Unfiltered News: 2007/07/20


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 JULY 14 through July 20

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iPhone has hidden feature that allows government and hackers to monitor phone and Internet activity.
Prison Planet 2007 July 20

US: Help Ron Paul by running for office yourself!
Freedom Force 2007 July 20

$75,000 Offered for MD to publicly drink vaccine additives.
Mercola.com 2007 July 19

US: Congressional candidate running on Ron Paul-like platform beats GOP establishment favorite.

Yahoo 2007 July 18

Asian parasite killing Western bees says scientist.
Planet Ark 2007 July 18

UK: Big Brother cameras to track millions of innocent drivers.
Daily Mail 2007 July 18

Don't be fooled by "all natural" claims on foods and grocery products.
News Target 2007 July 18

US: Bush signs Executive Order blocking property of anyone who threatens "stabilization efforts in Iraq." That means anyone who opposes his policies. You are not exempt.
Whitehouse 2007 July 17

US Dollar on the edge of the abyss.
Kitco 2007 July 17

Antiwar Ron Paul receives more donations from military than do other Republicans.
IraqSlogger 2007 July 16

Kremlin tears up arms pact with NATO. Cold War returning.
Guardian 2007 July 15

Ed Griffin at rally in Mountain View, California, answers those who say Ron Paul can't win.
YouTube 2007 July 14

9-11 Conspiracy in Plane Sight. Excellent re-make of previous video.
Google Video Posted 2007 July 14

Why you must never turn in your motel key cards.
WAPD.org. Posted 2007 July 14

US Presidential candidate Ron Paul interviewed at Google. An in-depth probe of Paul's political philosophy.
You Tube Posted 2007 July 14

IRS attacks Sherry Jackson. See end of story for how you can help.
News with Views Posted 2007 July 14

US Senate sneaks "Hate Crimes" bill into defense bill.
LifeSite Posted 2007 July 14

Video shows how much mercury vapor escapes from amalgam-filled teeth just from chewing - and the devastating effect of this toxin. IAOMT Posted 2007 July 14

Iran agrees to allow nuclear inspections.
Guardian Posted 2007 July 14

Vista, Microsoft's new operating system, makes it easier to snoop on users. ABA Journal Posted 2007 July 14 (Cached)

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