Because of the popularity of these stories, we have brought them all together in one place for your repeat enjoyment.

Incredible peole. Click and be amazed.

Bringing the cat home. Click and be amazed.

Robot boy, made 140 years ago by a clockmaker, can be programmed to write any message. Click and be amazed.
  World's longest basketball shot.
       Click and be amazed.


The effect of energy frequencies on matter.
Click and be amazed.

6-year-old YoYo Campion. Click and be amazed.

See ancient craftsmanship still producing
beautiful clay mosaics. Click and be amazed.


Witness the incredible journey of Rover (man's observation robot) to Mars. Click and be amazed.

Repairing lightning rods on the Christ-the-Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Click and be amazed.

Amazing! This smart-phone app translates
foreign signs into your language in real time.

Amazing! This could revolutionize basketball.

Glass-Wing Butterfly. Nature is amazing.  Click to enlarge.

             Amazing talent. Amazing humor. Click here.

        The amazing nature of numbers.  Click to enlarge.

Ospreys are incredible fishermen. Click and be amazed.

Watch this bicycle leave the Ferrari in the dust.
Click and be amazed.


  Click and watch an amazing craftsman make Christmas trees from a single block of wood.

The amazing Tule Tree, one of the ten largest trees in the world. Click to enlarge

The amazing Roller Coaster Tree. Click to enlarge

This keyboard art
just caught my eye at the bottom of an incoming email and made me think we ought to collect these amazing gems to share with our readers, so here is the first one. It's from Dr. Moira Drosdovech. Send us your favorites.

These amazing truck painters never run out of ideas.
Click to enlarge.


No, it's not what it seems. These truck painters are amazing. Click to enlarge.


The 2014 Cameron Air Show. Click and be amazed.

Sky Dancers. Click and be amazed.

Won Park is a master at origami, using dollar bills. Click and be amazed at the life-like shapes and stunning details.

An acrobat and champion tumbler ˗ with no legs? 
Click and be amazed and inspired.

Those truck painters are still at it.
Click to enlarge.

Those truck painters never give up.
Click to enlarge.

Find the animal if you can. Click to enlarge.

It's called dressage (a demonstration of high-level horse training).
Click and be amazed.

Gorilla reunion.
Click and be amazed.

Extreme biking.
Click and be amazed.

Cirque du Soleil at its best.
Click and be amazed.

Amazing sculptures made from thousands of sheets of paper folded together.
Click to see how they can be stretched and twisted.

Transformation! It's amazing what a little care and kindness can do.
Click to be moved.

Incredible stunts! Click to be amazed.

Instant acrophobia!
Click to enlarge.

Hula Hoop girl. Click and be amazed.

Water bridge in Germany. You've seen it all now.

Click to enlarge.


The biggest vegetables in the world are grown in Alaska. How does this man do it? Click and be amazed.

Amazing card magic. Click and be amazed.

The most amazing globe balancer. Click and be amazed.

It looks like a parrot but look closely. Amazingly, it's a painted woman! Click to enlarge.


There's got to be a better way to get there.
Click to enlarge.


Who says man cannot fly? Click and be amazed.

An amazing illusion in Paris. Click to enlarge.


Cockatoo Disco Dancer. Click and be amazed.

They are called Finger Monkeys, but they are not monkeys at all. Click to see and learn more.


Skywalking at Mt. Nimbus, Canada Click to enlarge.


Oh, those truck painters! Click to enlarge.


Camping at Yosemete! Click to enlarge.


Climbing a frozen waterfall. Truly amazing!
Click to enlarge.


No, the bottle is not sticking out. In fact, the truck is filled with cases of beer. Amazing! Click to enlarge.


Even more amazing than the action between hawk and squirrel is the movie making. How did they film this?
Click to see the chase.


Amazing carving that extends over an entire tree trunk. Click to see the rest of it.


Extreme rock climbing. Amazing!  Click to enlarge.


Extreme skiing at Grand Targhee, Wyoming. Amazing!  Click to enlarge.


An amazing underground church in Poland made from solid salt. Click to take the tour.

Extreme picnicking. Truly amazing. Click to enlarge.

Amazing human mosaic.

Indoors tropical beach resort in Germany. 
Click and be amazed.

Inseparable friends. Amazing. Click to enlarge.

British climber, John Roberts, in South Africa. Amazing. Click to enlarge.

Amazing sand art. Click to enlarge.

Video from a remote-control toy helicopter. Niagra Falls as you hope you never actually see it. Click and enjoy.

9-year-old girl sings an aria by Puccini. An amazing talent. Click and enjoy.

Amazing Grinning Monkey Orchids.
Click to enlarge.

Mind over machine. It's here!
Click and be amazed.

After seeing what Richie Parker can do, you'll never make an excuse again. Click and be amazed.

Bike trail on the Cliffs of Moher. Amazing but foolhardy. Click to enlarge.

  Interspecies friendships. Click and be amazed.

14-year-old builds working nuclear reactor in garage.
Click and be amazed.

Great music from fingers on glass rims.
Click and be amazed.  

Maybe the best illusion you have ever seen.
Click and be amazed.

Is this amazing or what? Click to enlarge.

Glacierboarding' Is this amazing or what?
Click to enlarge.

Ron Finley of South Central Los Angeles started growing food forests on curbsides, vacant lots, and traffic medians to combat low quality food in poverty-stricken areas. [He says that growing your own food is like printing your own money.] Click and be amazed.

Woman walks a rope between two speeding trucks headed for a split tunnel. Click and be amazed.

A flashmob opera in a grocery store? Singing Funiculì, Funiculà? It happened at the John Lewis Food hall in Waitrose, UK. Click and be amazed.

Some would call this a death wish. Amazing!
Click to enlarge.

5 year-old plays piano for 101 year-old.
Click and be amazed.

Jumpy the Dog. Click and be amazed.

86-year old gymnast. (So, what's your excuse?)
Click and be amazed?

Three young men met online and decided to sing together.
A few weeks later, this is how they sounded.
Click and be amazed

A flash mob in an Amsterdam shopping mall recreates a Rembrandt paining called The Night Watch.
Click and be amazed.

Two workers in a sandwich shop sing
The Impossible Dream. Click and be amazed.

Incredible feat of balance. Don't miss the end.
Click and be amazed.

See how they made the music for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Click and be amazed.

Don't worry. The bus is real, but the snake is only a painting. To see an enlargement plus six amazing painted trucks,
click here.


This amazing fellow is a traffic stopper. Click to enlarge.

These beavers really perform for the camera.
Click and be amazed.

This is skipping rope? Click and be amazed.

Extreme sports taken to the extreme! Click and be amazed.

No one can balance rocks like this. It can't be done – or can it? Click and be amazed.

No one can balance (and jump around) on cylinders – except these guys. Click and be amazed.

You would never think that this couple would win a singing contest, but ... Click and be amazed.

Watch the largest movement of glacial ice ever recorded. Nature is awesome.
Click and be amazed.

A model airport – with trucks that cross the tarmac and planes that take off and land!
Click and be amazed.

Aimee Mullins: Changing my legs and my mindset, 1998 (Click and be amazed)
Aimee Mullins: eleven years later
(Click and be further amazed)

An orchestra for kids with instruments made from trash? Click and be amazed.

How does this mind reader know so much about you?
Click and find out.


This is one handy little dog. Click and be amazed.

An owl and a cat at play! You'll probably never have a chance to see this in a thousand lifetimes. Click and enjoy.

The ultimate fisherman. That fish must weigh as much as the bird! Watch the Osprey shake off water like a dog. Click and be amazed.

Kitten and pit bull. Click and enjoy this friendly rough-house

Ray Bethell, from Vancouver, BC, is the best multiple kite-flyer in the world. Watch him control three kites in a ballet set to The Flower Duet from Leo Delibes' opera, Lakme, Click and enjoy.

Structural engineers by instinct. Click and be amazed.

How many people does it take to move a barn?
Click and see.


Amazing pumpkin carvings by Ray Villafane.
Click and be amazed.


They really did save a whale. Click and be amazed.

Starlings outmaneuver falcon. Click and be amazed.

Moving the Ghirardi Compton Oak. Click and be amazed.

Flyboarding! What won't they think of next?
Click and be amazed.


Amazing flyboys from South Africa. Click and be amazed.

It's hard to believe that this pianist is only five years old.
Click and see for yourself.


You have never seen any human interact with animals like this ranger in Lanseria, South Africa. Click and see for yourself.

Olympic dog! Click to see the action.

What's a flash orchestra? Well, here it is – carefully planned, no doubt, but amazing just the same. Click to see the action.

Watch this man run a lathe with a bow and string and carve chess pieces with his foot!

The beauty of flowers in birth.

Motocyclist, Robbie Madison, acheives the impossible by leaping to the ledge of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas . He was paid $2 million but says he would not do it again for any amount. Click and be amazed.

Amazing ladies on monocycles.   

Amazing dancers at Cirque de Soleil.

Amazing sculptures from junk auto parts.

Quick-change artists. How do they do that?

A card trick to beat all card tricks.

Ibex defy gravity on dam wall. (When you get to the original site, be sure to click on the other photos.)

Dog, cat, and rat: An amazing friendship.

An amazing 'stoke of insight' into how the two sides of the human brain work.

The amazing power of the right words – even if it is an ad.

Troop of wild gorillas visit camp in Uganda.

World's largest model railroad – and still growing.

Mother's hug and love brings baby back to life.

The beauty of pollination.

12-year-old music prodigy.

Cat and dolphins play together.

Fordson snow tractor, a great invention from the 1920s.

What is a murmuration?

An incredible TV commercial. This is NOT animation. Every item is from a disassembled Honda Accord. Posted 2011 Oct 25

To see how they made the tire roll uphill, click here.
To see how they made the commercial, click here.

The magic of truth, lies, and iPods). TED Posted 2011 Oct 21


Bicyclist, Danny MacAskill, does the impossible on the way from Edinburgh to Skye, Scotland. YouTube Posted 2011 Oct 6


Extreme sheep herding – with LED lights, no less!
YouTube Posted 2011 Sep 19

Boyanka Angelova is a fantastic young gymnast who is really having a ball with this performance. YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 29

16-year-old boy makes up piano compositions on the spot and never has had lessons. YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 29

Don't ever play billiards against this fellow!
YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 23

7 year old boy plays Flight of the Bumble Bee like a ... well, Bumble Bee. YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 23

Woman climbs sheer cliffs (and worse) with nothing but bare hands. UKClimbing Posted 2011 Aug 15

Homeless boy steals talent show.

This camouflage concealed the Lockheed aircraft plant in Burbank, California, in WWII. Click to see what was under this.


Papua, New Guinea, primitive tribe meets white man for first time. Witness fear, suspicion, and profound amazement at seeing mirrors, bottles, cameras, and tape recorders. Participate in this historic event. (Filmed in 1976.)

Mighty rabbit attacks large snake and chases it into a tree. Hard to believe.

Baby rhino chases away 1500 pound bull who attacked his mother. [Attitude is as important as size.]

Sixteen girls on one bicycle.

Swan Lake Ballet like you have never seen it. Chinese Circus gives astounding performance.

Ten-year-old girl sings like an opera star – Really! If this doesn't blow your mind, nothing will.

Incredible video of two athletes scaling buildings – and much more. [Don't try this yourself.]

Little Korean girl plays the classical guitar like a world-class master. You won't believe it.

Who says birds are dumb creatures? Watch this one make a tool and use it expertly.

Blind and crippled from birth, boy achieves excellence at the piano and (with the help of his father) even plays trumpet in a marching band. If you feel overcome by limitations and bad luck, you need to watch this.

Turn on this time machine and ride a San Francisco trolley in the year 1906. You will feel that you really are there as people dart back and forth on foot, in horse-drawn carts, and in new-fangled motor cars. No traffic rules. No signal lights. No crosswalks. Mesmerizing! 2010 Jan 10

No trapeze artist ever surpassed the performance of this kid on a bike. Seeing is believing. TelegraphTV Posted 2009 Oct 3

Robots are getting smarter and faster. This robotic hand with feedback sensors, can far outperform a human hand. Brasscheck 2009 Sept 16

More astonishing 3D murals painted on the sides of buildings by a trompe l'oeil (trick the eye) artist. Astonishing to realize that these are just flat walls. Mail Online Posted 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

How to collect on a losing ticket at the race track. This is a technique of neural-linguistic programming used by government and media in every collectivist society. Speak with authority, induce a simultaneous shock, and people will believe a lie.
Further explanation here. YouTube Posted 2009 Aug 22

Blank walls never looked like this before. What incredible skill it takes to create such magnificent illusions.
Eric Grohe
Posted 2009 May 9

Amazing 3D street art. It's hard not to believe your eyes.
Edgar Meuller, artist
Posted 2009 May 2 (Cached)

Chicken a la Carte This is a true story that makes you think about the unseen. Culture Unplugged Posted 2009 Apr 21

This is the story of Irena, a German lady who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for smuggled 2,500 Jewish children out of the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto. She lost out to Al Gore for his slide show promoting the myth of global warming.
Posted 2009 Apr 18 (Cached)

You've Got A Friend. Truly fascinating sand art. One scene constantly changing into another as we watch.
Posted 2009 Mar 14

Woman without arms earns license to fly airplane - and much more. A truly amazing inspirational life story.
Posted 2009 Mar 7

The amazing Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic boy nicknamed 'The Living Camera' because he can draw details of a whole city after flying over it only once in a helicopter.
Comprehensive Photo
2009 February 15

Dog, cat, and rat are real buddies. Is there a lesson here? YouTube 2009 February 7

Incredible video of men jumping off cliffs and soaring like flying squirrels. This will make your heart skip.
Posted 2009 Jan 28

You think you have reason to complain? This man without arms or legs will quickly change your attitude.
Posted 2009 Jan 26

Elephant and dog become close friends in spite of vast differences. Can humans learn from this? CBS Posted 2009 Jan 10

Amazing soccer-playing elephants. No, we don't believe they were abused to teach them how to do this. What do you think? YouTube Posted 2008 Nov 22

Complex silhouettes created by human form. Hard to believe. YouTube Posted 2008 Aug 2

Strange shape-shifting creatures from the sea. We know about only 3% of what's down there.
Ted Talks
Posted 2008 July 30

Amazing architecture of the near future will feature revolving floors and self generated electricity. Some of these are already under construction in Dubai.
Posted 2008 July 17

Christian, the lion. A true story. Very heart-warming. CyberThing Posted 2008 June 21

The amazing dancing horse! Nothing profound here except an appreciation of how supposedly dumb animals have abilities that most of us never appreciate. YouTube Posted 2008 May 31

Amateur video captures amazing contest between water buffalo, lions, and alligator. Strength in unity overcomes terrible odds. Google video Posted 2008 May 22

Elephant paints self portrait. Truly amazing!

Posted 2008 May 11