Unfiltered News: 2007/06/01


Compiled by
G. Edward Griffin
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2007 MAY 26 through June 1

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Las Vegas gambling odds for Ron Paul jump from 200 to 1 to 20 to 1. Gambling911 2007 May 30 (Cached)

Venezuela's Chavez widens attack on opposition media. Collectivists on the Left are no different that on the Right.
Reuters 2007 May 30

China: Thousands riot against government 1-child policy.
Fox News 2007 May 30

US: Government opposes broad testing for mad cow disease to avoid harm to meat industry.
MSNBC 2007 May 29

US: Peace activist Cindy Sheehan quits movement broken hearted after realizing Democrats are no different than Republicans.
Common Dreams 2007 May 29

UK: Parents of babies to be given 'learning diaries' so government can monitor children.
Daily Mail 2007 May 29

China: Government using toxic drugs to torture Falun Gong practitioners in prison.
Epoch Times 2007 May 28

US: Homeland Security devotes only one-tenth of one percent of its resources to stopping terrorism.
CNN 2007 May 27

US: Ron Paul receives great response on Bill Maher Show. Audience goes wild.
HBO Posted 2007 May 26

US: Congressional bill proposed to deny states the right to reject genetically modified foods.
Center for Food Safety Posted 2007 May 26

Why would Republicans block these video segments from being shown to Congress?
You Tube Posted 2007 May 26

China continues to prepare its military for global war, not just against Taiwan.
Washington Times 2007 May 26

US: Government now wants to tax Internet shopping and
C/NET Posted 2007 May 26

Pentagon planning to keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq for ‘decades’.
Think Progress Posted 2007 May 26

Iraq: 104 acre US embassy nears completion. Seen as palace of the conqueror.
Guardian Posted 2007 May 26

US provides funds and advice to Mexican government for tapping phones and e-mails. Ready for political merger.
Boston.com Posted 2007 May 26

Subscriber says men are stupid for thinking menstrual cramps are unnatural. Do any women disagree?
Unfiltered News Posted 2007 May 26

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