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William E. Mayer Mind Control, The Ultimate Weapon. A lecture by Maj. William Mayer. The Korean War was the first time in history that American prisoners never tried to escape - in spite of the fact that there were few guards and no prison walls. Most of them collaborated with their captors and informed on each other. They had been programmed into such apathy and distrust that they lost the capacity to resist. These same techniques are now being used against us all, not by a foreign enemy, but by our own institutions. The goal is a passive population incapable of resisting authority. 82 min.

Beverly Eakman Why We Need Separation of School and State. How and why government schools are twisting the minds of our kids. A lecture by Beverly K. Eakman. The reason academic standards are so low in public schools is because the goal of federal and state planners is no longer to educate, but to indoctrinate - not to prepare children to think and reason, but to become docile workers in a global socialist society. 58 min.

G. Edward Griffin and justice lecture The Perfect Tax. If there ever could be such a thing, this is it. An address by G. Edward Griffin. This brilliant tax plan was used successfully to finance the United States government for 137 years. Explains the real reason we have an income tax (it is not to raise revenue for the government) and exposes the hidden dangers of a flat tax, national sales tax, value-added tax, and other so-called tax-reform proposals. 42 min.

Audio Archives Volume IV

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