers Guliani. CNN 2007 May 16

Who won the South Carolina Presidential debate? ABC news poll gives 86% to Ron Paul. Romney is nearest contender with only 1%. ABC 2007 May 16

Global-Warming scientists changing from believers to skeptics. CFP 2007 May 16

US: Fox News poll puts Ron Paul in second place in Presidential debate. Fox News 2007 May 16

US: Fox News rigs Presidential debate to attack Ron Paul - but he wins strong support anyway. Prison Planet 2007 May 16

So what really is in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget? Rense.com 2007 May 14

The ugly history of gun control.
Summit Daily Posted 2007 May 12

US: Bipartisan bill bans warrantless wiretapping of US citizens. Raw Story Posted 2007 May 12

Iraqi Parliament says "Yankee go home!"
Seattle Times Posted 2007 May 12

Bush Satanist hand signs? Something to think about. Unknown Posted 2007 May 12

Pentagon thumbs nose at Congress. Forbids soldiers to testify. Boston Globe Posted 2007 May 12

US: Senate protects profits of pharmaceutical industry. Votes against allowing cheap drugs from Canada.
Ledger Posted 2007 May 12

Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to deploy.
Yahoo Posted 2007 May 12

Mexican trucks and truckers to have free ride on U.S. highways by this summer thanks to NAFTA.
ElPaso Times Posted 2007 May 12

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This HBO documentary nails the coffin of electronic voting machines. Follow investigative reporters and their hidden cameras as they probe the deep secrets of how computerized voting systems are designed to be hacked. You will see computer programmers walk up to systems that their manufacturers claim are tamper proof and, with only a few keystrokes on the computer, switch votes from one candidate to the other with no evidence left behind. (More)

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Salt Your Way to Health
A low-salt diet is good for you if you have high-blood pressure. WRONG! Says Dr. Brownstein. Here are the reasons for his view. He shows the errors that led early researchers to believe that low salt intake would reduce blood pressure and then presents studies showing a 400% increase in heart attacks among hypertension patients on a low-salt diet. He also shows the value of unrefined salt in combating Thyroid and Adrenal disorders. (More)

Here is the hard scientific proof that:
Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and EnvironmentalismThe Earth has been hotter than it is now.
Only a tiny portion of greenhouse gases are man-made.
Most of Antarctica is getting colder.
The media only recently abandoned the "global cooling" scare.
Global warming has not made hurricanes worse.
Here are the facts to counter the global warming junk science that is being used to scare people into accepting the expansion of government. (More)

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