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What in the World Are They Spraying
Those white streaks trailing behind aircraft, from horizon to horizon, turning the sky into a murky haze, are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but who is doing this and why? A new industry called Geo-engineering, driven by governments, scientists, and corporations, is intent on changing climate and con-trolling weather, supposedly for the good of mankind. (More)

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2014 November 8 – 14

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According to Jonathan Gruber, the MIT Professor who was a key person in the creation of Obamacare, Obama was in the room when the healthcare ‘Cadillac tax’ was created. [This is a 40% excise tax on healthcare plans that have little or no deductibles. Gruber says that Obama suggested that the tax be introduced in phases to disguise it.] Gateway Pundit posted 2014 Nov 14 (Cached)

A Yale researcher discovered a letter in the FBI archives that threatened to expose Martin Luther King's extramarital affairs and his association with Communists in an attempt to motivate King to commit suicide. [The letter appears to have been authored by J. Edgar Hoover. The FBI had extensive information on King’s personal life based on years of surveillance and phone taps.] CNN 2014 Nov 13

New Study: Monsanto’s #1 herbicide directly linked to increase in chronic diseases. [A study published in The Journal of Organic Systems links glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Ready, to an increase in chronic diseases in the US over the past 20 years. The diseases include diabetes, Alzheimer's, senile dementia, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.] Natural Society 2014 Nov 13 (Cached)

Russia has entered into an agreement with Iran to build as many as eight nuclear reactors. [This cements the relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, the P5 + 1 ‘superpower group’ that includes the US, UK, China, France, Germany, and Russia, is working toward an agreement on limits to Iran's nuclear program.] SF Gate 2014 Nov 12 (Cached)

Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and key Obamacare adviser, was caught on a video recording boasting that the healthcare law was written in "tortured" language to deceive Congress into thinking it was real insurance instead of a tax in the name of insurance. [It gets even worse. On two separate occasions last year Gruber was caught on camera calling the American people stupid for falling for the lies he and others were using to sell the program.] Fox News 2014 Nov 12

Obama struck a deal with China to cut carbon emissions in the name of global warming. [He committed to doubling the pace of carbon-emission reduction from its 2005 level. China agreed to cap its carbon emissions by 2030. This is not a binding agreement on either side, but Obama plans to enact his policies through executive orders.] USA Today 2014 Nov 12 (Cached)

The US, UK, and Switzerland shared in the spoils after levying a fine of $3.2 billion against five banks for illegally manipulating the foreign-exchange market. [The banks include JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS. As usual, no one went to prison, and the fines will be paid by stockholders.] PBS 2014 Nov 12

India: Fifteen percent of the women who participated in a state-sponsored sterilization campaign have died. [Relatives of the dead women say that health workers forced the women into a sterilization camp. Such camps are part of the government’s population-reduction program. Women from poor families are offered $20 to accept the procedure. Since doctors are paid by the number of surgeries they perform, one doctor completed 80 surgeries in six hours. It is remarkable that the death rate is not higher than 15%.] The Guardian 2014 Nov 12 (Cached)
India: Dr. RK Gupta was arrested for the deaths of more than a dozen women on whom he performed sterilization surgeries. [He blames the medications the women received following the surgeries. The government authorizes up to 30 sterilization surgeries per day per doctor, but Gupta is said to have done as many as 80 within six hours.] AP 2014 Nov 13

Kenya: Catholic bishops are charging two UN organizations (WHO and UNICEF) with deliberately sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus vaccine program sponsored by the Kenyan government. [Vaccine samples tested positive for HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone) that causes spontaneous abortions and can render a woman sterile for three years. The UN has a history of population reduction through vaccines.] American Dream 2014 Nov 11 (Cached)

US: The federal judge in the Liberty Dollar so-called ‘counterfeiting’ case upheld the jury's 2011 conviction of the alternative-currency founder, Bernard von NotHaus. [Sentencing is set for December.] GATA 2014 Nov 10 (Cached)

A recent study shows that drinking sugar-sweetened sodas is linked to shortening of telomeres. [Telomeres are caps at the ends of chromosomes that protect them from damage. Shortened telomeres lead to aging and death. Learn about telomeres and age reversal here.] Life Extension 2014 Nov 10 (Cached)

A PhD immunologist and vaccine proponent admitted during a recent conference of health professionals that vaccines are worthless during a child’s first year and that the reason they are administered is to train the parents to get their children into the medical system. [There is a statistical correlation between vaccines and infant mortality. The US administers the highest number of vaccines to children and has the highest infant mortality rate.] InfoWars 2014 Nov 10

View this chemtrail-awareness billboard was raised near Portland, Oregon, in July of this year by Global SkyWatch posted 2014 Nov 10 (Cached)

Burned bone and teeth fragments have been discovered in Southern Mexico and are believed to be the remains of 43 students who were abducted by the police and turned over to a drug gang six weeks ago on the order of the mayor. CNN posted 2014 Nov 10
A group of protesters broke away from a street demonstration and set fire to the wooden door of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's palace. [This was in response to the government's handling of the mass murder of 43 students.] ODN 2014 Nov 10

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An attorney with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is suing the Department of Homeland Security for retaliation against her for doing her job. [She refused to drop prosecuting illegal aliens who were guilty of DUIs, identity theft, and other low-level crimes.] Daily Caller 2014 Nov 10 (Cached)

Weslaco, Texas: A woman received a water bill for $48,000 due to flaws in her Smart Meter. [The Director of Weslaco Public admitted that about 30% of the city's Smart Meters are giving false readings.] KRGV posted 2014 Nov 10

The USDA has approved Innate, a genetically engineered potato, that is supposedly is healthier than normal potatoes because, according to the manufacturer, they do not create acrylamide, a suspected carcinogen, when subjected to high heat, such as in the production of French Fries. [Monsanto's version of genetically engineered potatoes was rejected by the public in the early 2000's.] Liberty Voice 2014 Nov 9 (Cached)

Obama Has authorized 1,500 more troops to Iraq, but says they will only be advisors. [This latest military adventure to train and equip Iraqi and Kurdish forces will cost US taxpayers an additional $5.6 billion. Obama wants the money approved before December.] CBS 2014 Nov 8

California: The world’s largest solar plant is producing only 25% of the power promised, and now its operators and investors want taxpayers to pay for its failure. [Google and NRG renewable energy have applied for a federal grant of $536 million to pay off a $1.6 billion construction loan on the Ivanpah solar plant in the Mojave Desert.] Fox News 2014 Nov 8

Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that help to place the news into perspective. This is our "think-tank" section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Six media corporations control most of what we watch, hear, and read every day. [They are: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, Viacom (formerly CBS) and General Electric, which owns NBC. They own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels, and even many of our favorite websites. Most Americans simply absorb the propaganda without questioning who is delivering it and what their agendas might be.] Natural News 2014 Nov 13 (Cached)

Alayne Fleischmann, former JP Morgan employee and whistleblower, speaks of the injustice that no one went to jail for selling fraudulent toxic mortgages to investors, which led to the financial meltdown of 2008. [She says the case was covered up after JP Morgan stockholders paid fines of $13 billion to the government.] CNBC 2014 Nov 12

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, casts doubt on the recent claim by Rob O’Neill that he is the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden in 2011. [Roberts says: the story is fishy for many reasons, including reports of bin Laden's death in 2001 from renal failure, and lack of witnesses to the bin Laden’s alleged burial at sea. Many members of SEAL Team 6 that allegedly participated in and/or witnessed the alleged 2011 raid were killed in a helicopter accident shortly thereafter. The story has been resurrected as propaganda to reflect favorably on President Obama following his humiliation in the recent elections.] PCR posted 2014 Nov 8 (Cached)

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Freedom ForceUnfiltered News is as serious as it gets, but laughter is good for the soul and helps to keep our equilibrium amid the chaos. So, here are quips, gags, and images to put a smile on your face. If you have some you would like to share, please send them here.

"Mister, why doesn't this cow have any horns?" asked the young lady from a nearby city. The farmer cocked his head for a moment, then began in a patient tone, "Well, ma'am, cattle can do a powerful lot of damage with horns. Sometimes we keep' em trimmed down with a hacksaw. Other times we can fix up the young 'uns by puttin' a couple drops of acid where their horns would grow in, and that stops 'em cold. Still, there are some breeds of cattle that never grow horns. But the reason this cow don't have no horns, ma'am, is 'cause it's a horse."

A man drove his car into a ditch on a quiet country lane. Fortunately, a farmer passed by with a horse. "Could your horse pull my car out of the ditch?" the driver asked. "Buddy's a big, strong horse," the farmer replied. "We'll see what we can do."

The farmer hitched Buddy up to the car and said, "Pull, Samson, pull!" Buddy didn't move an inch.

The farmer said, "Pull, Troy, pull!" Again, Buddy didn't move an inch.

Finally the farmer yelled, "Pull, Buddy, pull!" And the horse effortlessly pulled the man's car out of the ditch.

The driver was grateful, but mystified. "Why did you keep calling your horse by the wrong name?"

"Well, you see," the farmer replied, "Buddy is blind, lazy, and a bit stupid. If he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn't even try."

[Hmmm. Could that be another reason there is strength in numbers?]



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2014 November 10 from: Boylanco
[Referring to the recent report on Recharge, the product that is hoped to cause age reversal,] How true do you think any of this is? He [Dr. Ed Park] states they can reverse aging - not just stop it but reverse it. So does that mean someone who is 35 years old can change back into a 10 year old and go to his same job, be married to his same wife and have his same kids and yet now he looks like a 10 year old? That is just nuts

I agree that the theory you described is nuts, but that is not the theory described by Dr. Park and the Harvard researchers. Please read the Recharge information page and also Dr. Park’s book. What they are saying is that telomerase activation appears to reverse aging back to the optimum, mature state, not back to the embryo.


2014 Nov 10 from Willem Bruins
My name is Willem Bruins, and I am from Holland. I want to make comment on the Recharge bottle. This product is incredible expensive. Here we go again....the rich can profit from this product while the rest can....????....fill in by yourself. I am disappointed, been reading your website for a long time now and bought several books. Never expected this.

Hello Willem.
I agree that this product is way too expensive, but please understand that we have no control over the price. It is what it is and, even though I anticipate that it eventually will come down in response to wider use, right now, it is beyond the reach of most of our subscribers. So, what is our course of action? Should we stop offering it for those who can afford it?

This is similar in many ways to rejuvenation hormone therapy, live-cell therapy, plastic surgery, organ transplants, and other incredibly expensive medical procedures. Because they are too expensive for most people, does that mean that no one should have them? Are the doctors and clinics that offer these services to be condemned for doing so? Should we remove Recharge from our store because the price is high?

This is the dilemma we face. Considering that we are impressed by the science behind the concept of age reversal and honestly believe that there is a chance that this product may live up to its promise, I hope you will agree that we have no other ethical choice.

We are told that Earth is threatened by human activity. The ‘green’ response is to sacrifice freedom, living standards, and property rights to save the planet. This is not a sustainable solution because it ends in human servitude to the state. The real agenda is not conservancy of nature, but political control over people. The new Green is merely the old Red. BLUE exposes this subversive agenda. (More)

Live to 200?
Aging is linked to the shortening of telomeres, the protective tips of chromosomes found in all cells. Every time cells replace themselves telomeres become a little shorter. After a while, they become so short that chromosomes are damaged, and cells no longer replace themselves. Aging is the result. RECHARGE holds the promise of reversing that process. (More)

EnvioShield was developed to combat the symptoms of toxicity that many people experience during times when the sky is laden with gray haze from high-flying aircraft. It includes a wide spectrum of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements known for their ability to help eliminate toxic metals, chemicals, and pathogens. (More)

Diseases like cancer have been cured by a therapy that has been known for over 80 years. It is based on a simple and logical principle: The body can resist most diseases if it has access to the nutrients found in natural foods. The way to treat these diseases is not to attack the symptoms with toxic drugs but to restore the missing nutrients. This book shows how to do that. Now on sale

AMERICAN EMPIRE; An Act of Collective Madness. This program is really 6 documentaries in one. The world is being placed into the involuntary service of corporate cartels in the fields of banking, health care, communications, energy, water resources, and agriculture. (More)

FoliumFolium pX report that it removed heavy metals and radio-active elements from their bodies. It is a blend of herbals and flowers found in the Georgia region of Eastern Europe and was used successfully to treat victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. If you are concerned over exposure to radio-active contaminants in the environment or food supply, you should check this out. (More)

MOLON LABE How the 2nd Amendment guarantees America’s freedom. Molon labe means: "Come and take them," shouted in defiance by King Leonidas I to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. (More)

The Psychology of Control.

Our beliefs determine our actions, and our actions shape our lives. Our reality tomorrow depends on our beliefs today. Be aware of the scientific techniques that can shape our beliefs without our knowledge. (More)


Oklahoma City 1995
Plato explained in his Republic that a noble lie is a myth or untruth told by an elite to maintain social harmony. After viewing this documentary, you will understand that the official story of what happened in 1995 to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City is a noble lie of the highest order. The reason for this crime was to create a public backlash against those who are critical of government policies, thus labeled as domestic terrorists. Here are the facts that support that conclusion. (More)

WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? Geo-engineering and Weather Control.
Why are we being sprayed? Answers: (1) Metallic nano-particles in the stratosphere make it possible to control the weather, which is a military priority for many countries. (2) Weather Derivatives are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as insurance against loss of crops due to bad weather. If you can covertly control the weather, you can make a fortune by always being right. Your friends who still think that chemtrails are just water vapor will be stunned by the revelations in this program. DVD. (More)

Griffin's blood pressure

The Story of Vitamin B17

G. Edward Griffin
marshals evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra, caused by the lack of an essential food factor in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here is the answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox medicine rejected this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics – based upon the economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. Sale now in progress. (

The Richardson Cancer Clinic
Experience, by J.A. Richardson, M.D. & Patricia Griffin, R.N.
62 case histories proving beyond any doubt that Laetrile (Vitamin B17) works in the control of cancer. These are not anecdotal stories or people who never had cancer in the first place. Each history is authenticated by a firm diagnosis and meticulous medical documentation. Includes a follow-up 30 years after patients were diagnosed as "incurable." Proof is in the life-span of these people who, previously, had been told by their doctors that they had just a few months or weeks to live.
Silver Lungs

Membership lists for Skull & Bones, CFR, and Trilateral Commission. When people speak of the “ruling elite” they seldom mention names. Well, here they are. Drawing from membership lists of the world’s most powerful and, in some cases, secret organizations, the names emerge in alphabetical order and cross-indexed by affiliation. Descriptions of each organization are included. Version 9 has been updated to include the most current information available. It would take years of researcuplicate this amazing compendium.. (More)

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child. This is the story of one mother’s quest to find out why her happy, outgoing son committed suicide shortly after being placed on psychiatric drugs. She discovered that suicidal and homicidal impulses are well-known side effects of these drugs, yet psychiatrists claim they are safe. Once you hear what health experts, drug counselors, and doctors say, you will conclude that psychiatrists are dead wrong. DVD (More)

This documentary challenges the official version of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. 11
bullets were found that supposedly came from Sirhan’s 8-bullet gun. The coroner found powder burns on RFK’s ear next to the fatal shot in the back of his head and testified that the gun had to be only 2 or 3 inches away for that effect, but that Sirhan fired his pistol in front of RFK and was 3 to 6 feet away. An expert on hypnotism, after hypnotizing Sirhan in prison, said he could have been programmed under hypnotism prior to the assassination? Astounding facts withheld from the jury, blatant forgeries, and destroyed evidence on the part of authorities add up to a world-class cover-up. (More)

G. Edward Griffin
This is the classic exposé of the Fed that has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. This new 5th Edition includes a no-holds barred analysis of bank bailouts under the Bush and Obama Administrations that are shown to be nothing less than legalized plunder of the American people. Many other updates have been added, including a revision to the list of those who attended the historic meeting at Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve was created. (More)

It is common for health-conscious families to install chlorine-removal filters in their kitchens, but it has been estimated that we absorb more chlorine through our skin when taking a bath than we ever could from drinking water. That is because the body's skin surface is larger than the intestinal surface and because the lungs, too, are very efficient absorbers, and we inhale a substantial amount of chlorine gas while bathing. Benefits of de-chlorinated water are reduced exposure to toxic chlorine, healthier, younger looking skin; softer, more manageable hair; less fading of color-treated hair; relief from dry skin and scalp; and better lathering. Removes 90% or more of chlorine. (More)

Silver Lungs

A discourse by A discourse by G. Edward Griffin

Without notes or preparation, Griffin fields questions about the United Nations, global warming, and how these topics are tied together. Here are some of the issues covered:
Is the UN our last best hope for peace or the foundation for global feudalism? Is the UN controlled by leaders of nations or by hidden structures and power brokers? If the latter, who are they? Are American elitists motivated by love of country, desire for international harmony, or something less admirable? Is it possible to get out of the UN, or have we passed the point of no return? With regard to global warming, what is Agenda 21? Is forced population-control justified to save the planet? Is the UN's report on global warming based on valid science? If not, then what? If the mission of the World Health Organization is not world health, then what? What are the IMF and World Bank and why should anyone care about them? What is the Freedom Force strategy for reversing the trend toward global feudalism? (More)

OVER-THE-COUNTER NATURAL CURES by “The People’s Chemist”, Shane Ellison, M.S.

A former chemist for Big Pharma tells how drugs are highly toxic and, space="4" vspace="3">The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve covers such issues as: Who created the Fed? How is money created?
What impact has this had on the American Dollar? Should our currency be backed by gold or silver? Where does government get most of its funding? Why do bankers get away with it? What might happen if we continue on our current path? What might come from a return to constitutional money? (More)


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