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New film entitled "America from Freedom to Fascism" plays to standing-room-only audiences. See preview here.
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2006 Mar 9

US: Pat Tillman, the football star who became a war hero who became a scandal. Guardian 2006 Mar 9

Collectivist governments of China and US accuse each other of human rights violations. Both are right. That's the nature of collectivism. USA Today 2006 Mar 9

US: Congress passes bill denying local control over food standards. Now food industry needs only one lobbyist in D.C. instead of one in every state. Organic Consumers 2006 Mar 8

Immigration officer says Homeland Security is hindering effort to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering US.
SD Union
2006 Mar 7

White House targets US reporters for prosecution.
Washington Post
2006 Mar 5

US: Thousands of federal court cases kept secret. Many appear not even to exist. Yahoo News 2006 Mar 5

US: National Archives blocks CIA-DIA-DoD effort to confiscate public documents. Washington Post 2006 Mar 4

Cordless handsets 100 times worse than mobiles, say experts. EClub Posted 2006 Mar 4

'War on terror' trials could allow evidence obtained through torture. Yahoo News Posted 2006 Mar 4

UK: Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations. EClub Posted 2006 Mar 4

International Atomic Energy Commission says no evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons plan. Global Research Posted 2006 Mar 4

Hong Kong: Communist regime sends thugs to destroy printing press of anti-Communist newspaper.
Epoch Times
Posted 2006 Mar 4

US: Senate rejects proposal to have independent oversight of lobbying abuse. Will continue to police itself - which means abuse also will continue. Truthout Posted 2006 Mar 4 (Cached)

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Unfiltered News: 2006/03/10