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This Period: 2006 April 1 - April 7

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China: Massive database on 96% of population ensures Big Brother is watching - to fight crime, of course. Reuters 2006 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: New accounting rules requiring honesty in reporting value of pension funds would wipe out many companies.

The Ledger 2006 Apr 7

Food wrap linked to prostate cancer.

Times Online Posted 2006 Apr 7

US: Bush administration plans to build 125 new nuclear weapons every year.
LA Times 2006 Apr 6

UK: Protest called terrorism. Two grandmothers arrested.
Independent 2006 Apr 6

US: Libby says Bush personally authorized leaking classified information to help 'sell' war.
National Journal 2006 Apr 6

Drug industry spends millions lobbying to keep prices artificially high.
Reuters 2006 Apr 6

Poland forbids genetically modified foods.

Organic Consumers 2006 Apr 6

Massachusetts to make health insurance mandatory. Collectivism wins. Freedom-of-choice loses.
Yahoo 2006 Apr 5

Chinese Communist Party brings murder and terrorism to US.
New American 2006 Apr 5

FCC chairman urges removal of ban against all media outlets in community being controlled by one owner.

Chicago Business 2006 Apr 4

Chavez takes controlling interest of oil fields to fund anti-US campaign.
Telegraph 2006 Apr 4

Chávez says will peg oil at $50 a barrel. Likely propaganda rather than real intent.
Guardian 2006 Apr 3

US: Congressman makes sense on the immigration question.
Ron Paul 2006 Apr 3

UK: The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden. Collectivist regimes are all the same.

Guardian 2006 Apr 3

Blair launches FBI-style crime squad - to fight organized crime, of course.
Guardian 2006 Apr 3

Pentagon plans total control over global communications including Internet, telephone, radio, and TV - to fight terrorism, of course.
Sunday Herald 2006 Apr 2

US: Whistleblower says government agency that investigates fraud in other agencies has covered up massive fraud.

Journal Now 2006 Apr 2

US: The job is not done until China is out of the port in Long Beach.
News with Views 2006 Apr 2

US trying to create a bird flu virus that will transmit to humans - to know how to treat it, of course.

Washington Post Posted 2006 Apr 1

WTO weighs in on side of genetically modified food and will force them on all nations.
Global Research Posted 2006 Apr 1

Why drugs don't make you healthy.
News Target Posted 2006 Apr 1

US: TV stations using commercial propaganda disguised as news stories. PR Watch Posted 2006 Apr 1 (Cached)

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Unfiltered News: 2006/04/07