Fluoride - Poison on Tap

Whatís in Out Water?

(Comment by G. Edward Griffin)
For many years, I have wanted to produce a documentary entitled Donít Drink the Water! It was to be all about the extreme health hazard of fluoridated water supplies. I wanted it to expose the fraudulent science behind the claim that fluoride protects against tooth decay, and I also wanted to blow the lid off of the corporate and political corruption that has driven this deadly program for so long. Well, now I can take that off my bucket list, because film producer, Paul Wittenberger, has just done the job Ė and he did it exceedingly well, I might add. If enough people become aware of the facts presented in this documentary, city-councils will be compelled to put a stop to fluoridation. This is the educational tool we have been waiting for. DVD. 92 min.



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