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Critics say Bush invented story about thwarted terrorist attack in L.A. to silence opposition to his spying program.
Prison Planet 2006 Feb 10

US: Surveillance company requires employees to be implanted with microchips.
News with Views 2006 Feb 10

Most Guantanamo prisoners are not even accused of hostile acts against US. Many were "sold" by bounty hunters.

Yahoo News 2006 Feb 9

Russian MP says US will attack Iran because nations must wage wars to maintain leadership. That's collectivism.

Prison Planet 2006 Feb 7

US war costs rapidly rising. Will be paid by massive inflation.
Guardian 2006 Feb 7

UN reveals plans for global socialist (collectivist) rule. We have been warned.
CFP 2006 Feb 6

Illnesses & deaths in Philippines linked to gene-altered corn.
Organic Consumers 2006 Feb 6

US: Re-vote in Ohio after touch-screen machines record more votes than voters!
Brad Blog 2006 Feb 6

US telecom companies now cooperate with government to spy on citizens - to fight terrorism, of course.
USA Today 2006 Feb 6

Mexico sent 216 military incursions into US territory within last 10 years.
New American 2006 Feb 5

Coretta King dies after prolonged orthodox treatments in US. Media blames alternative medical clinics in Mexico where she spent 5 days as last resort.
News Target 2006 Feb 4

Pentagon reveals plan for 20 years of war.

Washington Post 2006 Feb 4

US government protects profits of drug companies by seizing less expensive prescription drugs sent in from Canada.

Star Tribune 2006 Feb 4

US: Aetna Insurance Co. loses major dental case in court. "Quackbusters" exposed as agents of medical industry.
Bolen Report Posted 2006 Feb 4

US: Military and Homeland Security further prepares for martial law during Bird Flu pandemic.
DOD Posted 2006 Feb 4

New US detention camps are cause for concern.

Press Telegram Posted 2006 Feb 4

Psychiatrist says his profession tries to convert every common stress into a mental illness.
LA Times Posted 2006 Feb 4

End of the Internet? Communications giants have plans you will not like.
Nation Posted 2006 Feb 4

Kids getting high on "Dust-Off" compressed air which contains deadly chemicals. Some have died.
Snopes Posted 2006 Feb 4

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Unfiltered News: 2006/02/10