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UK: Soldier who refused 3rd Iraq tour because he views the war as illegal and immoral is sentenced to 8 months in prison.
Chronicle 2006 Apr 13

Illegal immigrants viewed by collectivist politicians as new voting bloc.
CFP 2006 Apr 13

US State Dept that said Iraq could launch WMDs in 45 minutes now says Iran could produce nuclear bomb in 16 days.

Bloomberg 2006 Apr 12

Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence.
WSJ 2006 Apr 12

US: Company donates $10,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaign and gets her help in obtaining hundreds of millions in federal subsidy for its technology.
NY Times 2006 Apr 12

US: FBI agent warned superiors 70 times about Moussaoui but was blocked from above.
New American 2006 Apr 12

US: Organizer of rally of illegal immigrants tied to Marxist-Leninist party.
Washington Times 2006 Apr 11

US: Organizers of illegal immigrants plan national strike on May Day, same date honored by Leninists worldwide.

Breitbart 2006 Apr 11

US: Village Councilman refuses to take oath of office because his loyalty is to Constitution, not government.
NC Gazette 2006 Apr 11

Drugs companies 'inventing diseases to boost their profits'.

Times Online 2006 Apr 11

US: Many Latino leaders openly hate America and advocate conquest of Southwestern US.
Investors 2006 Apr 10

Experts say antidepressant drugs cause suicides instead of preventing them.
News Target 2006 Apr 10

Third retired general regrets role in war. Wants Rumsfeld out.

NY Times 2006 Apr 10

Top UK brass plan for US strike on Iran timed to presidential election cycle.
Global Research 2006 Apr 10

World continues to divide into two opposing camps as Venezuela draws closer to Iran.
Washington Times 2006 Apr 10

Danger of more than three cups of coffee depends on your metabolism.
E Club 2006 Apr 10

US: E-voting 2006, the approaching train wreck.
Vote Trust 2006 Apr 10

Genetically engineered foods: Not a healthy choice.

Organic Consumers 2006 Apr 8

US: New ports fiasco: Letting Communist China screen for nukes!.
New American Posted 2006 Apr 8

Codex: Much more than an attack on freedom to use vitamins. It includes mandatory use of drugs.
SDA Defend Posted 2006 Apr 8

US: Sign this petition to stop FDA from giving Codex power to take away your vitamins. FDA needs to be cleaned up but this may slow them down. The Petition Posted 2006 Apr 8 (Cached)

US: Al Gore treats global warming as old-time religion. Uses appeal to morality as excuse for control.
Investors Posted 2006 Apr 8

Warrantless Wiretaps Possible in US.

Washington Post Posted 2006 Apr 8

The amazing health benefits of ocean vegetables.
Cure Zone Posted 2006 Apr 8

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Unfiltered News: 2006/04/14