Unfiltered News: 2007/03/02


Compiled by
G. Edward Griffin
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2007 FEBRUARY 24 through MARCH 2

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US: Former FBI Director calls for new investigation of OKC bombing based on evidence that executed bomber Tim McVeigh was working for FBI. Expect a whitewash.
Prison Planet 2007 Mar 2

Warming on Mars from increased Sun activity challenges theory that Earth warming is caused by man.
CFP 2007 Mar 2

Global food supply may be threatened by massive die-off of honey bees. Caused by genetically modified crops?
Register 2007 Mar 2

BBC reported collapse of WTC & before it fell! But that may not mean what you think.
Freedom Force 2007 Mar 1

Two-thirds of Americans favor total health care provided by government. Like little children, they believe in Santa Claus but will get Darth Vader instead.
CBS 2007 Mar 1

Terrorism has increased 7-fold since US attacked Iraq to stop terrorism.
Mother Jones 2007 Mar 1

UK: Blair announces plan of conditional troop withdrawal from Iraq - but the conditions may not be met.
Pakistan Times 2007 Mar 1

US: Democrats seek more war funds than Bush.
Reuters/AlertNet 2007 Mar 1

American Medical Association (funded by the drug industry) claims vitamins may kill you. Read here how to rig a medical study.
News Target 2007 Feb 28

Germany: Nazi-style education still the norm. Collectivism continues.
Washington Times 2007 Feb 28

University poll shows that Americans have a higher approval of terrorism against civilians than do citizens of Middle East countries. Amazing!
CSM Posted 2007 Feb 28

Texas Gov. & 8 legislators received donations from Merck days before mandating HPV vaccine for school girls. Just a coincidence, of course.
Health Truth Posted 2007 Feb 28

Pentagon cronyism leads to inferior protection for soldiers in Iraq. E.W. Scripps Posted 2007 Feb 28

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