Click to enlargeDaniel Fertig's Battle

          Daniel Fertig, Ph.D., a teacher of Life Sciences at East Los Angeles Community College, was threatened by the College administrators for several years that he would receive unsatisfactory notices, which could result in a loss of his job, if he continued playing an audio tape entitled The Politics of Cancer Therapy for his students.
          The tape, produced by American Media and distributed by The Reality Zone, presents the history of how the medical schools of America came under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. It is the definitive answer to the perplexing question: “If substances found in nature are effective against cancer, why aren’t they commonly used?” The answer is that substances found in nature cannot be patented, and drug companies are not interested in researching and developing anything they cannot patent. That is why most FDA-approved medicines are man-made concoctions even though there may be more effective, safer, and less expensive ones from Mother Nature.
          The tape was offered as a supplemental study item and no student was required to listen to it. Dr. Fertig played it during his laboratory period, and those who were interested were invited to stay. Most of them did, and many of them acquired copies of the tape for their own use. Some even purchased copies of the book, World without Cancer (sold at the college book store), from which the material was taken.
          The message contained in The Politics of Cancer Therapy was not welcome at East Los Angeles Community College for the past fifteen years, and Dr. Fertig was finally “ordered” to drop it from his course. But he did not cow before the Administration. Putting his career on the line, he stood firm on the grounds that (1) the information in the tape was accurate, (2) it was pertinent to the Life Sciences course he was teaching, (3) it was offered to students on an optional basis, and (4) any attempt to prevent him from playing it would be an infringement on his academic freedom.
          Most of Dr. Fertig’s friends on the teaching staff advised him to cooperate with the Administration and not make waves over such a little thing as an audio tape. But, to Dan, this was not a little thing. He took the matter to the American Federation of Teachers College Guild and asked that they defend his rights. This they did, even though they had little understanding of the deeper issues raised in the tape itself. Eventually, June of 1997, just before the matter was to go to arbitration, and just about everyone with an interest in it (including us here at Reality Zone) submitted statements or was ready to testify regarding the merits of the case, the College Administration settled this issue in Dr. Fertig’s favor!
Congratulations, Dan, not only for winning your case, but especially for your courage and being willing to risk so much in the defense of truth and reality. You are a model for all of us here in the Zone.