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This Period: 2006 January 28 - February 3

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US government adopts Fascism and partners with cyber-communications companies - to oppose terrorism, of course.
New American 2006 Feb 3

Video documentary produced by Reality Zone spurs citizens to action against electronic voting machines.
Oneida Dispatch 2006 Feb 2
Video available here.

Why African relief efforts are doomed to fail.
CFP 2006 Feb 1

"Democracy" in the Middle East: Switching terrorist teams.

New American 2006 Feb 1

UN proposes Internet tax but calls it a Digital Solidarity Fund.
CFP 2006 Jan 30

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan joins Chavez at anti-American rally in Venezuela. Has affinity to Leninism.

AP/Santa Barbara NP Posted 2006 Jan 30

Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the official account cannot be true.
Global Research 2006 Jan 29

RFID implant chip can be read at a distance and cloned. Serious identity theft.
Spychips Posted 2006 Jan 28

US: Fed Chairman says taxes not needed for revenue but only for social engineering. Amazingly frank historical document from 1946.
American Affairs Posted 2006 Jan 28

French bank says gold price artificially depressed but soon to break loose and spike 500%.
GATA Posted 2006 Jan 28

Pentagon document reveals plan to fight the Internet as an enemy and, if necessary, knock out global communications.

BBC Posted 2006 Jan 28

Listen to Bush say he saw 1st plane hit Trade Towers while watching TV. But it was not shown on TV. Our analysis here.
Freedom Force Posted 2006 Jan 28

US: Attorney General says Bush can keep using PATRIOT Act powers even if Congress votes "no".

Boston Globe Posted 2006 Jan 28

Mental health linked to diet. BBC Posted 2006 Jan 28 (Cached)

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Unfiltered News: 2006/02/03