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This Period: 2006 March 18 - March 24

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US: Bush says he will not obey Patriot Act restrictions that protect personal rights. 2006 Mar 24 (Cached)

Sunscreen lies exposed! The little-known truth about healthy sunlight exposure.
News Target 2006 Mar 23

US: Actor Charlie Sheen says government's explanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory.
Global Research 2006 Mar 22

US: Small meatpacker sues for right to test its own herd for mad cow disease. Presently all testing is under control of fed officials who can coverup evidence that would hurt large meatpackers.
Washington Post 2006 Mar 22

South Africa: Black and white gun owners unite to challenge government confiscation.
News with Views 2006 Mar 22

What's become of Americans? Fish rot from the head. 2006 Mar 22

US: Environmentalism messes up in Orlando, Florida.

WKMG 2006 Mar 22

China: Government requires parents to name their children only with common words that are computer compatible with national ID cards.
Free Market News 2006 Mar 22

US: Kansas police will pull over motorists and require them to submit fingerprints.
Kansas City Star 2006 Mar 22

US: Many recent homeowners have zero or negative equity as interest rates increase. Investors 2006 Mar 22 (Cached)

While US officials claim they plan to leave Iraq, massive construction makes it clear they intend to have military presence forever.
MSNBC 2006 Mar 21

Why France can't compete with America. Unfortunately, America is adopting the French model.
Investors 2006 Mar 21 (Cached)

Depleted uranium from war in Middle East spreading globally. Lung cancer in US in sudden increase.
Rense 2006 Mar 20

Iraq was awash in U.S. cash. Corrupt officials played football with bricks of $100 bills.
Guardian 2006 Mar 20

Virologist says bird flu caused by "Big Chicken" factory farming.
Pittsburgh Live 2006 Mar 19

US: Utah voting official exposes incredible security problems with electronic voting machines.
Black Box Voting 2006 Mar 18

Are Americans incapable of indignation? Great segment from Boston Legal TV series worth viewing.

Boston Legal Posted 2006 Mar 18

US: Officials arrest intoxicated patrons inside bars to prevent drunk driving. Posted 2006 Mar 18

How to steal an election. Slot machines have better safeguards than voting machines.
Washington Post Posted 2006 Mar 18

Victims testify that creators of anti-depressant drugs are accomplices to murder. Health Lies Exposed Posted 2006 Mar 18 (Cached)

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Unfiltered News: 2006/03/24