Unfiltered News: 2007/02/09


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 FEBRUARY 3 through February 9

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Scientists claim brain scans can read intentions. If they say you are a potential terrorist, who can prove them wrong? More power to the state. Guardian 2007 Feb 9 (Cached)

Mexico's human rights record is dismal. Mostly the poor are persecuted.
BBC 2007 Feb 8

Study: Flaxseed oil shown to reduce blood pressure.
News Target 2007 Feb 8

US: Gunmen open fire on illegal immigrants. Three men killed. Several taken hostage.
AOL News 2007 Feb 8

Government lied in border guard case but Ramos & Compean still in prison.
CNN/Dobbs 2007 Feb 8

Ground Zero emergency team worker says: "We were told Building 7 was to be pulled." That means explosives were planted prior to 9/11.
Prison Planets 2007 Feb 8

Cancer risk slashed 50% or more by sunlight, vitamin D, reveal two new studies.
News Target 2007 Feb 8

Canadian tortured in Chinese jail, family says.
Epoch Times 2007 Feb 7

Central banks are becoming gold buyers for first time in 7 years. Price of gold will rise.
GATA 2007 Feb 7

Australian government 'sneaking through national ID card'.
Courier Mail 2007 Feb 7

Scientists and media predicted global cooling crisis only 32 years ago. Here's the proof. Can we trust them now?

Newsweek Posted 2007 Feb 7

US: Officials urged to resign for lie that put loyal border agents in jail.
WND News 2007 Feb 7

US: Pelosi to get Air Force passenger jet for personal use. A reward for political power.
Washington Times 2007 Feb 7

US: Imprisoned border agent assaulted by 5 illegal immigrants. Denied medical treatment.
CFP 2007 Feb 6

U.S. sent pallets of cash to Baghdad. 8.8 billion missing.
Yahoo News 2007 Feb 6

Grape juice as good for the heart as red wine.
News Target 2007 Feb 6

Climate professor says: Global Warming is NOT due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide.
CFP 2007 Feb 5

Threat of climate change more about redistributing wealth than science.
CFP 2007 Feb 5

US: States challenge national driver's license but are powerless to refuse them. Just posturing to look good to voters.
My Way/AP 2007 Feb 4

Florida governor pushes for paper trails for voting machines.
SF Sun Sentinel Posted 2007 Feb 3

Fiat Empire. A great video on the Federal Reserve.
Matrixx Posted 2007 Feb 3

Texas bill would fine parents $500 for missing teacher meetings. They got your kids. Now they're going after you.
CNN Posted 2007 Feb 3

US: Personal savings drops to 74-yr. low. Actually now a negative number. MyWay/AP Posted 2007 Feb 3 (Cached)


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