Unfiltered News: 2007/08/31


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 August 25 through AUGUST 31

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China: 77 year-old woman near death after torture in prison for defending human rights and practicing her religion.
Epoch Times 2007 Aug 30

Judge orders We The People web site to shut down and turn over names of all who purchased materials about illegality of income tax.
NY Times 2007 Aug 30

Who's profiting from the Iraq war? 10 stocks to buy or dump, depending on your ethics.
MSN Money 2007 Aug 29

US: Mexican trucks to begin crossing border Saturday with approval of government.
NBC San Diego 2007 Aug 29

Pentagon reluctant to use microwave weapon for Iraq crowd control because of public perception.
USA Today 2007 Aug 29

New study shows that most published scientists do NOT endorse global warming theory.
EPW 2007 Aug 29

US: FBI now can tap into any land-line or cell phone conversation with a mere click of the mouse.
Wired 2007 Aug 29

Google censors another 9/11 documentary.

InfoWars 2007 Aug 29

Vaccine marketing calls for cervical cancer vaccinations for young boys!
News Target 2007 Aug 29

China: Government downloads cartoon police figures into computers to warn against visiting forbidden web sites.
Yahoo 2007 Aug 28

France: Violent confrontations spread between opponents and supporters of genetically modified crops.
Independent 2007 Aug 27

Whistleblowers who expose war profiteers and corruption in government are fired, vilified, imprisoned, even tortured.
MSNBC 2007 Aug 25

Canada: Undercover police accused of attempting to trigger violence at summit demonstration to justify use of tear gas.

The Star Posted 2007 Aug 25

IRS offers rewards for information leading to the conviction of citizens for violation of tax laws.
IRS Posted 2007 Aug 25

US: Get braced for $15 million TV ad campaign to sell war in Iraq.
Washington Post Posted 2007 Aug 25

Soft Drink Sweetener Linked to Diabetes in Kids.
Consumer Affairs Posted 2007 Aug 25

600 physicians, dentists, scientists and environmentalists Call for an End to Fluoridation.

Dr. Mercola Posted 2007 Aug 25

Leaders meet to discuss secret second phase of NAFTA.
Americas Program Posted 2007 Aug 25

US: government threatens retaliation against states that reject REAL ID. Schneier Posted 2007 Aug 25 (Cached)

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