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This Period: 2006 March 11 - March 17

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The Town of Allopath. A delightful animated allegory.
2006 Mar 17

US: Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug. Independent 2006 Mar 17

US: Congress raises debt limit to $9 trillion. That's $1,500 for every human on Earth. Will be paid by inflation.
Times Online
2006 Mar 17

Communist China brings terrorism to US.
New American
Posted 2006 Mar 17

US: Government demands that Google hand over customer Internet search records. Independent 2006 Mar 15

Arab central banks announce plan to move 10% of assets from dollar to EURO. Independent 2006 Mar 14

US: Congress considers law to make it a crime to expose government wrongdoing. Greenwald 2006 Mar 12

More lies about poisoning the environment. CFP 2006 Mar 13

UK: No court martial for soldier who quit in disgust over 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq. Unknown News 2006 Mar 12

Some glaciers are melting (they usually do) but polar caps are growing, not shrinking. CFP 2006 Mar 11

Up to 80% of US ports already operated by foreign companies and countries. American infrastructure no longer independent. Washington Times Posted 2006 Mar 11

Report reveals illegal spread of genetically engineered crops. Governments influenced by industry look other way.
Posted 2006 Mar 11

No, the Iran Oil Bourse is not a cause for war. Sound analysis. Global Research Posted 2006 Mar 11

US: Washington dental school under assault for mercury poisoning. Bolen Report Posted 2006 Mar 11

Bird flu vaccine impossible until after pandemic hits. Present funding for vaccine merely enriches Big Pharma.
Yahoo News
Posted 2006 Mar 11

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science behind mass fluoridation; fluoride policy is a public fraud.
News Target
Posted 2006 Mar 11

Explosives engineer says a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon. Interesting explanation. Scholars for Truth Posted 2006 Mar 11

US: Maryland House rejects voting machines unless paper trail is included. Good move. Computer World Posted 2006 Mar 11

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Unfiltered News: 2006/03/17