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Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering DrugsHidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering DrugsYou will learn that high blood-level cholesterol is NOT life threatening (in fact, just the opposite) and that statin drugs produce side effects that actually INCREASE risk of death.

High Blood Pressure SolutionHigh Blood Pressure SolutionBased on this principle, the entire country of Finland has reduced cardiovascular disease 60%. Read this book and save your life.

Hoxsey;  The Quack (?) Who Cured CancerHoxsey; The Quack (?) Who Cured CancerHarry Hoxsey was a former coal miner who, in 1924, operated a number of cancer clinics using an herbal concoction handed down by his grandfather. This led to an ongoing battle with the newly formed AMA, which raged from 1924 to 1960 with much of it played out in the media. Hoxsey won a slander suit against Dr. Morris Fishbein, head of the Journal of the AMA. Hoxsey claimed that AMA officials went after him because he would not sell them his formula. DVD.