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2007 DECEMBER 1 through DECEMBER 7

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US: Psychotropic drug prescriptions to children skyrocket 400% in ten years. FMNN 2007 Dec 7 (Cached)

US: Omaha shooter had history with drugs for depression and ADHD. This is common to many young killers.
News Target
2007 Dec 6

Ron Paul slams global warming 'fearmongering'.
Prison Planet
2007 Dec 6

US: House prices expected to fall 30 pct. Yahoo 2007 Dec 6 (Cached)

US: Promoter of Ron Paul blimp is struggling for funding and may have to cancel project (see below). FMNN 2007 Dec 6 (Cached)

How would you like to fly the Ron Paul blimp? Here's how. RPBlimp 2007 Dec 5 (Cached)

China: More than 29 million people have withdrawn from the Communist Party. Epoch Times 2007 Dec 5 (Cached)

Chinese dissidents establish transitional mainland government in anticipation of fall of Communist Party rule. Epoch Times 2007 Dec 5 (Cached)

Venezuela: Voters reject Chavez's bid for perpetual presidency. Opposition seeks to broaden base. AP 2007 Dec 5 (Cached)

Depression is over-diagnosed and over-treated, says top psychiatrist. News Target 2007 Dec 4 (Cached)

Acne drug officially linked to suicides.
News Target
2007 Dec 3

US: National debt growing by $1 million a minute.
AHN 2007 Dec 3

Russia: Putin's party wins more than 60 % of vote. Foul play suspected. Fox 2007 Dec 3 (Cached)

California Secretary of State says vote machines still cannot be trusted. SFGate 2007 Dec 1 (Cached)

New tasers are coming: wireless and with much greater range. Toronto Star 2007 Dec 2 (Cached)

US: Ron Paul leads in donations from military because they know he is right about Iraq war. Yahoo 2007 Dec 2 (Cached)

Retreat of Artic ice is localized, caused by wind patterns. Overall, it is getting thicker. Heartland Posted 2007 Dec 1 (Cached)
The world would elect Ron Paul.
World Elect Posted 2007 Dec 1

'War Made Easy.' Documentary showing role of media in selling war. Producer is biased to the Left, but story is accurate. MoviesFound Posted 2007 Dec 1 (Cached)

US: Judge is sacked for jailing 46 who refused to tell whose cell phone rang in court. Yahoo Posted 2007 Dec 1 (Cached)

US: Foreclosures up 94 percent.
Money News Posted 2007 Dec 1

Corruption at Florida Republican straw poll. See why Ron Paul failed to win 1st place. YouTube Posted 2007 Dec 1 (Cached)

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DECEPTION WAS MY JOB; The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov,
KGB Propagandist.
Deception Was My Job
Yuri Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, worked for the elite propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Mr. Bezmenov tells how the Soviets used propaganda against their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape.

An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official
Debunking 9/11 DebunkingConspiracy Theory
By David Ray Griffin Almost half of the American people now believe that 9/11 may have been a false-flag operation, engineered by the government to look like the work of an enemy it planned to attack anyway. In the beginning, such a view was unthinkable; but, as more and more evidence has surfaced that contradicts the official version, public opinion has turned. That triggered a spate of reports and books claiming to debunk the evidence. Here is the book that debunks the debunkers. It shows how they have misrepresented data and ignored facts they cannot dispute. This book blows away the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Fiat Empire; The Federal Reserve vs. The ConstitutionFIAT EMPIRE
The Federal Reserve vs. The Constitution

This award-winning documentary shows how the Federal Reserve generates inflation, destabilizes the economy, causes wars, and enriches financial elitists at the expense of the common man. You will learn that the Fed is not a government agency but a banking cartel, and you will understand why many Americans view it as a sophisticated form of organized crime. The DVD is available in two versions: The 60-minute program alone and a 2-disk set including 2 hours of additional testimony from G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Ted Baehr, and Edwin Vieira. (More)

If you are looking for a great way to introduce Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, to your friends, this is it:
A Foreign Policy of Freedom by Hon. Ron Paul
by Hon. Ron Paul.
Here are 93 entries from Ron Paul’s personal journal including hard hitting position statements delivered to Congress from 1976 to the present in which he challenges the foreign- policy errors of both major political parties. Every problem now menacing the survival of the United States is predicted in these pages as the inevitable consequence of abandoning the principles of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. If we are to put an end to terrorism and war, if we are to restore liberty and sovereignty, we must reject the bi-partisan insanity of the past 50 years and rally behind these traditional doctrines. (More)

Tortured In Red ChinaDr. Charles Lee is one of the few political prisoners held in Chinese prisons who has survived to tell about it. After receiving a medical degree in China, he came to the U.S. in 1991. In 2003 he returned to China to proclaim the truth about government persecution of Falun Gong, a non-violent, spiritual movement dedicated to “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance”. He was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison where he was beaten, force-fed, and tortured, which he describes in gruesome detail in this video. (More)

9-11 RIPPLE EFFECT;9-11 Ripple Effetc; Lies, Propaganda, and A Call for Justice Lies, Propaganda, and A Call for Justice
This video documentary is an overview of the evidence that has led many observers to believe that the official version of what happened on 9/11 cannot be true. To condense that massive body of evidence into a mere 90 minutes is a major accomplishment, and the producer, Dave vonKleist, is to be congratulated; but the program also benefits from high production values, dramatic images, and crisp commentary. (More)

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