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This Period: 2006 April 15 - April 21

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US media ignores Mexican gov't brutality of its own immigrants. News with Views 2006 Apr 21 (Cached)

US: Woman arrested for speaking freely after Bush calls for " speak freely."
Atwood 2006 Apr 20

It's a myth that bones and body parts wear out with use.

News Target 2006 Apr 20

Venezuela: Chavez begins training civilian militia. Dual purpose is to oppose invasion and control dissident citizens.

News Max 2006 Apr 19

Group says Yahoo gave China information used to jail third user.
SFGate 2006 Apr 19

United States of North America. Here is the globalists' plan.

New American 2006 Apr 18

UK: Parliament considers bill to eliminate its control over government. Freedom dies quietly.
Global Research 2006 Apr 17

Short course on the vital role of pH in your health.

Health Lies Exposed 2006 Apr 16

US: Mexican aliens adopt revolutionary rhetoric. Seek to retake 'stolen' land.
Washington Times 2006 Apr 16

US: The planned civil war in America. This is no joke.

Sierra Times Posted 2006 Apr 15

US: IRS asks PayPal for help finding taxpayers hiding income offshore.
Mercury News 2006 Apr 15

US: Proposed law to protect against voting machine fraud is, itself, a fraud.
Black Box Voting Posted 2006 Apr 15

US: Program to tag farm animals with RFID chips raises objections.
New Farm Posted 2006 Apr 15

While Earth Day will feature speakers claiming the Earth is doomed, in truth it is slowly getting cleaner.

Investors Posted 2006 Apr 15

US: Laws gaining support for government to track surfing activity of customers - to combat child pornography, of course.
C/Net Posted 2006 Apr 15

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Unfiltered News: 2006/04/21