Unfiltered News: 2007/08/17


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 August 11 through AUGUST 17

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China tightens control over media to prevent "false news" which is anything critical of the Communist government. China Post 2007 Aug 16 (Cached)

Feds train clergy to use the Bible to convince public to not resist martial law.
Prison Planet 2007 Aug 16

US: Large mortgage lender forced to borrow $11.5 billion from banks to stay afloat. Now banks are exposed to loss from real estate bubble.
WTOP 2007 Aug 16

US: Government to use super technology to "see" into people's homes - to protect us, of course.
Washington Post 2007 Aug 16

Global warming scientists fudge data to make their case.
CFP 2007 Aug 16

China: Government launches program to monitor every citizen, even outdoing UK. Collectivism is same everywhere.
Telegraph 2007 Aug 16

US: A stirring message from a Ron Paul group in Medford, Oregon. This is happening everywhere.
You Tube 2007 Aug 16

Wikipedia articles have been secretly altered by CIA, Vatican, Diebold, and others.
BBC 2007 Aug 15

Omega-3 supplements eliminate ADD, ADHD and bipolar disorder in children.
News Target 2007 Aug 15

US: Prices of key foods soaring into double-digit inflation.
Charlotte Observer 2007 Aug 14

Study shows clear benefit of vitamins E and C for preventing heart attacks - but mainstream media is loyal to pharmaceutical industry and falsifies findings.
News Target 2007 Aug 14

Ohio election officials violated court order, destroyed 1.6 million 2004-election ballots.
Cincinnati Enquirer 2007 Aug 12

China follows lead of UK and US by installing 20,000 surveillance cameras to track citizens. More to come.
NY Times 2007 Aug 12

Error found in NASA climate data. Warmest year on record now is 1934, not 1998. Global warming?
Daily Tech Posted 2007 Aug 11

Tension grows between US soldiers and mercenaries.

TruthOut 2007 Aug 11

When in the Course of Human Events. Excellent video promotion for Ron Paul campaign.

You Tube Posted 2007 Aug 11

CT heart scans linked to increased cancer risk, especially among the young. Science News Posted 2007 Aug 11

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9-11 RIPPLE EFFECT;9-11 Ripple Effetc; Lies, Propaganda, and A Call for Justice Lies, Propaganda, and A Call for Justice
This video documentary is an overview of the evidence that has led many observers to believe that the official version of what happened on 9/11 cannot be true. To condense that massive body of evidence into a mere 90 minutes is a major accomplishment, and the producer, Dave vonKleist, is to be congratulated; but the program also benefits from high production values, dramatic images, and crisp commentary. (More)

PSYCHIATRY; Psychiatry An Industry of DeathAN INDUSTRY OF DEATH
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This HBO documentary nails the coffin of electronic voting machines. Follow investigative reporters and their hidden cameras as they probe the deep secrets of how computerized voting systems are designed to be hacked. You will see computer programmers walk up to systems that their manufacturers claim are tamper proof and, with only a few keystrokes on the computer, switch votes from one candidate to the other with no evidence left behind. (More)

BUILDING WELLNESS WITH DMG Building Wellness with DMG to Combat Cancer, Autism, and Cardiovascular Disease
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Salt Your Way to Health
A low-salt diet is good for you if you have high-blood pressure. WRONG! Says Dr. Brownstein. Here are the reasons for his view. He shows the errors that led early researchers to believe that low salt intake would reduce blood pressure and then presents studies showing a 400% increase in heart attacks among hypertension patients on a low-salt diet. He also shows the value of unrefined salt in combating Thyroid and Adrenal disorders. (More)

Here is the hard scientific proof that:
Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and EnvironmentalismThe Earth has been hotter than it is now.
Only a tiny portion of greenhouse gases are man-made.
Most of Antarctica is getting colder.
The media only recently abandoned the "global cooling" scare.
Global warming has not made hurricanes worse.
Here are the facts to counter the global warming junk science that is being used to scare people into accepting the expansion of government. (More)

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