The Freedom Academy
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An historic event will occur over the weekend of (date) in (place).  Delegates will come from many countries to participate, and thousands will view it on the Internet. This is your invitation to attend and, more than that, actually help make it happen. The occasion is the First International Congress of Freedom Force, and the event is the official launch of The Freedom Academy

The purpose of the Academy is to implement the advice given by Sun Tsu, a Chinese warrior and philosopher who, in the year 500 B.C., wrote a treatise called The Art of War. He said:

"If a man knows himself and also knows his opponent, he need not fear a hundred battles. If he knows himself but not his opponent, for every victory, he will suffer a defeat. If he knows neither himself nor his opponent, he will suffer defeat in every battle."

The Freedom Academy will conduct courses in the ideology of freedom (so we will know ourselves) and also in the strategies of collectivism (so we will know our opponent). One of those strategies is to influence the power centers of society (political parties, labor unions, civic organizations, schools, media outlets, etc.) so a small number of leaders can lead the masses through the organizations to which they belong. The Academy will provide instruction in how to counter that tactic by, ourselves, becoming influential within those same or parallel power centers. That's the meaning behind our slogan: "Don't fight city hall when you can BE city hall."

Training programs for the acquisition of political and social power always have been a part of the collectivist agenda. Communists, Nazis, and even Fabian Socialists have built their movements with schools, but there has been nothing like that on the side of liberty, which is the reason modern freedom fighters have suffered "defeat in every battle". The Academy is long overdue. It will become a decisive force for victory over collectivism; and you are invited to participate in its founding.


The World & Everything in It. Friday evening, Oct. 29, 8:00 PM
► G. Edward Griffin will speak on the present economy and the future of money.
► Sherry Peal Jackson will tell of her experience in federal prison for challenging the legality of the income tax.  (More to be announced).  
At the Puritan Mill, 916 Joseph E Lowery Blvd, Atlanta. 30318*  $25.

Learning to Win Saturday, October 30,  9 AM 5 PM.
Numerous speakers and trainers on:
► How to acquire and use political power in the defense of freedom.
► How to counter the Delphi Tactic used by collectivists to lead public discussion groups to pre-determined conclusions.
► How to combat the Squad-Diamond tactic used by collectivists to control public meetings from the audience.
► How to conduct political campaigns and create precinct organizations and more.
At the historic Biltmore Hotel, 817 W. Peachtree St. Atlanta, 30308.*
$300  at the door but $150 before Sept. 25 if bundled with all items (2 for the price of 1).

The Future Starts Here, Banquet, Oct. 30, 7 PM. At the Biltmore.
► G. Edward Griffin delivers keynote address.
► Welcome-home celebration for Sherry Peel Jackson. (More to be announced.)
► Includes an exquisite meal and optional wine.
$150 after Sept 25 but $95 before Sept 25 if bundled with all items.
VIP Table: Be seated at the same table with G. Edward Griffin and/or Sherry Peal Jackson. Stimulating conversation to be sure! Proceeds will be split between Freedom Force International and to help Mrs. Jackson re-start her career.
$250 at any time, but seating is very limited, so don't delay.

View all events on the Internet live or at your convenience. Here is an economical way to acquire the knowledge from this event even if you are unable to attend. It is also a way to support the Academy financially, which will be greatly appreciated by all those who have worked so hard to make it a reality.
$35. If you purchase before Sept. 25, you will receive a free DVD of all proceedings, which you can share with friends and even copy. That, alone, is a $30 extra value.

Bonus: When you select any of the above options, you will receive a free copy of the hardbound edition of the infamous Report from Iron Mountain. We even will pay for shipping (within the U.S.). This item is out of print and in great demand. The current price on Amazon is $49.95.

Everything in one bundle. The best value is when all items are bundled together and ordered well in advance. This includes the Friday-night session, Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, the banquet, DVD, and hardbound copy of The Report from Iron Mountain. Altogether, that is a value of $555.00. However, if your order is placed before Sept. 25, your bundle price will be ...
► With regular banquet table: $300    ► With VIP banquet table: $455


* These locations are about one mile apart. For a list of hotels that we have been told are conveniently located, click here. The historic Biltmore no longer functions as a hotel but as an office building.

For additional information, call 1-800-595-6596


This page is under development. This event is not yet scheduled, and many details must yet be resolved. Please do not attempt to place an order at this time. Thank you.