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This Period: 2006 February 25 - March 3

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US: Senate approves Patriot Act renewal. One more step into the police state - to protect against terrorism, of course.
Yahoo News 2006 Mar 3

US: Free Internet service shows best gas prices in your zip code area - updated daily.
MSN Posted 2006 Mar 3

US: Big Brother is watching email and computer data even more than suspected. On-line email services especially vulnerable.

Times 2006 Mar 3

Silver breaks 22-year record and pushed over $10 per oz. This is a measure of decline in value of the dollar.
FTcom 2006 Mar 2

US: Police abuse on the rise. As police power grows, quality declines.
Lew Rockwell 2006 Mar 1

At UN, worst human-rights violators sit on Human Rights Commission, use it to block investigation into their own abuses.
Investors 2006 Mar 1

US: Good analysis of security and the ports. But don't forget, the real threat is globalization of our infrastructure.

WorldNetDaily 2006 Mar 1

China announces it intends to double its gold holdings, a further indication it will soon abandon the dollar.
Minesite 2006 Mar 1

US: Incomes fall, hunger worsens as Bush says "We're doing fine".
OCA 2006 Feb 28

Former Soviet dissident warns that EU is a dictatorship similar to Soviet Communism.
Brussels Journal 2006 Feb 28

US Congress prepares legislation to make Bush's illegal spying program legal.
Global Research 2006 Feb 27

Internet companies admit they help China repress citizens but justify actions on theory they are better off with technology.

US News 2006 Feb 27

We have learned that last week's news item about using rifles to implant microchips in humans was (fortunately) a hoax. Here's the explanation. Freedom Force Feb 25

On 9-11, Rumsfeld's immediate response: Let's attack Saddam.
Guardian Posted 2006 Feb 25

China: Torture leaves dissident mentally ill. All collectivist systems use torture - for the greater good, of course.
Amnesty Posted 2006 Feb 25

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Unfiltered News: 2006/03/03