Unfiltered News: 2007/04/20


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 APRIL 14 through APRIL 20

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US: Military leaders question government version of 9/11.
GW Blog 2007 Apr 19

US: New program launched that slashes mortgage-interest by more than half. It really works.
Reality Zone 2007 Apr 18

Southern U.S. town with law that requires every family to own a gun has very low crime rate. Yahoo/Reuters 2007 Apr 18

EU: Globalists now plan to create European super state without allowing citizens to vote on it.

Info Wars 2007 Apr 18

Are antidepressant drugs an accomplice in the Virginia Tech shootings?
News Target 2007 Apr 18

US: In reaction to Virginia shooting where no one was armed to stop the killer, Tennessee moves to allow guns in public buildings.
Knox News 2007 Apr 18

EU defends freedom of opinion but wants 3 years in prison for anyone who denies or trivializes the Holocaust.
Info Wars 2007 Apr 18

US: Record breaking freezes destroy fruit crops in Southeast. No doubt someone will blame it on global warming.
FMNN 2007 Apr 17

US: 'Students should be allowed guns on campus to defend themselves' argue gun lobby.
Daily Mail 2007 Apr 17

California: Bill for mandatory vaccination of young girls passes committee. Lobbying by Big Pharma about to pay off.
Capital Resource 2007 Apr 17

US: Princeton economist predicts 40 million high-skill jobs to be outsourced to other countries - as policy of US government.
Seattle Times 2007 Apr 17

Push for energy-saving fluorescents ignores mercury hazards. New bulbs are dangerous.
WND 2007 Apr 16

US: Cost of gasoline rises for 11th straight week. A good measure of inflation.
MSNBC 2007 Apr 16

US: Federally funded groups want to revamp the Internet so it will be easier to track users.
Info Wars 2007 Apr 16

US: Food imports rarely inspected. Those that are often are found to be unsafe.
MSNBC 2007 Apr 16

US: Campus gun ban disarmed Virginia victims.
Prison Planet 2007 Apr 16

Russia: 2,000 demonstrators defy riot police to protest against Putin.
Guardian 2007 Apr 15

"Improbable Collapse; The Demolition of our Republic." An excellent presentation of evidence of controlled demolition on 9/11.
Adam Star/Google Posted 2007 Apr 14

US: Call to action for truckers and drivers to slow down traffic in Federal and state capitals to protest North American Union.
Aaron Russo 2007 Apr 14

US: Beware! Most "organic" milk is far from it.
Dr. Mercola Posted 2007 Apr 14

US currently supports at least 3 terrorist groups. A war on terror needs terrorists.

Washington Monthly Posted 2007 Apr 14

Mexico's top crime family active in US.

CFP Posted 2007 Apr 14

US: Professor who criticized Bush was added to "no-fly" list.
Balkin Posted 2007 Apr 14

US: Airman burned in test of supposedly non-lethal crowd-control weapon. 11Alive Posted 2007 Apr 14 (Cached)

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