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This Period: 2006 February 18 - February 24

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Internet companies admit they help China repress citizens but justify actions on theory they are better off with technology.
US News 2006 Feb 27

Foreign control of US ports is not about terrorism. It's about sovereignty.
Infowars 2006 Feb 23

Florida voting machine logs show thousands of errors and oddities in 2004 election .
Yahoo News 2006 Feb 23

Monsanto breaks promise and now will create terminator seeds. They do not produce a 2nd crop and force farmers to purchase new seeds every year.
Organic Consumers 2006 Feb 22

New police state technology: Implanting GPS-microchips in humans using a sniper rifle.
Global Research 2006 Feb 22

Quack science leads media attack on calcium to convince public that drugs are the only solution to osteoporosis.

News Target 2006 Feb 22

US government whistleblowers say they are persecuted for exposing corruption.
Anti-War 2006 Feb 21

US: Instead of prosecuting officials who break the law, government is preparing to prosecute the whistleblowers who expose the law breakers.
New American 2006 Feb 21

Journal says US Secry of veteran Affairs resigned because was expected to cover up Depleted Uranium illness among US troops.
Free Market News 2006 Feb 21

Greenpeace, Sierra Club conceal scientific data and exaggerate claims of environmental Mercury.
CFP 2006 Feb 21

US government moves public documents into "memory hole." Citizens no longer entitled to know.
New York Times 2006 Feb 20

Rise in UK radiation levels may be caused by depleted uranium used in shells against Iraq. Government denies connection.

Global Research 2006 Feb 19

Study proves that aspartame causes cancer in rats.

Science News 2006 Feb 18

Rumsfeld calls for US global propaganda network - to fight terrorism, of course.
BBC Posted 2006 Feb 18

Bush Administration's war spending nears half-trillion dollars. Americans will pay through massive inflation.
ABC Posted 2006 Feb 18

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Unfiltered News: 2006/02/24