Unfiltered News: 2007/04/13


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G. Edward Griffin
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2007 APRIL 7 through APRIL 13

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Russia to launch new nuclear submarine with 10 warheads and 5000 mile range. RusNet 2007 Apr 13 (Cached)

North Dakota bans forced RFID - but will federal government override?
Prison Planet 2007 Apr 13

US: Spring snowstorm blankets upper Midwest. Global warming is late this year.
My Way 2007 Apr 12

US: Heavy crop losses from record-breaking freeze in Southeast. Global warming alarmists are silent.

Yahoo News 2007 Apr 12

US: Covert disruption attacks launched against health-freedom groups.
News Target 2007 Apr 11

Globalists envision another 9/11 crisis as great for creating climate for North American Union.

Canadian 2007 Apr 11

US: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as "drugs".
News Target 2007 Apr 11

480 US nuclear warheads in Europe.
Press TV 2007 Apr 10

Why conventional doctors cannot solve your chronic health problem.
News Target 2007 Apr 10

New software tells government how you voted.

Black Box Voting 2007 Apr 9

UK: Government report foresees rebellion of the middle class, flashmobs, and brain chips.

Guardian 2007 Apr 9

US: Professor who criticized Bush added to terrorist 'no-fly' list.
Raw Story 2007 Apr 9

India: Millions of farmers join lawsuit against Monsanto & Biotech over genetically modified organisms in crops.

Organic Consumers 2007 Apr 9

UK: ‘Millions to rebel’ over ID cards.
Times Online 2007 Apr 8

Did the US really go to the moon? We think so, but here is a view to the contrary.
Last Outpost 2007 Apr 7

Canada votes against renewal of anti-terrorism [and anti-liberty] act.
Think Moderate 2007 Apr 7

US government proposes to allow food labels to describe irradiation as "pasteurized".
Breitbart Posted Apr 7

Ron Paul announces his candidacy for President and answers questions from callers.
CSPAN Posted 2007 April 7

US to call up 12,000 more National Guard for Iraq.

ABC Posted 2007 April 7

Kissinger (CFR member) says military victory in Iran not possible. [Victory has never been the goal.]

Herald Tribune Posted 2007 April 7

Homeland Security wants master key for the Internet secured sites - to fight terrorism, of course.

Inquirer Posted 2007 April 7

Bush say military commanders came up with the concept of a surge in Iraq - but in fact they all opposed it.

America Blog Posted 2007 April 7

Florida police arrest activist for feeding homeless without a permit. Collectivism gone amok. Reuters Posted 2007 April 7 (Cached)

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