From: Shaun Knapp <s.knapp@comcast.net>
Date: July 22, 2008 8:26:52 PM MDT
Subject: Censorship from The History Channel on My Katanga Post

Some of you got my message yesterday dealing with Katanga, the beautiful, productive and prosperous, free Republic in the Congo which was betrayed by wicked Communists in the US Government, and turned over to be destroyed by murderous UN "Peace keeping" forces in the early 1960's.

After watching the video, I noticed a link on Google Video uploaded by the History Channel to Adlai Stevensen, a corrupt liar, who was spewing propaganda dealing with Katanga and the "noble" role of the "UN Peacekeeping" forces in the Congo where butchery of Katangese was taking place.

I went to the History Channel and thought I'd share some "truth." I had my post made, it was visible, I later looked and saw it in the lineup at this URL with 8 views:

(If You Look, Note I Just Reposted, but My Original Post is Gone. Perhaps now my account will be disabled, and my full website too, as my BLOG, will get hacked and go down in flames.)

Anytime I get that 6 minute clip of Ezra Taft Benson out somewhere on-line, harsh and rapid censosrhip follows. Posting a sentence on Joseph McCarthy's Wikipedia web page with a note that Ezra Taft Benson agreed with McCarthy (with a link to Benson speaking of the vast communists in the US State Department, including the first operating Communist cell in government in the Agriculture Department in the 1930's), and boom, immediate deletion of the excerpt. The tainted damnable lies and smear campaign against McCarthy continues, and even honest "leftist" historians today admit that McCarthy was under reporting the numbers of actual communists all over the State Department. (Go listen to a Stephen Pratt Lecture for some references by many historians on this that will blow your mind.)

Digg.com too removes every single post I put up from the lineup so that it can't be voted on---it's automatic that anything I post is shut down, even through multiple accounts.

Google video I don't even attempt to upload to anymore.

Youtube has deleted my account twice, cumulatively hundreds of video's gone from their servers.

Then you read in yesterday's e-mail how Jack Blood played the clip of Ezra Taft Benson on his national radio show after I sent it to him, and what did the GCN Network do? Swapped out that radio show with another one in their subscription archive. That hour where Benson's treason was played never saw the light of day in their archive.

Censorship is alive and well, and the powers of darkness rage against truth, specifically potent and powerfully credible truth such as spoken by Ezra Taft Benson, a man in government at the Presidential Cabinet Level. I would love to have an army of people post like crazy this Ezra Taft Benson clip all over the web. Heaven knows my attempts at distributing it result in so very little accomplished as I am censored by all these cursed sites.

And lastly, it appears I've been hacked, my BLOG is down, a fair amount of time has been spent with technical support to get it up, but to no avail as yet.

My invitation to any of you who want to rile up a seemingly pervasive censorship force, get the Ezra Taft Benson clip below, and post it everywhere. Who knows, it might in time land you on the "No Fly List." And what an honor that would be, if it comes from spreading pure, potent truth, "bringing to light the hidden things of darkness."

Below is what I posted on the History Channel, also attached is a screen capture at my "profile" and notice it has a big "0" for the number of posts made. Abominable censors---though I've reposted anew, we'll see how long that second post will remain.

US Backed, UN Bloodbath Against Free Republic of Katanga

How infuriating to see the vicious propaganda that has taken place. We find this pathetic and awful propaganda by Adeli Stephenson:

Then, the real issue is the truth. What is the first tragedy of war? Truth.

I think the most potent whistle blowing on treason from within that has taken place from as high as Cabinet Level position is from the speech of Ezra Taft Benson from Dwight Eisenhower's Cabinet. Benson was the severely anti-Communist, freedom loving American patriot who detested treason and tyranny. Here is a 7 minute clip where he mentions a string of treason that has taken place.

Here is that clip in text:

"We Americans have strayed far from Sound principles, morally, constitutionally and historically. It has been getting us into a quagmire of trouble all over the world and especially here at home.

"Americans at the grass roots level have sensed that their way of life is being threatened. During the last several years there has been a rising tide of resistance to the prevailing political trend. Compromises with communism abroad and flirtations with socialism at home has stirred up opposition in both political parties. If this has led to disunity, then by all means let us return to a program of sound constitution principles upon which we can unite. There would be no virtue in calling for unity to support certain legislation if the majority of Americans were opposed to it. And the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have at times resisted certain legislation shows that the Executive branch of the Government may get out of step with the people.

"I believe the American people know what they want. It would appear that the people want their civil rights safe guarded, but not a destruction of states rights. The farmers want opportunity for reasonable income security, but not agricultural dictatorship security. Parents want better schools for their children, but not a Federal subsidy leading to control of the teachings and textbooks as well as the ideologies of the children. People want sound, pay as you go spending, with a balanced budget, not reckless spending with tax cuts with an unbalanced budget. If there is a need for Urban renewal, people want it under local direction, not under the red tape of Washington Bureau's armed with confiscatory powers over property. People want the development of power dams, but not the strangulation of privately owned power companies which have proven far more efficient and economic than utilities run by the government. In other words, there are some legitimate functions and services which the Federal Government can and should provide, but those who want the federal power to exceed the authority delegated to it by the Constitution will be resisted both by Democrats and Republicans. This is what has been happening in some limited areas today. May the trend increase. And anyone who tires to equate this love of constitutional principles as meaning hatred for our national leaders is using Goebbels style deception. History has already demonstrated that conservative opposition to national leaders was not hate, but an attempt to do them a favor. Let me give you some examples.

"Was it hate when General Albert C. Wedimier pleaded with General Marshal and President Truman to reverse their policy before they lost China? Was it hate when Whittacker Chambers tried to warn President Roosevelt in 1939 that Alger Hiss had been giving the Soviet Union more espionage data than any other member of the Washington spy network? Was it hate when J. Edgar Hoover tried to warn President Truman that Harry Dexter White was a member of the Soviet Spy apparatus and was doing great danger to the nation as assistant secretary of the Treasury? Was it hate when I went to the Secretary of State under President Eisenhower and pleaded with him not to support the communist Fidel Castro? Was it hate when I urged the President of the United States to go to the aid of the brave freedom fighters in Hungary? Was it hate when the Democratic Senator, from Connecticut, Thomas Dodd, pleaded for two years with the president not to support the United Nations blood bath against the free people of Katanga? Is it hate when distinguished military leaders advise at an all out effort could end the Vietnam struggle almost overnight?

"This list of acts by well meaning citizens who want and wanted to prevent their presidents from making serious mistakes, could be extended at length, but they would all illustrate the same point. History will show that many terrible mistakes occurred because the advice by these well informed and well meaning citizens was not heeded. Therefore I repeat, this kind of resistance to a national leader is rooted in love and respect, not hate. Regardless of which political party is in power, you do not want to see your president make a serious blunder, you don't want him to lose China. You don't want him to allow the enemy agents to make fools of us. You don't want him to lose Cuba. You don't want him to suffer the humiliation of a Bay of Pigs disaster, or allow a Soviet Gibraltar to be built 90 miles from our shores. Every one of these events which have been so disastrous and which have destroyed freedom for hundreds of millions of our allies could have been prevented, and the voices of those who tried to warn Washington of what was coming cannot be attributed to hate. It has been out of a love for our country and respect for our leaders that the voice of warning has been raised. What causes one to wonder is why these warnings were not carefully considered and acted upon. Why is it that men in high places in government, regardless of party, have been deceived? I am convinced that a major part of the cause can be justly laid at the door of the socialistcommunist conspiracy, which is led by masters of deceit, who deceive the very elect."

Then, something the vicious Traitors filling the US State Department and who infest the US Government don't want shared, is this video found here:

This video will make the lover of freedom, liberty, and human dignity weep. This is history that will never find itself into your damned government textbook.