Audio Cassettes

Some of our best audios predate the CD era and have not yet been converted to the latest format, but they are still whopping good programs. Also, we still have some cassesttes left for many programs that have been released in CD format. If you are able to play audio cassettes, this collection is well worth your attention. Convert them to your favorite digital format.

BlunderBlunderA lecture by G. Edward Griffin.
The New World Order has become the operational slogan of the political elite. It is the code word for world government. There is evidence that this drive is the historical outgrowth of a conspiracy to control the world. Mr. Griffin temporarily sets aside that evidence and begins with the hypothesis that there are no hidden forces. Even if that were true, he shows that the present movement to convert the UN into a world government would be the biggest blunder of the ages. 90 min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Cancer & The American DietCancer & The American DietBy Adelle Davis.
A famous nutritionist tells how certain vitamins and minerals are a bulwark against cancer; how the typical diet is deficient in these factors; how the addition of chemicals to foods is a cause of cancer; and how to overcome their effects. 45-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Capitalist Conspiracy (Audio)Capitalist Conspiracy (Audio)Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin. The soundtrack adaption of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world. 48-min. audio cassette, not CD.

Catacylsm From Space (audio cassette)Catacylsm From Space (audio cassette)A lecture by Donald W. Patten.
It would be difficult to enter into an informed discussion on such topics as Earth History, the Biblical Flood, Evolution, or Creation itself without knowledge of the facts and theories presented in this program. 60-min. Audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Colostrum - Nature's Antibody Against CancerColostrum - Nature's Antibody Against CancerA lecture by Jack Megason.
Colostrum, found in mother's milk, contains the antibodies which establish the child's immune system. When extracted from cow's milk and taken by adults, it produces interferon and peroxidase inside the body, which may explain the dramatic recovery of many cancer patients. Includes brief case histories. 30 min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Control Diabetes Without InsulinControl Diabetes Without InsulinA lecture by Kurt W. Donsbach, Ph.D.
The traditional treatment for diabetes is the injection of insulin. But the founder of Donsbach University, School of Nutrition, tells how to stimulate the body into producing more of its own insulin by a combination of exercise, supplemental zinc, and a readily available substance called GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). This combination allows many diabetics to reduce their need for artificial insulin or to eliminate it altogether. Specialized nutrition is the key. 45 min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Control for CancerControl for CancerA lecture by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr.
The discoverer of Laetrile presents a biochemist's view of the origin of cancer and how nature attempts to control it with a substance called amygdalin. When it is purified and concentrated for cancer therapy, it is called Laetrile. A classic. 60-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Grand Design (Audio)Grand Design (Audio)A lecture by G. Edward Griffin. There is a Grand Design which has been the directing force behind every U.S. foreign-policy move since World War II. 76-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Healing Power of Garlic (audio cassette)Healing Power of Garlic (audio cassette)A lecture by Morton Walker, M.D.
Dr. Walker reviews the medicinal properties of this amazing herb, now available without odor. It is an antibiotic against colds and infections; an anti-inflammatory against arthritis; an immune stimulant against cancer; a chelator to remove cholesterol, toxic metals, and radiation; a relaxant to relieve stress and hypertension; and a nutrient against anemia. 25-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

How Not to Get Aids from Your DoctorHow Not to Get Aids from Your DoctorA lecture by Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. How AIDS can be caused by drugs. Why it's no longer safe to go to your doctor. Not only can you get aids, but many other doctor-transmitted diseases. 45-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

HypoglycemiaHypoglycemiaHow to Recognize It & How to Control It. A lecture by Harvey M. Ross, M.D. A practicing psychologist tells how he discovered that many of his patients' mental disorders were caused, not by psychological weakness or trauma, but by simple dietary deficiencies. Shows how nutrition can help control it. 45-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

New Hope for  Alzheimer'sNew Hope for Alzheimer'sA lecture by H. Richard Casdorph, M.D., Ph.D. Its cause (mainly too much exposure to aluminum in cooking ware, deoderants, etc.) and treatment. 45-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.

Nutrition for Your ArteriesNutrition for Your ArteriesA lecture by Kurt W. Donsbach, Ph.D.
One of the first nutritionists to recognize the importance of anti-oxidants in the prevention of arterial disease. 45-min. audio cassette, not CD. On sale.