Global Warming
and Global Feudalism

A discourse by G. Edward Griffin

Without notes or preparation, G. Edward Griffin fields tough questions about the United Nations, global warming, and how these topics are tied together. Here are some of the issues covered:

Is the UN mankind's last best hope for peace or the foundation for global feudalism?

Is the UN controlled by leaders of member nations or by hidden structures and power brokers? If the latter, who are they?

Are American elitists motivated by love of country, devotion to international harmony, or something less admirable?

Do we have an obligation to the UN? If so, what is it and why?

Is it possible to get out of the UN, or have we passed the point of no return?

With regard to global warming, what is Agenda 21?

Is forced population-control justified to save the planet?

Is the UN's report on global warming based on valid science? If not, then what?

If the mission of the World Health Organization is not world health, then what?

What are the IMF and World Bank, and why should anyone care about them?

What is the Freedom Force strategy for reversing the trend toward global feudalism?

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Global Warming and Global Feudalism

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