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Libertatems are one-ounce pure-silver and pure-gold medallions minted by Freedom Force International. Each medallion features eight symbols illustrating the ideological concepts of individualism as expressed in The Creed of Freedom. They are a storehouse of value, a hedge against inflation, and a teaching aid to popularize the laws of liberty. For an explanation of the symbolism, click here.

Libertatems have a mirror-like surface behind the images that creates a stunning contrast and a beautiful work of art that can be used for savings, gifts, or barter. As inflation erodes the value of government money, they will maintain value or even gain in purchasing power. There is a new issue each year and, in time, they may acquire collector�s value in addition to intrinsic silver and gold value. The fact that they are created and guaranteed by Freedom Force and in their first years have been produced in relatively small numbers already bestows upon them added value for freedom-minded collectors. The first year of issue was 2007.

Each medallion is protected by a clear, hard plastic case and comes with a soft pouch and small brochure to explain the symbolism. This makes them ideal gifts that carry intrinsic value and proclaim the laws of liberty. Because they contain one ounce of pure precious metal, they never will be discarded.
If these are given as gifts, they always will be remembered and never discarded.

The price of Libertatems varies with the current spot price of silver and gold. They may vary slightly depending on the price of bullion on the date of your order. Please be aware that silver and gold currently are in short supply. The Internet price is usually based on future delivery of three to six weeks and may not be guaranteed. In this market, the ability to deliver immediately carries a premium. We have these items on hand, and we are able to fulfill your order now. These prices were updated on April 12,2013.

  1 oz. SILVER, .999 fine
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  1 oz. GOLD, .999 fine
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Emails from James Jaeger, Devon, PA

Ed, thank you for the beautiful silver Libertatem. I will always treasure it, and even more ... I'll show it to my young sons and explain its meaning.

Thank you, James. I�m glad you like it � and, of course, I am delighted by knowing that your sons will discover its message.

I sat down individually with Warren (13) and then Pierce (10) this morning and went through each sentence in the description. As I read, they held the coin in their hand and located the symbol and text for each item discussed. It will be wonderful to see how these seeds grow in them.

If you ever need to turn your Libertatems into cash, the most direct method is to sell them to an acquaintance who appreciates their value and symbolism. The next best option would be to sell them on E-bay. The next option is to sell them to or place them on consignment with a coin dealer. In that event, the dealer will require a reasonable sales commission. If the Libertatems have not been circulated, we can help you liquidate them here at The Reality Zone by taking them on consignment. We will sell your Libertatems before we sell from our own inventory, so your wait will be minimized. Our commission will be 6% of the sale price for gold Libertatems and 15% for silver.