Files on JFK

The confession of James Files,
the man who shot Kennedy

Speaking from prison, James Files tells how he was recruited by a Chicago crime family and worked in cooperation with the CIA to assassinate JFK. He describes every step of the plan as it evolved, gives names of key players in the Mob and the government, and explains their motives. The FBI claims that Files is not a credible witness; but you will be hard pressed to agree after listening to hundreds of details that only could come from intimate knowledge of the event and the players including Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. Fact or fantasy? You be the judge. DVD (in paper sleeve).

This program should be viewed in conjunction with Spooks, Hoods, and the Hidden Elite, the testimony of Chauncey Holt, another member of the assassination team.

"Spooks & Files are a must have in any DVD collection regarding JFK. I must have listened/seen each at least 2 dozen times." - Paul Sorge



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