This Period: 2006 February 11 - February 17

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Death by propaganda. Excellent overview of how public attitudes toward health are manipulated by ad-agency techniques. News with Views 2006 Feb 16 (Cached)

Farmer wants to plant trees, is blocked by zoning board. Collectivism gone amok.
OCA 2006 Feb 16

The most profitable companies in US history get $7 billion in government giveaway.
News Observer 2006 Feb 15

Fox News probes coverup of link between fluoridated water and bone cancer by Harvard professor who is paid by toothpaste company. Fox News 2006 Feb 15

1.6 billion tax dollars spent on ‘propaganda’ to build public support of Bush Administration. New Standard 2006 Feb 15 (Cached)

New England Journal of Medicine accuses Merck of deleting important Vioxx information from study.
News Target 2006 Feb 15

Arab-owned American ports? Bush Admin. sees nothing wrong with it.
Washington Times 2006 Feb 15

Carpets can be unhealthy. Bad news about modern living.
OCA 2006 Feb 15

US: Whistleblower says there is another, bigger top-secret surveillance program. Government labels him paranoid.

UPI 2006 Feb 14

US: 'Able Danger' identified 9/ll ringleader 13 times but information was ignored.
Yahoo News 2006 Feb 13

New Internet company launches private lending of real money that could become serious challenge to bank loans. Very encouraging.
C/Net 2006 Feb 13

CIA chief sacked for opposing torture.
Times of London 2006 Feb 12

Billions wasted In Iraq? These shocking examples are but the tip of the iceberg.
CBS 2006 Feb 12

Researcher admits faking study that claimed anti-inflammatory drugs are effective against mouth cancer.
Science News 2006 Feb 11

US: Court reinstates lawsuit challenging constitutionality of electronic voting machines.
Rutgers Posted 2006 Feb 11

US: Nurse charged with sedition for criticizing Bush administration.
Daily Koss Posted 2006 Feb 11

US Congress considers bill that would eliminate third political parties - to eliminate campaign corruption, of course.

Libertarian Party Posted 2006 Feb 11

US trade deficit widened to $65.7 billion in December. Americans will pay every penny of it through inflation.

Bloomberg Posted 2006 Feb 11

US law proposed to ban raising chickens in open air - to stop Bird Flu, of course, but also will stop competition to factory-raised poultry.
Organic Consumers Posted 2006 Feb 11

US: More professors and academicians say official version of 9/11 is contrary to evidence and logic.
Deseret News Posted 2006 Feb 11

UK: Despite popular opposition, Blair does not rule out a British military invasion of Iran.
Global Research Posted 2006 Feb 11

China corners market in rare minerals essential for electronic military equipment. Seeks strategic advantage with minimum cost.
IHT Posted 2006 Feb 11

US: Woman prosecuted for saying "NO" at Bush/Cheney rally. Eugene Weekly Posted 2006 Feb 11 (Cached)

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