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What in the World Are They Spraying
Those white streaks trailing behind aircraft, from horizon to horizon, turning the sky into a murky haze, are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but who is doing this and why? A new industry called Geo-engineering, driven by governments, scientists, and corporations, is intent on changing climate and con-trolling weather, supposedly for the good of mankind. (More)

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2015 May 9 ‒ May 15

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Putin's United Russia political party will assemble squads of ‘athletic' men from private security firms, military associations, and Russia’s famed Cossacks, to patrol Moscow on Friday nights. [The official explanation is that this is to combat petty crime, illegal parking, drug sales, and violations of public order. It is more likely, however, that this political party is creating its own paramilitary organization to suppress opposition.] Fiscal Times posted 2015 May 15 (Cached)

A study of a family in Sweden shows that most of the accumulated pesticides in their bodies disappeared after eating all-organic foods for just two weeks. Yahoo 2015 May 14

A new study shows that psychiatric drugs lead to the deaths of 500,000 people over the age of 65 per year in the West. [This does not include those under 65, which is a lot. A Danish researcher says that most antidepressants and dementia drugs could be stopped without harming patients, because there is little benefit and high risk. He explains how pharmaceutical companies rig drug trials and says that suicides during clinical trials are significantly under-reported.] RT 2015 May 14 (Cached)

Jan Frye, a senior official with the US Veterans Administration, testified that the agency wastes at least $6 billion per year. [A primary cause of this waste is the use of charge cards to purchase medical and technical gear without obtaining competitive bids, as required by law. No one at the VA has been held accountable for this practice over the past 10 years.] Fox News 2015 May 14 (Cached)

The Vatican announced that it will sign a treaty recognizing Palestine as a state. [This strengthens Palestine's call for national sovereignty and may enable it to bypass negotiations with Israel by obtaining a UN-sanctioned settlement.] NY Times 2015 May 13 (Cached)

Citizens of California have been asked to cut their water consumption by 25%, but some large corporations are getting a pass. [Bottled-water companies including Aqua Fina, Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead, Dasani, and Walmart continue to use scarce California water sources for their bottled water without restrictions.] CBS News 2015 May 13

A group of several hundred scientists are asking the United Nations to set limits on EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. [They are concerned over EMF from wireless devices such as WiFi, cell phones, and cell-phone towers because it can damage DNA and cause cancer and other diseases.] ODN 2015 May 12
Dr. John Tickell, an Australian doctor who is in remission from brain cancer, says that radiation from WiFi, cell phones, and cell towers is a major factor in increasing brain-cancer rates. [He blasted the US Federal Communications Commission because it allows the telecommunications industry to investigate and police itself.] Sputnik News 2015 May 11 (Cached)

US: The Department of Homeland Security admits that it violated federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction ruling in February that prohibits the government from implementing President Obama’s immigration amnesty plan. [DHS issued three-year deferrals to over 100,000 illegal aliens from November 2014 through February 2015, despite having told Judge Hanen that no part of the plan would be implemented until late February,] CNS News 2015 May 12 (Cached)
113 Republican Congressmen joined Texas and 25 other states in a lawsuit challenging Obama's amnesty program, arguing that the President overstepped his authority by halting deportations and granting work permits and benefits to illegal aliens. The Hill 2015 May 11 (Cached)

Macedonia's intelligence chief and two cabinet ministers have resigned amid accusations that they were attempting to control the press, judiciary, and electoral officials by tapping phones to gain information for blackmail. BBC 2015 May 13 (Cached)
Macedonia was the site of a massive gunfight over the weekend between police and an armed gang of ethnic Albanians. [Thirty people were arrested on charges of terrorism. The Russian media says that Macedonia is being destabilized from outside, orchestrated by the US, to prevent the building of a Russian oil pipeline through the country.] RT 2015 May 12
Macedonia: A day-long shoot-out between police and an armed group left 22 people dead (8 policemen and 14 gunmen). [The Macedonian government says the gunmen entered their country from Kosovo with the aim of launching attacks against the state. The country's current regime is in conflict with Albanian rebels, and some people believe that both the government and its opposition are willing to provoke ethnic clashes to leverage more power in the name of stopping the violence. If that is true, it is an old trick.] EuroNews 2015 May 10

Washington state's legislature unanimously passed a law that requires police to obtain a warrant before deploying Stingray, a device that mimics cell phone towers and intercepts personal calls and text messages. [Virginia, Minnesota, and Utah now have similar laws.] ARS Technica 2015 May 12 (Cached)

South Carolina: The Richland County Sheriff's Department is training with a US Special Forces military group out of Fort Bragg to ‘provide simulated scenarios for the military’. [This has caused concern that US citizens now are considered as military targets, and is another example of the militarization of local police.] Next News Network 2015 May 12

Germany: A large chain of gardening stores has removed glyphosate products [such as in Roundup] from their shelves and are offering healthier alternatives. Natural Society 2015 May 12 (Cached)

North Carolina has paid off its debt of $2.75 billion, borrowed from the federal government to cover unemployment insurance. [This was done simply by cutting benefits to match income available to pay those benefits. Former Governor McCrory cut the maximum weekly unemployment pay from $535 to $350, and the time limit for collecting payments went from six months to fifteen weeks.] Forbes 2015 May 11 (Cached)

Bermuda announced a ban on the importation of Monsanto's best-selling weed killer Roundup. [This is in response to an announcement from the UN World Health Organization that the pesticide is ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’. The boycott is temporary in order to assess the WHO's research. Meanwhile, we expect to see Monsanto spend some serious money to convince Bermuda’s politicians that Roundup is safe.] Activist Post 2015 May 11 (Cached)


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A MacDonald’s diet destroyed a kid’s healthy stomach bacteria in ten days. [A professor at King's College, London, performed an experiment on the effects of eating McDonald's fast food for ten days, using his college-student son as the volunteer guinea pig. Lab results showed that his son's gut bacteria were ‘devastated’ as he lost nearly 1,400 types of bacteria species, nearly 40% of his normal variety. Even after two weeks of returning to a normal diet, the microbes did not recover. Although the article did not mention it, this is an effect that commonly is associated with the ingestion of GMO goods.] Eater 2015 May 11 (Cached)

La Pimienta, Mexico: Out of a group of 52 children who received vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B, two died and 37 were hospitalized. [That’s a casualty rate of 75%. The agency that administered the vaccines has suspended the program pending an investigation.] Natural News 2015 May 11 (Cached)

New York: A transformer at the Indian Point nuclear plant, 40 miles outside of New York city, exploded and caught fire, causing the release of oil into the Hudson River. [Energy Corporation. which runs the plant, says it is safe to continue operations, but Governor Cuomo has called for the plant to be shut down because it is unsafe and too close to a large population center.] Reuters 2015 May 10 (Cached)

Savannah, Georgia: Nine sheriff's deputies have been fired in connection with the death of a college student who was reported to have been put in a restraining chair and tased while having a mental-illness episode. CNN 2015 May 10

France has drastically tightened control over the use of cash, gold, and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. [The movement of all valuable tangible items that might be useful as barter also must be reported to the government starting in September of 2015.] Armstrong Economics posted 2015 May 9 (Cached)

Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that help to place the news into perspective. This is our "think-tank" section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

The US House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act that claims to end NSA bulk data collection. [That claim, however, is false. The direct role of the NSA may be reduced but, instead. it will contract with phone companies to continue the task. The new law actually expands the scope of bulk data collection. Once again, Americans are being deceived by the people they elect.] Ben Swann 2015 May 13 (Cached)

Obama has endorsed a major Congressional fraud. [Congress, which employs thousands of employees, has classified itself as a 'small business’ so that lawmakers and their staffs can keep their heavily subsidized, federally funded health coverage that would not have been available to them otherwise. Obama has declined to challenge this fraud because it buys him favor with Congressmen who, if they really wanted to, might actually do something to scuttle Obamacare instead of merely talk against it.] Newsmax 2015 May 11 (Cached)

The Rise of Collectivism is a new and powerful documentary that shows that capitalism is blamed for economic problems, but real laissez-faire capitalism no longer exists anywhere in the world. [The real problem is collectivism, including monopolies in banking and commerce that can exist only with government favoritism and protection. This program should be viewed by everyone who thinks that more government power and intervention in the economy is the answer. It is, in fact, merely more of the same scam that has brought the world into economic crisis.] Richard Heathen posted 2015 May 11


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4. A mouse trap placed on top of your alarm clock will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button.

5. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives. Then you'll be afraid to cough.

6. You only need two tools in life - wd-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the wd-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape.

7. If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem.

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2015 May 12 from Tom Jefferson
There is one race, human. Racism is a civil rights issue. There are two genders, male and female. Perversion and sodomy are not civil rights issues. Abnormal activities threatening the ability to provide rules for safe, stable, dependable marriage and family relationships are harmful to a strong social structure and should be discouraged. Safety, stability, and reliability are essential qualities in any successful family, regardless of its composition. That stability is based on the union of a man and a woman and this should be respected by all members of society LGBT included.

Compassion for wrong doing must be tempered by the knowledge that we have free will, and wrong begets wrong. Innocent bystanders must be protected from those teaching that evil is good. Main Stream Media and the Supreme Court are censoring perversion out of the debate.

Is society better off forgetting and disregarding the Book of Genesis? It is the primary source that mentions the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Does the moral majority have to be forced into accepting perversion and sodomy as normal healthy activities that our children should embrace?

Social issues such as perversion and sodomy are issues that should be handled by the states not the President and federal courts. It is time for Congress to protect the 10th Amendment and make sure that this issue is decided by the people.


2015 May 11 from: Chris
Regarding your pic: "Can you see the animal? No, it's not the piece of wood that looks like a bear."
It's obvious that a leopard is not native to the deciduous woodland in the pic. Who photoshopped this one?


2015 May 9 from C Bashore
Dear Vigee, Please be careful about how much apricot pits you eat. They contain cyanide which, when released in the vicinity of cancer can destroy it, but an excess [in the stomach] can be lethal. Other than that, I congratulate you on having the good sense to avoid chemo.

As an aside, if you know of anyone who died of cancer while on chemo, try to get a copy of their death certificate. I am sure that it will show that more die of the damage caused by the chemotherapy than the cancer.

All cancer, by the way, is anaerobic metabolism and, if enough oxygen can be directed to the area, the cancer can be caused to go into apoptosis and die off. In the anaerobic mode, the cells no longer consume ATP and give off CO2 but instead consume sugar and give off lactic acid. Hemoglobin will not release oxygen without first receiving CO2, so it is no longer possible for the cancerous tissue to get oxygen from the usual source. Other body fluids appear to be able carry enough oxygen to cause recovery as has been demonstrated by hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen, and/or triple distilled water [therapy].

Many cancer cures exist so that there is no reason for any more cancer deaths. An Internet search can find many cures and Doctors capable of administering them. Have at it.


2015 May 8 from Vigee (Vee-shay) Blue
Dear Mr. Griffin,
Thank you, thank you for saving my life.
After fighting triple negative, stage 4 breast cancer for over 3 years, in November I decided to walk away from radiation and chemotherapy and started eating an alkaline, organic, GMO-free diet and started eating Apricot Kernals.

The oncologist had a fit. In November he told me I would be dead in 6 weeks. Well, I am still here!

Keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT! Thousands and thousands are with you.


Posted 2015 May 8 from R. Ross
"Cat Bath In a Toilet" (ie., your so-called "humor item" in this week's e-letter) was in extremely poor taste, to put it lightly. Who was responsible for placing that in your e-letter? Who would possibly think that is "funny"? How in the world would ANYone think THAT would belong in any way, or in any wise in your newsletter? Has someone lost their mind there? And now... you REALLY think I'd recommend your newsletter to any more people? WRONG.

REPLY FROM GEG: I thought a fictional letter-to-the-editor from a DOG(!) laughing about the tribulations of a cat was funny. I have to admit it. It was so absurd and, at the same time, reflected the often observed animosity between dogs and cats that it put a smile on my face - not because of imaginary discomfort to the cat, but because it was a parody of reality. Actually, I am very fond of cats and would not think it was funny if anyone really tried to shampoo a cat (or a dog) in the toilet, but parodies are like that. Anyway, I apologize if this joke offended anyone. Did anyone else like the joke as I did? (Reply here)
2015 May 8 from From: Al Thomas
I have a cat and I fell off the toilet laughing at it.
2015 May 8 from AskAQuestion
Hi Mr. G.
Where do these freaks come from? How about doing a humor survey and suggest that we drop the humor section altogether since some folks are getting their knickers in a knot? See how many want to keep the humor and how many want to drop it. I think the keepers would far outweigh the non keepers.
2015 May 5 from Brian Potter
I agree with you fully. I actually prefer cats to most dogs. It was a funny joke and only a joke.

2015 May 5 from Kay Deaves, Australia
I thought it was HILARIOUS. I have printed it out and shown it to lots of people. Everyone thought it was funny. By the way, I have had cats in my life and loved them. But you have got to have a sense of humour!

2014 May 5 from Linda June
I liked the dog's recommendation for bathing the cat joke. And I am more than just fond of cats. I adore them. I posted the joke on Facebook. Perhaps your reader is a bit touchy and somewhat unfamiliar with humor?

2015 May 5 from Ralph Berg
I’m a cat enthusiast. Love the self-absorbed little twits! Have shared my home with many over the years and the person who was offended by that joke needs to “get a life”, as they say.
Signed, the Dog
2015 May 5 from Ronald Thomas
Some people are just looking to be offended. They just wouldn't be happy, their days would not be complete, were they not offended by someone or something.
2015 May 5 from John Hogard
Yes, I thought it was hilarious. Some people shouldn't take life so serious. Would love to read more.
2015 May 5 from Michelle
I liked it! Signed by the dog - that's great! Sorry someone was so offended by it. (Goodness.)
2015 May 5 from Jeff Thomas
My wife and I loved the joke. She’s a former Vet’s assistant, and I’m a former zookeeper and horse trainer. (If any doubt remains, we both love dogs and cats.) Humour is not required to promote morality or correct behaviour, it’s purpose is to provide relief from the vagaries of life.
2014 May 5 from Lee Griggs
Being a parent of both dogs and cats, I truly enjoyed the humorous story from the dog. I own both and I see each of them trying to pull something on the other time and again. Seems my “kids” enjoy their tricks on each other far more than some of your readers. Keep up the “humor” section – please.
2015 May 5 from Sonny Fong
I love your Friday Funnies, and your "Cat in the Toilet" had me in stitches, until my wife burst into the kitchen to find out whether I had finally "lost all my marbles"! Please keep up the great work, both in exposing the truth of our decrepit politicians -- and the Friday Funnies published in your "Unfiltered News".
2015 May 5 from Grady Miller
I thought the toilet cat bath was quite funny. I have no animosity toward cats, the joke is a humorous observation of their nature. Unfortunately, with any subject, there are those who seem to believe that being offended is a virtue. In my view, your gracious apology was unnecessary.
It looks like we have to put the stopper on this topic. We were flooded with replies similar to the ones shown above, and they are still coming in, but the message is unanimous. Out of more than seventy responses, there was no one (other than the original reader) who felt that the cat joke was in bad taste. Normally, I don't rely on consensus as a reliable guide for proper behavior but, in this case, it is reassuring to know that my personal sense of humor is not on the fringe.


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G. Edward Griffin
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