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In case you don't have your own copy handy to share:

Declaration of Independence

Bill of Rights

Freedom Issues:

World Net Daily
A Free Press for A Free People
Get your daily news from them

Fighting for the truth...Exposing the Corrupt

The Liberty Committee.org
They also have a media directory

To listen to Radio America's live broadcast - news without media bias

Information on Security Issues with the Internet, including Carnivore and How to Protect your Computer

Big Brother
Documenting government control, at all levels

The John Birch Society
Be sure to check out their legislative information. They give detail of who voted for what.

Individualist Research Foundation
Bill McIlhany's website.

The Constitution Society

International Living, Offshore Investing, Offshore Banking
Information, education, tools and strategies for the international freedom seeker.

Money and the Federal Reserve:

Health Issues:

Cancer Cure Foundation
Information on alternative cancer treatments

Healing Daily:
Healing through Detoxification, Cleansing, Chelation, and Juicing.

Think Twice - Info on Vaccinations

The Sovereigns' Health Freedom Network (SHFN)
A loose-knit network of people who share health and freedom related information.

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