Unfiltered News: 2007/07/27


Compiled by
G. Edward Griffin
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2007 JULY 21 through July 27

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Military plans to treat U.S. dissidents as insurgents.
Hal Turner Show July 27

US: Tax protestor wins in court after arguing that income tax is not legal.
WND 2007 July 26 (Cached)

US: FBI wants to hire 15,000 additional informants.
InfoWars 2007 July 26 (Cached)

Freedom coalition formed in response to tyrannical executive order.
Freedom Force 2007 July 26

Retraction: The article posted last week about hotel key cards containing personal information was not true. Here's the story.
Snopes.com 2007 July 26 (Cached)

US military to crackdown on North American Union protesters.
InfoWars 2007 July 25 (Cached)

South African water experts find that Earth’s warming is linked to Sun.
CFP 2007 July 24 (Cached)

Britain almost out of troops, memo reveals.
Telegraph 2007 July 23 (Cached)

Kids' soda consumption strongly linked to hyperactivity, mental problems.
News Target 2007 July 23 (Cached)

Ritalin stunts children's growth.
News Target 2007 July 23 (Cached)

Ed Griffin speaks to students at Ron Paul rally about
(1) Freedom Ideology
and ...
(2) The Strategy for Victory.

YouTube Posted 2007 July 21

US military funds Harvard research to produce robotic fly for spying.
Technology Review Posted 2007 July 21 (Cached)

US Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, answers questions on You Tube about his political philosophy.
You Tube Posted 2007 July 21

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A low-salt diet is good for you if you have high-blood pressure. WRONG! Says Dr. Brownstein. Here are the reasons for his view. He shows the errors that led early researchers to believe that low salt intake would reduce blood pressure and then presents studies showing a 400% increase in heart attacks among hypertension patients on a low-salt diet. He also shows the value of unrefined salt in combating Thyroid and Adrenal disorders. (More)

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Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and EnvironmentalismThe Earth has been hotter than it is now.
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